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Computers for Klutzes Basics Email and Internet: A familiarization course for older Adults

Computers for Klutzes Basics Email and Internet: A familiarization course for older Adults

by Charles Clark Richmond


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Are you uncomfortable being classed as a "user" because it denotes exploitation? Is the only mail or monitor you know the one delivered by a postman or appointed by a class-teacher? Do you consider "hardware" as what you buy from a store to fix things at home, or "software" as something made of cloth or any other soft material? For all those who did not grow up with computers or were initiated into the computer mysteries well before the influx of modern-day's miniature machines, Clark Richmond (Multiple Choice Programming Technique), Doctor of Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, offers a tool-guide to dispel computing fears and to help navigate unexplored territories.

Presented in plain and simple terms, with step-by-step instructions and clear, well-labeled illustrations, the book explains the basics of personal computing. Divided into three distinct sections.word processing, e-mail and Internet, the course covers - starting the computer for the first time, creating and saving documents, getting a free e-mail account, sending e-mails, browsing the web, and major search engines along with hints on their usage.

The appendix is a single reference area for keyboard shortcuts and frequently used command sequences round throughout the course. A particularly helpful addition is the inclusion of a glossary that demystifies computer jargon by redefining Klutz terms. The large, readable font, plain English, accessible format, profuse illustrations, and keyboard commands given as an alternative to the ones using the mouse pointer, make the manual user-friendly for the targeted audience.

BookWire ReviewNovember 5th, 2004

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