Computers: Information Technology in Perspective / Edition 9

Computers: Information Technology in Perspective / Edition 9

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Pearson Education

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Computers: Information Technology in Perspective / Edition 9

This tenth edition is a technology update intended to bring Computers abreast with a rampaging technology. About six Internet years pass in one real-time year, the elapsed time since the last edition. The tenth edition retains the same familiar look and feel as the ninth edition. However, it contains hundreds of changes needed to ensure that Long continues to be the most current introductory IT book available. Includes over 150 new or updated images that reflect the latest releases and innovations in software. Numerous new photos show new hardware and applications. Throughout the book, capacities and speeds for communications hardware, disks, RAM, processors, printers, and so on have been adjusted to reflect the state of the art. Provides essential information on hardware, Windows, and networking procedures, and on word processing, e-mail, and browser software. Expanded presentation of ethics; additional coverage of the Internet; and a new IT Illustrated section on careers gives readers an in-depth look at career opportunities for IT specialists and for IT-competent people. For anyone who wants to advance their personal computing experience and skills, and individuals considering careers as IT specialists.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780130929808
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 05/28/2001
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 544
Product dimensions: 8.04(w) x 11.06(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

Getting Started1
The Personal Computer2
The Microsoft Windows Operating System4
Going Online8
Popular Applications (Word Processing, E-Mail, Browser)12
1The Technology Revolution16
1.1The Information Society18
1.2Data and Information24
1.3Going Online29
1.4Hardware and Software Essentials31
1.5Personal Computers to Supercomputers35
1.6Computer System Capabilities49
1.7How do We Use Computers?51
2.1The Operating System74
2.2Windows Concepts and Terminology79
2.3Word Processing Software90
2.4Presentation Software97
2.5Spreadsheet Software101
2.6Database Software107
3Inside the Computer116
3.1Going Digital118
3.2The PC System Unit123
3.3Describing the Processor136
3.4Processor Desing139
4Storing and Retrieving Information150
4.1Mass Storage and Files152
4.2Magnetic Disks157
4.3Backing Up Files168
4.4Optical Laser Discs172
5Information Input and Output180
5.1Input Devices182
5.2Output Devices198
6Networks and Networking216
6.1Our Wired World218
6.2The Data Communications Channel221
6.3Data Communications Hardware229
7Going Online256
7.1The Internet258
7.2Internet Browsers267
7.3Internet Resources and Applications272
8Exploring the Cyberworld292
8.1Internet Issues294
8.3Electronic Publishing307
8.4Working at Home313
8.5Creating A Web Site317
9It Ethics and Healthy Computing322
9.1The Information Technology Paradox324
9.2The Workplace327
9.3Ethics in Information Technology331
9.4Computer, Internet, and System Security343
10Personal Computing352
10.1System Software for Your PC354
10.2Applications Software for Your PC359
10.3Sharing Information Among Applications392
11Information Systems406
11.1Information and Decision Making408
11.2All About Information Systems414
11.3The DP System and the Mis420
11.4Decision Support Systems422
11.5Expert Systems427
11.6Intelligent Agents429
12Developing Business Information Systems434
12.1The System Life Cycle436
12.2System Development Techniques and Concepts438
12.3Computer-Aided Software Engineering444
12.5System Conversion and Implementation454
13Technology and Society470
13.1The Wake Up Call472
13.2Down the Information Highway474
13.3Our Challenge for the Twenty-First Century491
Answers to Section Self-ChecksA1

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