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Oxford University Press, USA
Concise Atlas of World History

Concise Atlas of World History

by Patrick O'Brien, Patrick K. O'Brien


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Synthesizing exceptional cartography and impeccable scholarship, the Atlas of World History traces 12,000 years of history with 450 full-color maps and over 200,000 words of text. Its outstanding features include:

• More than 200 illustrations and tables

• Longer essays on worldwide trends, political developments, and military conflicts, highlighting the most significant socioeconomic, cultural, and religious themes for five pivotal historical periods

• Devotion to the rich past of Africa, Asia, and the Americas

• Cross-references and an 8,000-entry index with alternative name forms permitting movement through regions and time periods with the utmost of ease
The Atlas of World History is sure to appeal to a wide audience of history and geography buffs and scholars, as well as students.

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ISBN-13: 9780195219210
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 11/28/2002
Edition description: Concise
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 11.70(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.25(d)

Table of Contents

The Ancient World12
The Human Revolution: 5 Million Years Ago to 10,000 BC16
From Hunting to Farming: Asia 12,000 BC-AD 50018
From Hunting to Farming: Europe 8000-200 BC20
From Hunting to Farming: Africa 10,000 BC-AD 50022
From Hunting to Farming: The Americas 12,000-1000 BC24
From Hunting to Farming: Australia and the Pacific 10,000 BC-AD 100026
The First Civilizations: Mesopotamia and the Indus Region 4000-1800 BC28
The First Civilizations: Egypt 3500-2180 BC and China 1700-1050 BC30
Civilizations in Mesoamerica 1200 BC-AD 70032
Cultures in South America 1400 BC-AD 100034
The Mediterranean and the Gulf Region 2000-1000 BC36
Empires and Traders 1200-600 BC38
Classical Greece 750-400 BC40
The Achaemenid and Hellenistic World 600-30 BC42
The Birth of World Religions 1500 BC-AD 60044
First Empires in India 600 BC-AD 50046
First Empires in China 1100 BC-AD 22048
Peoples of Central Asia 6000 BC-AD 50050
Eurasian Trade 150 BC-AD 50052
The Roman Empire 500 BC-AD 40054
Barbarian Invasions of the Roman Empire 100-50056
The Medieval World58
Religions of the Medieval World 600-150062
Kingdoms of Southeast Asia 500-150064
The Byzantine Empire 527-102566
The Spread of Islam 630-100068
The First Slavic States 400-100070
East Asia in the Tang Period 618-90772
Frankish Kingdoms 200-90074
Peoples of the European Steppe 350-100076
The Vikings 800-110078
States and Trade in West Africa 500-150080
States and Trade in East Africa 500-150082
Civilizations in Mesoamerica and South America 500-150084
East Asia 907-160086
The Muslim World 1000-140088
The Holy Roman Empire 962-135690
France, Spain and England 900-130092
The World of the Crusaders 1095-129194
The Decline of the Byzantine and Rise of the Ottoman Empires 1025-150096
The Mongol Empire 1206-140598
The Economy of Europe 950-1300100
Urban Communities in Western Europe 1000-1500102
Crisis in Europe and Asia 1330-52104
Europe 1350-1500106
Cultures in North America 500-1500108
The Inca and Aztec Empires 1400-1540110
The Early Modern World112
The European Discovery of the World 1450-1600116
Europeans in Asia 1500-1790118
Spain and the Americas 1492-1550120
The Colonization of Central and South America 1500-1780122
The Colonization of North America and the Caribbean 1600-1763124
Slave Economies of the Western Hemisphere 1500-1880126
The Growth of the Atlantic Economies 1620-1775128
The Rise of European Commercial Empires 1600-1800130
European Urbanization 1500-1800132
The Development of Science and Technology in Europe 1500-1770134
Africa 1500-1800136
Ming and Manchu Qing China 1368-1800138
Tokugawa Japan 1603-1867140
The Ottoman and Safavid Empires 1500-1683142
India Under the Mughals 1526-1765144
European States 1500-1600146
The Expansion of Russia 1462-1795148
Sweden, Poland and the Baltic 1500-1795150
The Habsburg Empire 1490-1700152
The Reformation and Counter Reformation in Europe 1517-1648154
Revolution and Stability in Europe 1600-1785156
The Development of Warfare in Europe 1450-1750158
The Age of Revolutions160
The American Revolution 1775-83164
Revolutionary France and Napoleonic Europe 1789-1815166
The Industrial Revolution in Britain 1750-1850168
The Industrialization of Europe 1830-1914170
Revolution and Reaction in Europe 1815-49172
The Habsburg Empire: Expansion and Decline 1700-1918174
The Unification of Italy and of Germany 1815-71176
The Decline of the Ottoman Empire 1683-1923178
Russian Territorial and Economic Expansion 1795-1914180
The Westward Expansion of the United States 1783-1910182
The American Civil War 1861-65184
The Industrial Growth of the United States 1790-1900186
The Development of Canada 1763-1914188
Independence in Latin America and the Caribbean 1780-1830190
Latin America and the Caribbean Post-Independence 1830-1914192
The British in India 1608-1920194
Southeast Asia in the Age of Imperialism 1790-1914196
Late Manchu Qing China 1800-1911198
The Modernization of Japan 1867-1937200
The Development of Australia and New Zealand Since 1790202
Africa 1800-80204
The Partition of Africa 1880-1939206
World Trade and Empires 1870-1914208
World Population Growth and Urbanization 1800-1914210
The Twentieth Century212
The Build-Up to the First World War 1871-1914216
The First World War 1914-18218
Outcomes of the First World War 1918-29220
The Russian Revolution 1917-39222
The Republic of China 1911-49224
Latin America 1914-45226
The Great Depression 1929-33228
The Rise of Fascism 1921-39230
The Second World War in Europe 1939-45232
The War in Asia 1931-45234
The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe 1945-89236
Western Europe Since 1945238
The United States Since 1900240
The Role of the United States in the World Since 1945242
The Cold War 1947-91244
The Breakdown of Empires Since 1945246
South Asia Since 1920248
Southeast Asia Since 1920250
Japan Since 1945252
The People's Republic of China Since 1949254
Africa Since 1939256
Latin America Since 1945258
The Middle East Since 1945260
The Former Republics of the Soviet Union Since 1989262
Eastern Europe Since 1989264
United Nations Peacekeeping Since 1945266
Human Rights Since 1914268
The Position of Women Since 1914270
The World Economy Since 1945272
Changes in Population Since 1945274
Patterns of Health and Ill-Health Since 1945276
Standards of Living Since 1945278
The Changing Environment Since 1945280
Transport and Communication Since 1945282
Events, People and Places308

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