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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
A Concise History of U.S. Foreign Policy / Edition 2

A Concise History of U.S. Foreign Policy / Edition 2

by Joyce P. Kaufman
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ISBN-13: 9780742567108
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 01/28/2010
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Joyce P. Kaufman is professor of political science and director of the Center for Engagement with Communities at Whittier College.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition ix

1 Setting the Stage for Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy 1

Introduction to U.S. Foreign Policy 4

What Is Foreign Policy? 8

Foreign Policy Orientations 14

Theory and Context 17

Identifying Themes 18

Who Makes Foreign Policy and Why Are Particular Decisions Made? 19

Who Is Affected by U.S. Foreign Policy Decisions? 24

Setting the Stage 27

2 Unilateralism to Engagement: The Founding to the End of World War I 31

The Beginning 32

Manifest Destiny, the Monroe Doctrine, and Westward Expansion 36

The Civil War 41

The Spanish-American War 42

The Scramble for Concessions 44

The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine 45

March to World War I 46

U.S. Involvement in Russia 50

Domestic Issues: The Executive and Legislative Branches 51

The Shifting National Interest 52

Applying Foreign Policy Concepts: The Spanish-American War 54

3 The Interwar Years through World War II 57

Interwar America 58

War 66

The United Nations: Defining the Postwar World 70

The End of Isolationism 72

Applying Foreign Policy Concepts: Realism versus Idealism in International Organizations 74

4 The Cold War 77

The Early Years of the Cold War 79

1947: The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan 84

The Escalation of the Cold War: Berlin to Korea 89

Eisenhower 94

The Kennedy Years 97

Johnson: Vietnam and the Great Society 100

Nixon 104

Carter 109

Growing Engagement 110

Applying Foreign Policy Concepts: The Tonkin Gulf Resolution and the Lessons of Vietnam 111

5 Beyond the Cold War: Reagan through Clinton 115

From Cold War to Democratic Revolutions 116

George H. W. Bush andthe "New World Order" 121

The Clinton Years 125

Rethinking Foreign Policy Prior to 9/11 134

Applying Foreign Policy Concepts: The Use of U.S. Troops for Humanitarian Purposes 135

6 September 11 and After 139

George W. Bush: Foreign Policy Before and After September 11 140

September 11 and the Responses 142

The Obama Administration: The First Year 153

Bush versus Obama 162

Applying Foreign Policy Concepts: Response to September 11 163

7 The Future of U.S. Foreign Policy 167

The Cold War as a Framework for U.S. Foreign Policy 167

The Actors and the Domestic Balance of Power 174

Challenges to U.S. Foreign Policy in the Future 175

Notes 177

Suggested Readings 207

Books 207

Websites 208

Index 211

About the Author 223

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