Concoction: Immigration, Sex, and Decieit

Concoction: Immigration, Sex, and Decieit

by Nicol G


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Explore the intuition, experience the relationship, enjoy the show, relive the scenes.

An intriguing story of a young migrant student, Clement who immigrated to Denmark from Tayol, a developing nation. Even though he came from a middle-class family, bribery, corruption, and nepotism in his country would not allow him to realise his dream.

Faced with an economy set back, as his father who was the main breadwinner retired and became sick, he had to step up for the entire family of seven. When the financial burdens became too much, it was decided by the family that he seeks greener pasture in Europe. Denmark was his country of choice.

Arriving in Denmark, he faced a new set of challenges. He started dating, Gladys. They quickly became lovers. They had a bittersweet relationship. She became pregnant; he wanted her to have an abortion as he had other priorities in mind.Would she agree?

It a thriller, full of suspense and SEXUAL scenes described in vivid detail.It is a novella that is attention grabbing from start to finish.It can be completed in one read; about three to four hours.

Excerpt From The Book

Getting Intimate

She listened very attentively. As he was talking, she got up from her chair as they had been facing each other; she walked towards him and gave him a kiss. He got up and they hugged each other with their lips locked to each other. She began to roll her tongue around his and he followed suit.

They were soon rolling their tongues around each other while their lips were locked firmly into each other. He began to tremble while they kissed, but she would not stop. This was the first time he had ever kissed anyone. The trembling stopped all of a sudden.

While they continued to kiss, he lifted her dress and took it off and she pulled off his shirt. They threw their clothes on the chair beside them. With their lips still locked firmly, he tried to use his fingers to unfasten her bra from behind but had some difficulties doing so. He had never unclasped a bra before.

The kissing then stopped as she helped him unclasp her bra. Once she was done with that, they locked lips again, this time with even greater intensity. His hands were all over her breasts.

Enlarged dark nipples dotted both her breasts. There were so warm and responsive to his soft touch. As soon as his hands were upon her breasts; her kisses became deeper and more sensual.

His hands eventually moved from her breasts to her underwear. He slipped off his large fingers into her underwear as she slipped her entire right hand into his boxers and ended up massaging his large veiny penis. For about six minutes, they moaned in unison and continued with this routine. You could hear the sound of ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

After ten minutes into this, she gave a loud scream, took a deep breath and began to smile. He was left wondering what had happened. She then went on her knees and gave him a blow job, and then a hand job until he came on her breasts.

They smiled and kissed each other gently. He went to the toilet and brought a white towel which they used to wipe and clean each other. They dressed up and went back to continue their meal.

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ISBN-13: 9781987635799
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/27/2018
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.23(d)

About the Author

Nicol G holds a Master Degree in Science Communication at Hogskolan Dalarna, Sweden. He is a widely travelled professional with vast experience across Asia, Africa, and Europe.He is now using his travelling knowledge, experience and background to share with the world through writing.

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