Conducting the J2EE Job Interview: IT Manager Guide for J2EE with Interview Questions

Conducting the J2EE Job Interview: IT Manager Guide for J2EE with Interview Questions

by Jeffrey M. Hunter


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ISBN-13: 9780974435596
Publisher: Rampant Techpress
Publication date: 04/28/2004
Series: IT Job Interview series
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Jeffrey M. Hunter is an Oracle Certified Professional, a Java Development Certified Professional, and is currently employed as a senior database administrator. His work includes advanced performance tuning, Java programming, capacity planning, database security, and physical/logical database design in a UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT environment. He lives in Butler, Pennsylvania. Donald K. Burleson is the author of 16 Oracle database books and is the editor in chief of Oracle Internals. He is an Oracle consultant with extensive experience designing and implementing Oracle8 databases, including systems architecture, project management, data warehouse design, implementation and tuning, tuning massively parallel Oracle databases, Oracle SQL tuning, using Oracle with SAP, and tuning very large Oracle databases. He lives in Kittrell, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

Using the Online Code Depot1
Conventions Used in this Book2
Chapter 1The J2EE Developer Evaluation9
J2EE Architect vs. J2EE Developer10
Preparing the J2EE Professional Job Offering11
Preparing the Incentive Package12
Defining the Required Job Skills14
Basic IT Skills17
Sun Certified J2EE Developers and Architects18
The Value of Java and J2EE Certification18
Training for Certification21
Characteristics of the J2EE Professional22
Sample Job Sheet for a Senior J2EE Architect23
Sample J2EE Job Sheet24
Work Experience24
Sun Java / J2EE Certification25
Publishing and Research25
Personal Integrity26
USA Citizenship26
Additional Specialized Skills26
Chapter 2The Successful J2EE Professional28
Evaluating Employment History29
Fraudulent Work History29
Evaluating Personal Integrity30
Evaluating Academic History31
The Quality of Education31
Rating College Education32
College Major and Job Suitability34
International Degrees35
Advanced Degrees and J2EE Professionals36
The New Graduate36
Personality of the J2EE Professional38
A Curious Nature40
A Tenacious Disposition41
Polite Manners41
Detail Orientation44
Chapter 3Roles for the J2EE Professional47
Skills assessment47
J2EE Professional Job Roles48
Purchasing and Installation50
Project and Development Life Cycle Methodologies51
Software Configuration Management51
Application Packaging51
Tool Provider51
Application Component Developers52
Application Assembly52
Application Deployer / Administrator52
Java Security53
J2EE / Java Application Tuning53
Communication Skills55
Chapter 4Initial Screening58
The High Cost of Attrition and Hiring Overhead59
Choosing Viable Candidates60
Dealing with IT Headhunters61
General Evaluation Criteria62
Gleaning Demographics from the Candidate65
Resume Evaluation68
Evaluating Training71
Telephone Screening73
Technical Pre-Testing75
Developing Questions for Interviews76
The IT Candidate's Demeanor77
Eye Contact78
Appropriate Appearance80
Conducting the Background Check81
Making the Initial Job Offer82
Chapter 5The On-site Interview85
Questions from the Candidate86
Telephone Pre-interview Questions87
Technical Questions91
Java and J2EE Versions91
J2EE Development Concepts94
Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)107
Java Servlets115
Java Server Pages (JSP)131
Java Beans142
Design Patterns149
Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)159
Java Message Service (JMS)174
Non-Technical Questions190
General Questions195
Policies and Procedures209
Commitment to Task213
Planning, Prioritizing and Goal Setting216
Attention to Detail218
About Jeffrey Hunter228
About Mike Reed229

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