Conference Crushing: The 17 Undeniable Rules Of Building Relationships, Growing Your Network, And Crushing A Conference Even If You Don't Know Anyone

Conference Crushing: The 17 Undeniable Rules Of Building Relationships, Growing Your Network, And Crushing A Conference Even If You Don't Know Anyone

by Tyler Wagner


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Interested in learning how to network more effectively?

Business conferences and other networking events often require a significant investment of your time and money, but are you getting the maximum benefit in return?

Is it really possible to build more relationships, grow your network, and easily maintain everything? Is it possible to get a positive ROI (return on investment) from every networking event you attend?

And, is it possible to become more successful in all areas of life by attending networking events the right way?

The answers are all "yes".

Anyone can benefit from better networking skills, and Conference Crushing provides you with 17 highly effective skills you can put to work for building better relationships and growing a wider, stronger network.

Whether you're a student trying to land a job, an entrepreneur trying to grow your business or someone who just needs a wider circle of influential people in their life, Conference Crushing is the tool you need.

This book has three power-packed sections of actions you can take before, during and after each networking event to ensure your success increases exponentially.

The reality is, none of us were ever taught how to succeed at these events. No one sits you down to explain how it works, and you certainly don't learn this in any college course.

In this practical, easy-to-read and action-oriented book, Tyler Wagner explains how you can become more successful and grow your network by attending networking events the correct way.

By drawing examples from his time as a student, entrepreneur, and years of coaching, he shows the reader how to maximize their networking skills in a conference setting and in their everyday life.

In this how to guide, the reader will be given:

· Conference Hacks for getting into conferences for FREE and getting the most value out of every networking event you pay for.

· Business Networking Tools and Tips for building relationships and growing your network

· Actionable Steps for how to network before, during, and after every networking event, ensuring you're always successful

This networking book is also a useful guide to networking for introverts because it shows you how to be confident and get out of your comfort zone. It includes best methods for how to start a conversation, how to follow-up with your network and more.

Conference Crushing shows you EXACTLY how to maximize every networking event and every other gathering you attend.

Don't waste your time and money any longer. Learn the secrets of networking and howto be someone that everyone wants to see succeed.

"The richest people in the world build their networks while everyone else just looks for work. And with Conference Crushing, you'll get the best secrets to do it."

-Dane Maxwell, Partner at The Foundation

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Publication date: 04/05/2014
Pages: 66
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About the Author

Tyler grew up with more energy and passion than most people knew how to handle. As a kid, his vitality was contagious and he freely spread his energy and optimism. Tyler continuously found ways to push his limits as far as he could, and he refused to take the "normal path" and sit on the sidelines of his own life.

When he was a sophomore at The University of South Carolina, he started his own painting business with Young Entrepreneurs Across America. The year after that, he took on the role of mentoring five students, teaching them how to run their own successful businesses. It became apparent that helping others and showing them a different way to be "successful" was his passion. Giving others the energy and happiness to create their own path was his yellow brick road.

After this, Tyler took a leap of faith and moved to Canada to intern under Jayson Gaignard (Founder of MastermindTalks). He helped to put on multiple conferences, events, and retreats. There he learned what made an exceptional conference that delivered the most value to all of its attendees from the best of the best.

Tyler now speaks to and consults with students, businesses, and entrepreneurs across the country, teaching them the lessons he's learned on crushing conferences, expanding networks, and nurturing relationships. He also helped to create the #1 Career Guides and Creativity book Breaking Out Of A Broken System.

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