Confessions of a Brown Girl

Confessions of a Brown Girl

by Saleha Mirza


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"What will people say?" the most widely used rhetorical question that sucks the happiness out of our lives. Brown girls experience so much cultural drama in their lives and are so busy protecting their image that they fall apart doing so. "Desi's", also known as South Asians, tend to be very judgemental, narrow-minded people, sadly. Some Brown people will take their culture to the grave; even It's causing someone to suffer. The "Desi mentality" is the root cause to all Brown girl problems. There are several sad truths about being a Desi that many won't admit to, but Saleha speaks up about the ugly truth to help others relate.

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ISBN-13: 9781544289724
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/19/2018
Pages: 82
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.17(d)

About the Author

Saleha was born and raised in Ontario, Canada by Pakistani parents. Saleha grew up in a city that became more diverse after the Millennium. . She enjoys writing on the side when she feels inspired to, and this is her first title that she is publishing . She got inspired to write from hearing so much about cultural drama and thought others could relate and feel like they are not alone. She prefers reading and writing about reality but occasionally enjoys non-fiction pieces as well as reading quotes and poetry.

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