Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican

Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume III: Espionage, Templars and Satanism in the Shadows of the Vatican

by Leo Lyon Zagami


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Zagami pushes the boundaries once again with this unique and personal journey into the mysteries of the secretive world of the Dark Cabal. In the third book of this acclaimed series, Zagami explores a variety of cryptic topics that are always verified with documentation. This is not a work of fiction, but a tool with which readers can comprehend topics that range from the truth about the mythical Knights Templars to the Jesuits and their Vatican espionage game. Zagami uncovers the most credible candidates of the Grail mystery with proven testimony from an official saint of the Catholic Church. Zagami also upholds what he calls “conspiracy reality,” a way to fight back against the system of lies and deceit responsible for the rise of Satanism in the Vatican, showing in the process the magical practices of the Illuminati.

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ISBN-13: 9781888729665
Publisher: CCC Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2017
Series: Confessions of an Illuminati , #3
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 522,593
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Leo Lyon Zagami is the author of Pope Francis: The Last Pope?: Money, Masons and Occultism in the Decline of the Catholic Church, and the Confessions of an Illuminati series.

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In Search of the Perfect Knighthood

Awaiting a Holy Empire

Maurizio Blondet writes:

The Western civilization has reached its terminus momentous — or its dead end — it is common sense (hopefully for them) also for the atheists to feel the terminal crisis of capitalism that does not know how to escape this mess having consumed their whole bag of tricks and moral degradation, social dissociation, consumption of individual hedonism, nihilism and a wish of death permeates it. The new "achievements" and "rights" that are being pushed by the progressives in their latest battles do not have the force of optimism of their old "magnificent and progressive" ideologies that seem now mortuary and funeral conquests like abortion, euthanasia ... Maybe the atomized masses get it too (perhaps), and now confused about their desires, and insatiable consumers of standard-products while their "leaders" act as psycho-cops of progressivism. What they reject with fury and mad rage (seem therefore suspicious and hides their fear) is the diagnosis that Buchanan stated sometime ago with such frank simplicity: our civilization is the last stop because it refuses Faith. Christianity, specifically. The irrational hate, drooling, that radical progressivism has towards Vladimir Putin is the feeling that the salvation of civilization requires a "correction," a daily moral code demanding dogmas founded in people's history, the renunciation to that microscopic and swarming hedonism of today; the end of this vacation and those standards to which the atomized masses believe (and they are made to believe) they have been "liberated," emancipated from the "dogmas and taboos."

And symptomatic comically, by contrast, the adoration of such intellectual managers of terminal and their whole body of left wing journalists — who bestow upon Pope Francis the high clerical hierarchy — committed to frantically pull down the building that created civilization, civil morality, culture, noble costumes (Chilvary) now torn and trampled, to dismantle the Church destroying its sacrality, to turn it into an auxiliary of the generic religion that adapts to the One World Government — these lost unbelievers, adoring him, and expect "Francis" to bring them out of the dead end they ended in. The left wingers have become clerical, at every opportunitythey cite the phrases of Pope Francis obviously the most anti-Christian, such as "who am I to judge?" They drink from him their new catechism, confirming their secular approach. What a funny and sad sight.

But this does not exempt us — the few true Catholics left behind — to focus on the last word of Buchanan. "Unrecoverable." We, too, who "believe" to have faith, are hurt by the present climate, by the collective Satan raging on the Western world as a roaring lion. Not enough to recognize that it takes the Christian faith to maintain and rebuild civilization; faith, you have to have and live. Do we truly have such faith we who go to Mass? Supernatural protections ruined by the treacherous hierarchy that conducts the liturgy leaves us exposed to the roaring lion. Our faith is really more than a crumb?Recently a "traditionalist," a militant Catholic character, which is not worth to mention by name, a co-founder of the Catholic Alliance, announced the organization to renounce to all charges because — he left his wife and four children — and at 61 years old he goes and lives in the USA with his mistress. In New York, the capital of the sunset, a very symbolic move.

Maurizio Blondet is referring above to Massimo Introvigne, the co-founder of the Alleanza Cattolica (Catholic Alliance), and infamous Jesuit agent I talk about in Volume 1. Blondet continues:

After the inevitable evil grin (he was my opponent, Israeli supporter, and known figure of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, i.e. a Mossad recruiting center). I asked myself, can this happen to me? He stripped himself of his "Catholic faith" like you take off a dress ... why I say, a dress? More like a carnival mask, a fake nose made of paper applied to the face with a rubber band, of which he has been freed without any difficulty so he can chase a little sex and pleasure of which he should know — from his doctrine — deceives and does not last, and will bring him to repent soon. His true face was therefore this, cheesy and standard hedonism; and the faith in Christ was only his carnival costume, his mask.

This is a pretty strong criticism by Maurizio Blondet against Massimo Introvigne, one of the most influential contemporary figures within the sectarian world of the Illuminati, controlled by the Jesuits and Pope Francis, with the support of the CIA and the Mossad. However I always considered him, as you know from my previous writings, a Satanist and not a true Christian. People like Blondet should have realized this earlier:

I can attest to one thing. Very true. In these times, with this Church in dissolution, with a Catholicism that has given up their mission and priests who teach the "ecumenical pastoral" way — There are young people who are called. Are chosen one by one, they receive calls through meetings and messages that it is impossible to describe — because they are unmistakably supernatural. I met, last year, at least three. They were young, lost, mixed up in standard pleasures; young people to whom no one has ever even spoken of faith (unless an old grandmother) specifically Catholic. Yet, after answering the call, they rediscovered everything I meant everything Catholic. Traditional, Thomistic, liturgical and Gregorian, the ones abandoned by the hierarchical Church, are traditional Catholics. One of them called to me to visit him a few weeks ago, now married and with children, teaching (teaching!) Thomas Aquinas, the perennial philosophy in a Spanish university with holy audacity and true doctrine. The doctrine that the person who called him in, must have taught him. I have a bit of faith that will not endure the persecution. But I see that Christ is calling one by one those who will rebuild, in the very near future that I will probably not see; He is enlisting his commandos, his martyrs, his virile heroes — and sometimes ferocious amazons — for the last battle. So, I am serene. There will be a civilization tomorrow, after the catastrophe. Christians will be strong then. There will be a Christian Empire, as some prophecies say — not a republic. A holy empire. Not a democracy.

And from these words written by the famous Italian journalist Maurizio Blondet, once linked to Opus Dei, we understand that we are living in what is commonly called the end times. The apostasy of the Church itself, and the will to destroy the Catholic Church, which is now apparent to everyone. With this third volume of my Confessions we arrive to the complete removal of the veil of Isis, that was presented to the initiate in ancient Egypt, by the revelation of the light of ultimate truths.

Imagine the Egyptian burial place of Isis, in a place close to Memphis, where there was a statue covered by a black veil. On the base of the statue is engraved: "I am everything that was, [QUID FUIT], everything that is [QUID EST], that will be [QUID ERIT] and no mortal has yet dared to lift my veil." In the journey of initiation in ancient Egypt, what followed was voluntary, and concerned only the development of the individual, the Egyptian religion was never promoted with a missionary spirit. They were tolerant and benevolent towards the world, but Egypt never wanted to impose their religious practice elsewhere, the exact opposite of the subsequent Abrahamic religions, invasive and too often oppressive. Rightly so, Egypt did not wish to impose on others their religion with the force seen later on with Christianity and Islam; but the cult of Isis and Osiris, were gradually absorbed by the nascent Christian faith, only to be rediscovered and used in secret, centuries later, by the Jesuits. It is the Jesuits who became the new priests of Heliopolis in the Vatican, with the most powerful network of secret agents in the world, to help their faith expand and develop. Remember, there is a huge obelisk in St. Peters Square in the Vatican, in the center of Christianity, that is dedicated to the "sun god," from Heliopolis. The Jesuit Order is therefore the new secret Brotherhood of Heliopolis (the Sun City) within the Church, the High Priests of the God On (which is another name for the sun god Osiris communicated in secret to the Minervals of the O.T.O. at their initiation). The Jesuits are the sons of the sun, who for 500 years have been structured as a sect, and military operation, with unconditional support of the papacy. Obedience to their immediate supervisor is total, and closed occult deals are made among their adepts. The commander is defined as Superior General, but there is also a "Black Pope," given the black robes he wears and his position in the shadow of the "White Pope," although now we have an anomally with Pope Francis, as he is a Jesuit, and everything about him becomes much more complex and precarious. The "Society of Jesus" was originally used by the Vatican to counter the various movements of the Protestant Reformation, but of course with time they became something much more powerful, as we shall read in this book, but I want to focus now on Helipolis.

The area of the ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis is located today in the northeastern part of the Egyptian capital Cairo, which constitutes the district of Mataria, a place I once visited, in November of 2004, for an exorcism by a holy lady of the Coptic Church. The ancient magical practices of Egypt are still alive today thanks to Christianity, the Coptic faith is the closest to its original source. Egyptian Magic in its more dark connotations, scared the Roman aristocracy when they arrived in the town of Cleopatra. At the time, Cleopatra was able to dominate many men and make them her slaves by using the magical art of seduction and also red magic, often sex magic. However after Cleopatra arrived in Rome, Egyptian magic spread throughout the empire. Pliny the Elder, a well-known Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher in the first century AD, never missed an opportunity to thunder against the impiety of such magicians, but meanwhile advised people to wear a dried beetle, as an amulet for the health of their children, in imitation of Egyptian scarabs. In short, even Pliny was not exempt from these practicing forms of magic. In the beginning of the third millennium, Knowledge and Light seem to be covered by darkness; myths and gods disappeared, giving way to a growing obsession with movie stars, sports figures and entertainers.

Homer, best known as the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, would no longer be able to write today, about the appearance and many adventures of the gods with mankind, and a pharaoh doesn't welcome the sun officially among large crowds, like it was in ancient times. However, the elite of today and our government officials still practice (or try to practice) certain rituals in the secrecy of their lodges, and in the narrow circles of a select few, in temples inaccessible to ordinary people. Therefore, when night falls on our consciousness, we return to ancient Egypt for answers. As stated by Guillaume Apollinaire: "now is the time to rekindle the stars." The Illuminati of the various sects of today and "Occult Freemasonry," hide their true knowledge, in various mystery schools and secret societies, the mysteries of ancient Egypt, as I have shown you in the previous volumes of the Confessions series. When I was myself initiated into the mysteries of the invisible world linked to the ancient Egyptian Illuminati and joined the A.A. of Aleister Crowley, who some call Argentium Astrum, back in 1993, I was told by my initiator some of the secrets of Heliopolis. I was told that it was no coincidence that my now deceased father was named Elio, and I am named Leo. Basically our names put together in Latin describe the period known in English as the Dog Days, the hottest, most stifling days of summer. They are 40 days, beginning on July the 3rd, and ending on August 11th, that coincide with the heliacal rising of the Dog Star, Sirius. For the ancient Egyptians, Sirius appeared just before the Nile's flood season, so they used the star as an indicator of the flood. Since its rising also coincided with a time of extreme heat, the connection with hot, sultry weather was made. This period also coincides with the Sun in Leo among other things. Four years after this important event in my life in 1997, the same character, the initiator who had introduced me to the secrets of this brotherhood of the A?A?(of which I spoke of in depth in Volume I), gave me a mysterious text to read written by someone who he said would help me figure out a few things on the true situation of the world. Here is the content and the words written by, who I discovered later on, was none other than the Grand Master of the Order of the Illuminati Knights Frank G. Rippel:

I remember the particular state of political tension that had been created in Italy in December 1988, something was happening. The evening of Monday 12th of December we witnessed, the Scarlet Woman and I, the manifestation of a divine sign. We were in an area of Veneto and saw darting in the sky a green energy sphere. The heavenly Ark of the Covenant (not to be confused with the terrestrial one) had projected a force field around the earth. This was the signal announcing the fall of communist ideology. In July of 1989, we visited Licio Gelli (the former head of the disbanded Masonic lodge P2). In a previous letter he wrote:"The time of our meeting was brief and could not offer us the opportunity to know each other better, though, if you believe you can, in the near future, and if you have the opportunity to pass through Tuscany, it would be of my satisfaction to have a meeting with you."In his villa, a manor house in the green of nature, we were welcomed with great courtesy. Gelli led us into a huge hall and made us sit on two of the twelve chairs arranged in an arc, six on each side. We began to talk, and at one point in the conversation he said:"We have two enemies: the Communists and the Catholic Church. ... And especially the Jesuits,"Then I made a ritual question: "When will be the end of these two ideologies?" "You have to have patience," he replied. "Maybe because I'm young I have a lot of patience," I replied. And a few months after that the Synarchy overthrew communism in the world. The Cold War was over. It seems that no one had realized the rapidity with which it had crumbled, the Soviet Union and its satellite countries. Even the most pessimistic political scientists believed that communism would last even for a hundred years and yet in a few months everything was shattered, weird right? Since December 12, 1988 there have been almost ten years, and a new world disorder reigns in the world, for a new world order can be born. A New Dawn will rise soon and the world will change. The evening of Monday the 6th of January 1997, there has been another Divine sign. In the sky of Rome a green energy ball darted from east to west. The heavenly Ark of the Covenant produced another force field. This is the signal that announces the fall of this fideist religious ideology, the signal of the beginning of the Great Return. The beginning of the Great Return is marked by the Knight of Space announcing the end of the old days and the start of new ones. The Knight of Space is a comet, discovered on July 23rd, 1995 by amateur astronomers Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp. The minimum distance from Earth occurred on the 22nd of March, 1997. In late 1996, astronomers around the world have found a body, defined Companion, who was following the Hale-Bopp comet. Later, with their primitive tools, they have been no more able to detect the Companion. The Companion is a force field that came into collision with the Aura of the Earth, to the transmutation of the same Energy collision occurring on March 19, 1997, and the transmutation of the Aura was completed on 29 April, 1997. The Return of the Gods is marked in time, but few are those who know how to interpret the Divine Signs.

After handing me this revealing text, my initiator recited these words he told me were written by the Antichrist.


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About the Author,
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Chapter I: In Search of the Perfect Knighthood,
Chapter II: The Holy Grail,
Chapter III: Blood Lineages and Gnosticism,
Chapter IV: The Magical World of the Illuminati: from Abramelin to Wicca,
Chapter V: Espionage, Freemasonry and Satanism in the Vatican,
Chapter VI: Beneath the Vatican the Darkest Secrets are Hidden,

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