Confessions of Four Friends through Thick and Thin

Confessions of Four Friends through Thick and Thin



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ISBN-13: 9780310236283
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 05/01/2001
Pages: 265
Product dimensions: 5.71(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.96(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Now That We're Old Enough to Know Better ... We Know That We'll Never Know What We're Going to Be When We Grow Up!15
Now That We're Old Enough to Know Better
Coming Full Circle21
Oh! That Kind of Confessions!24
This Child Is a Mother29
Build an Ark ... Uh, Grass Hut33
Confessions about ... Prayer
I Don't Know Whether to Pray or Eat a Two-Pound Box of Chocolates38
Sometimes I Can't Sleep, Lord41
Prayer on Wheels43
Prayer and Peanut Butter46
My Secret Sanctuary50
I Know That a Johnny-on-the-Spot Prayer Is Better Than No Prayer at All!53
Where Could I Go from Your Presence, Lord?55
I Don't Want to Be the Most Significant Influence in My Children's Lives57
I've Discovered the Benefits of Biting My Tongue When It Comes to My Kids (Ouch, Ooo, Yowl!)60
I'll Take All the Help I Can Get!65
I Realize I've Been Praying Wrong My Whole Life68
Come, Lord Jesus71
Confessions about ... Life-Shaping Moments
Rembrandt, Ziploc Bags, and a Blankie74
I Know the Value of My Blankie!77
There's Just Something about Water80
I Know That If Your Old Boyfriend Doesn't Remember You, It's Because He's Senile, Not Because You Didn't Make an Impact!84
I Realize That People Seldom Make Me Furious; It's Inanimate Objects That Drive Me Crazy87
Sacred Memories91
Listen to the Sea95
I Know That Not All Sacraments Are Given in Church97
"Be Anxious for Nothing"100
We've Been Driving through the Mountains, Lord103
I Know When My Stomach Can't Take Another Hit105
I Know That the Journey Home Means Reclaiming the Steps along the Way107
Moments Aren't Just "For the Birds"113
Oh Jesus, Prayer Words Are Ineffective Today119
Confessions about ... Relationships
The Only Thing We Have in Common Is Our Use of Big Words122
Are You My Mother? (Move Over, P. D. Eastman)125
I Know That Friendship Doesn't Come Cheap!130
Pooh and Me132
Lord, My Friend Is Depleted135
It's All in How You Look at It137
Lamentations of a "Best" Friend140
Thank You, Lord, for Friends142
I Know It's All in How You Wear Your Hair144
I Know That the Future Is Longer Than the Next Term of Office145
Sometimes a Story Is Just Too Good to Keep!147
I Finally Admit That a (mumble) Makes Life Sooo Much Easier (Don't Tell Joy!)149
I'm Not Afraid of Artichokes!151
I'm Sure I'd Never Name a Dog Fyodor, Much Less a Child!154
The Best Things in Life156
I Know There Are No Simple Answers: For Peggy on the Anniversary of Tom's Death158
Whispering Hope160
Confessions about ... Perspective
I May Be from West Virginia, but I Have Eaten Out164
I Know That Concave Is Not a Bra Size ... and Neither Is 42 Long!167
Point and Click170
I Don't Always Know Who I Am ... but He Does!173
I Know That Freedom Is More Than Fireworks over the Ocean177
I Know That "Red and Yellow, Black and White, All Are Precious in His Sight," Even Means a Green Person180
I Know That We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made185
Silence Is Not a Bad Word!187
I Know That This Race Is Not a Sprint but a Marathon190
Lord, You Are Teaching Me the Importance of Finishing the Race193
I Know It's All in How You Tell the Story195
I Still Don't Get It!198
A Wish for the Journey201
Islands of Faith203
This Island's an Arsenal of Memories205
I Know That God Can Handle Things without Me (Who'da Thought?)207
Mind Wanderings--or Wonderings--on the Subject of Celebrity (At This Age, the Two Words Are Nearly Synonymous!)208
I Have a Good Rememberie!210
Lord, Sometimes I Feel Guilty for Being Still214
Congessions about
Like Gloria Says, "We're Just Four Little Girls in Grandmothers' Bodies"218
Lord, It's a New Day221
I Try Not to Look Too Surprised!225
Wrinkles Are a Mark of Character227
I Admit It! I Think I Might Be Addicted to Metamucil229
Just Like Laundry, Life Piles Up!232
Change Is Progress: Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back235
We Thought We Needed More Information239
Effeciency A+, Life Effect C-241
Saying Good-Bye to Nantucket246
Lord, It Is Harvest Time249
Just Old Enough to Know252
I've Stopped Looking for That Perfect Age (In Fact, I Think I May Have Missed It)253
We Have This Moment, Today256
Losing Is Better Than Winning258
Growing Together261

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