Confident Reader

Confident Reader

by Carol C. Kanar


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This mid-level text in Kanar's series takes a holistic approach to reading as a process that students can discover and control as they develop skills. This volume offers separate chapters on facts and opinions, purpose and tone, making inferences, and understanding and evaluating arguments. Review of basic skills, in areas such as finding main ideas and details, strengthens the foundation students gained in the first-level text.

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ISBN-13: 9780395958360
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company College Division
Publication date: 01/01/2000
Pages: 432

About the Author

Carol C. Kanar is the author of several Cengage Learning writing, reading, and college success textbooks. Kanar is a graduate of the University of Florida, where she earned the Master of Arts in English, and of Rollins College, where she earned the Master of Education in reading. She has close to thirty years of teaching experience, twenty of which she spent at Valencia Community College teaching reading, writing, and study skills. A frequent conference presenter and speaker, Kanar has served on the Executive Board of the Florida Development Education Association and is an active member of the National Association of Developmental Educators.

Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter begins with "What Do You Already Know?" and ends with "Real-World Connections," "How Well Do You Remember?," and six quizzes covering terms and definitions, concept review, using your skills, and vocabulary. I. Reading Purposefully 1. Control Your Reading Process From Jedidiah to Jordan: What to Name the Baby, Kendall Hamilton and Karen Springen Vocabulary Preview How Well Did You Comprehend?: Understanding the Reading Process; Have a Positive Attitude; Read Actively, Not Passively; Monitor Your Comprehension; Manage Your Reading Time; Control Your Concentration 2. Choosing Your Best Strategy Forming Execs Unite to Tackle Job of Full-time Motherhood, Kimberly Poor Vocabulary Preview How Well Did You Comprehend?: The SQ3R Reading System; Skimming and Scanning; The SCORE System 3. Recognizing Stated Main Ideas A Good Investment, Jerome Lee Vocabulary Preview How Well Did You Comprehend?: Determine the Author's Topic; Distinguish Between General and Specific Ideas; Find the Topic Sentence in a Paragraph; Find the Thesis Statement in a Longer Passage 4. Finding Implied Main Ideas Dear Dads: Save Your Sons, Christopher N. Bacorn Vocabulary Preview How Well Did You Comprehend?: Find Topic and Comment in Paragraphs; Find Topic and Comment in Longer Passages; Use the Think System to Find Main Ideas 5. Identifying Supporting Details Wait Divisions, Tom Bodett Vocabulary Preview How Well Did You Comprehend?: Recognize Types of Details; Find Levels of Development; Know How Transitions Connect Ideas III. Reading Critically 6. Seeing Relationships and Patterns How to Make the Right Decision, Donna Brown Hogarty Vocabulary Preview How Well Did You Comprehend?: Surveying the Patterns; Generalization and Example; Sequence/Process; Comparison/Contrast; Division/Classification; Cause and Effect; Definition 7. Interpreting Graphics What Is a Balanced Diet, Covert Bailey Vocabulary Preview How Well Did You Comprehend?: Use PRT to Interpret Graphics; Charts; Tables; Graphs; Diagrams 8. Understanding Purpose and Tone On This Fourth of July, What Do You Know about U.S. History? Myriam Marquez Vocabulary Preview How Well Did You Comprehend?: Find an Author's Purpose; Determine an Author's Tone 9. Making Inferences The Message from the Moon, Harold Courlander Vocabulary Preview How Well Do You Comprehend?: Use Three-Step Thinking; Make Inferences from Details; Make Inferences from Poetry; Make Inferences to Solve Word Problems 10. Understanding and Evaluating Arguments Perils of Prohibition, Elizabeth M. Whelan Vocabulary Preview How Well Did You Comprehend?: Identify the Four Points of Argument; Check the Argument for Bias IV. Reading Confidently Selection 1. Angie Erickson, It's OK to Be Different Selection 2. Kathleen Parker, Fathers Provide Bridge Over the River of Goo Selection 3. Harold Courlander, The Beetle's Hairpiece Selection 4. Jennifer S. Lee, Slowly But Surely, the Armadillo Continues Its Northward Migration Selection 5. Barry L. Reece and Rhonda Brandt, Strategies for Dealing with Conflict Selection 6. Eric V. Copage, Kwanzaa

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