Confirmatory Factor Analysis: A Preface to LISREL

Confirmatory Factor Analysis: A Preface to LISREL

by John Scott Long

Paperback(New Edition)

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A statistical method that will appeal to two groups in particular - those who are currently using the more traditional technique of exploratory factor analysis and those who are interested in the analysis of covariance structures, commonly known as the LISREL model. The first group will find that this technique may be more appropriate to the analysis of their research problems while the second group will find that confirmatory factor analysis is a useful first step to understanding the LISREL model. This book, and its companion volume, Covariance Structure Models, are designed to be read consecutively. The proofs presented are simple, but the reader must feel comfortable with matrix algebra in order to understand the model.

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ISBN-13: 9780803920446
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 09/01/1983
Series: Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences , #33
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.22(d)

About the Author

Scott Long is Distinguished Professor and Chancellor's Professor of Sociology and Statistics at Indiana University, Bloomington. He teaches quantitative methods both at Indiana University and at the ICSPR Summer Program. His earlier research examined gender differences in the scientific career. In recent years, he has collaborated with Eliza Pavalko, Bernice Pescsolido, John Bancroft, Julia Heiman and others in studies of health and aging, stigma and mental health, and human sexuality.

Table of Contents

Series Editor's Introduction9
Exploratory Versus Confirmatory Factor Analysis11
Structural Relations Among Common Factors15
Organization of the Monograph17
2.Specification of the Confirmatory Factor Model18
An Informal Introduction18
A Formal Specification22
The Covariance Structure33
3.Identification of the Confirmatory Factor Model34
Estimation and Identification34
Conditions for Identification42
Scale Indeterminacy and Setting a Metric49
4.Estimation of the Confirmatory Factor Model55
Unweighted Least Squares57
Scale Dependency57
Generalized Least-Squares and Maximum Likelihood58
Practical Considerations60
5.Assessment of Fit in the Confirmatory Factor Model61
Examining Values of the Parameters62
Variances and Covariances of the Estimates63
Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Tests63
Nested Models and Difference of Chi-Square Tests65
Specification Searches68
Appendix ICorrelations and Standard Deviations from Wheaton/Hennepin Sample82
Appendix IISoftware to Estimate the Confirmatory Factor Model (CFM)82
About the Author88

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