Connection: Keep Your Light Burning Bright

Connection: Keep Your Light Burning Bright

by Katherine F. Bright Nd


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Connection: Keep Your Light Burning Bright offers an expert manual on the connection to and interaction with our God and Creator. This guide, written and partially channelled by Katherine F. Bright, ND, includes conversations with Creator; knowledge about frequency and abundance, spiritual advice and life coaching, and healing; and information for use as a personal development tool for those interested in spiritual progression. Also included is an eight-chakra chart with newly channelled information on the chakras that cannot be found elsewhere.

This guide is designed to be useful to beginners as well as advanced participants, helping us in the learning journey to discover who we are, why we are on this planet, and where we belong on our soul’s journey throughout the universe.

Bright founded the modality Theta Resonance at All Levels and teaches healing techniques for beginners and advanced enlightenment seekers. She has worked as a radio host and as a professional musician, compiling spiritual and toning instrumentals on her CDs. In this work, she offers her professional knowledge without allowing her guidance to become overly complex.

Connection: Keep Your Light Burning Bright provides the assistance you need to make your spiritual quest for knowledge and self-development authentic and genuine.

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ISBN-13: 9781452509976
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 05/22/2013
Pages: 90
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.19(d)

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By Katherine F. Bright

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Katherine F. Bright, ND
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-0997-6




I have lived in Australia all my life, mostly in Tasmania, although when I was in my early twenties, I spent just over four years in Queensland, where my first child was born.

I am the younger of two children born to a Dutch migrant family, who came to Australia in the early 1950s. As with most early European migrant families, my upbringing was one of getting on with it—fitting in but being separate because my family ate a bit differently, looking like a local but not always feeling like one, and having different values sometimes—but I was also very grateful for the land on which I stood. My family worked hard to get a life together from having nothing on arrival in Australia. This is a story that all migrant families will understand.

I attended a Catholic school from prep to grade 10 and then attended a public matriculation college for years 11 and 12. I married young, and my marriage ended some time later; there followed different relationships, children, study, and journeys to get me to where I am today.

I have diplomas in naturopathy as well as in Bowen therapy and remedial massage, and I am also a qualified practicing Reiki teacher and master. I have studied many health modalities over the years, including reflexology and iridology. I commenced my spiritual journey in my childhood but have studied many different forms since then, in the way that the curious do!

I have worked professionally in the alternative health field since 1986, although sixteen years in the Australian Public Service was an enormous journey before that. That time provided me with valuable tools in learning clerical skills and understanding politics from many angles (not all of which felt comfortable). It gave me much experience in areas of employment bureaus and workers compensation, occupational health and safety policy in the workplace, customer service, book work, touch typing, and reception. I did everything from interviewing people, compiling submissions, interacting with various government officials, and editing career manuals to making the coffee and getting fed up!

Even though I enjoyed different duties and workplaces during this time and was skilled and competent in the majority, I always found myself to be the proverbial round peg in a square hole. Upon completion of my time with the public service agency, I later worked in a few temporary jobs in retail and did a little of this and a little of that before setting up my own health practice. Music is another of my passions. I have been a professional musician and vocalist and have composed musical pieces and performed them on stage. I have even produced CDs. I continue to perform as a musican and vocalist and also carry this into my current work, often performing "soul-songs" to support and enlarge the energy of the group at workshops.

I have worked now in some form of alternative health practice for twenty-eight years, and since 1992, it has been in my own clinic, which is phenomenally busy. I love it. I have a private practice in which I treat people using different methods depending on their need. I am a Bowen therapist who treats structural conditions and a naturopath looking at holistic health. My forte and absolute love in addition to these modalities is spiritual and energetic healing, teaching, and counselling. I treat people onsite and also provide telephone or Skype consultation service with clients worldwide.

In 2006, I developed the modality "Theta Resonance at All Levels," based upon my whole life's growing understanding of connection with spirit, frequency, vibration, colour, meditation, toning, and communication with Creator. I developed and formatted many courses, which have been successfully taught, including medical intuitive work involving chromosomal disorders.

From March 2010, I commenced a remodelled version of this modality. It was remodelled because—as it should be in everything esoteric—the energy needs to be current, fresh, and exciting. Connection is always that. As Creator shows me new things, I want to deliver them to you and use these tools and skills immediately. So I am dedicated to updating my work and providing the latest of my own channellings for you to enjoy and experience. I now do one-on-one counselling and mentoring with select individuals instead of large classes. I find these smaller sessions to be very satisfying. They are tailored to the individual's need and progress. One of the great joys for my network of students is get-togethers. I name them "working parties"; we heal and intend for the greater good of the planet and universal peace.

Creator asked me to write this book, and, consequently, here it is. Those of my students who have studied with me for many years will tell you that I don't let the dust settle too easily. My channel with Creator/Source is instant, accurate, direct, and based on integrity. I love Creator and the beings of light and love, and I play in that realm with such peace and joy daily. I am dedicated to establishing a way of delivering to you the empowerment to establish your own connection to Creator. It is easy, and it shouldn't be mistaken as difficult. Come enjoy and learn how truly connected we all are. We are not trying to attain new connection, really. We are always connected; the illusion of separation we have created can just get in the way of realizing this. We are all part of the universal one.


There are already tomes written about abundance and the ways in which it can be provided to each and every one of us upon this planet. It is understood how the laws of attraction facilitate our beliefs and create our environments, realities, repercussions in some ways, and general well-being.

I want to place a difference slant on this.

Creator told me to let you know, first and foremost, that each and every one of you is different and therefore the way in which you think and attract to yourselves will be particular to you. The laws may remain constant in quantum physics, but the way in which you employ them is completely individual.

We are beings of physics. We exist as a well-ordered chaos of molecular and atomic energy capable of very individual reactions. We are souls and genetics; we are history and conditioning. We believe differently and are racially different. Therefore, how can anyone tell us the formula for our personal and individual existence?

Well, considering that Source created that existence, you could trust that source of information.

Firstly, to be abundant, you need to exist—you have that one already!

Secondly, to be abundant, you need to want to be so. You need to be really clear, without hesitation or desire to pull it back. Now, this is the area where some of us struggle to find the belief in ourselves and therefore diminish our input to the creation of our truth and abundance. If we don't believe in ourselves, we consequently may not believe in our worth for abundance or, in fact, that abundance is something valid to exist in our space at all.

If you believe everything comes to those who wait, you are in charge of the time you need to wait to receive everything! If you think it will be one day, then it will be. If you think it is absolutely conceivable for it to be tomorrow, then that is equally arrangeable for the universe.

That is the law of attraction, for one to conceive of the universal plan of possibilities. If you can conceive it, it just arrives intact and available. Sometimes, it doesn't look exactly as we imagined, so we need to be able to recognize it, but believe that it arrives nonetheless. It will be perfect and in exact proportion to what you envisaged in its return to you. That is the law of our space. You must receive exactly the same as you believe, conceive, and incur.

Be kind to yourself, therefore, and think positively—this is a basic principle of abundance! You are first with Creator in your universe. If you are not kind to yourself, who else can be? You must create your reality in perfect proportion to your understanding of greatness in your and the universe's loving plan. Be light to receive light! Rainbows are for everyone; they are not exclusive to some.

Do you think it is selfish to want for yourself? How can it be if you are building from the ground up? You begin your universe and your connection to Source, and all of that can be considered the greater good.


The greater good is everything both universal and on this planet beyond yourself to which you have some form of influence or which you can perceive. Therefore, if you can conceive of it in thought, you can influence it. Quantum physics talks of the principles of light and watching light. If you watch light, it changes from particles to waves. Your thoughts are just as measurable as a frequency as everything else you can see.

You think; therefore, you are!

If you want to assist the greater good, you can think positively and look for ways to facilitate positive action in your own space. You can donate to charities, smile at someone, and "pay it forward" so to speak. You can treat someone with respect, you can try a new skill, and you can involve yourself in your child's life and interests. You can be someone you are proud of any day you want to. You are in charge; don't forget. Therefore, you are, to some extent, in control of your environment, even if you don't always get everything you want because you are connected to the free will of others with whom you intersect. You are still in charge of the way in which you choose to intersect in any given space.

If creation loves you, you are already valid, and therefore, you are already gifted. You have free will; you can choose to use that will for good or to ignore your own best instincts.

What do we as a society put emphasis on and view with respect or with kudos?

We can influence the way the world views situations and influence the group consciousness by our own thoughts. We can influence what the world emphasises by our own actions and thoughts. You can connect to Creator and ask to facilitate greater good work within your environment, and your thoughts and light can carry that action into being. This is true empowerment within the framework of free will. So it stands to reason that learning to simplify this process and enact it with some form of absolute direction would be helpful if you really wanted to change this world and empower your space.

In my workshop How to Connect to That which Created You, I show you how to use your innate abilities to facilitate and enact an absolutely evident connection to that universal source. You learned to facilitate this greater good work and to enact healings for yourself, others, and this beautiful planet of ours.

In my more advanced workshops, I show you how to broaden your perception to include all levels of your soul and the universe in general. I teach you how to connect to animals, crystals, and other angelic beings that exist around us in all ways. This form of existence, where these things are daily normality, is such a wonderful and facilitating gift. It is empowering to receive information from "the horse's mouth"; to really speak with God, creation, and angels and other beings; to be in your own life with a sense of purpose and connection.

Please help our network of humanity to interconnect with each other and Source so our free will can facilitate positive abundance and goodwill for all. This is the message I have heard and would like to deliver, because that is my mission here. It is my passion to teach and deliver the Word directly. The environment is safe, light, and joyful when you have no fear of your own empowerment.

Creator states that "where Empowerment is Present, Fear is not." Wisdom, indeed!


Light is obviously a form of energy that can be seen. Light energy can be converted to grow plants and help us to see and observe our environment. Creation energy is the light.

From our earth-based understanding of light, we know it can present in particles called photons, which are unobservable by the naked eye. We know that light, when observed, forms a wave pattern that can travel through space.

Light waves can present in different colours and densities, depending on the frequency. We can use Creator's light and colour to heal by connecting to Creator and asking to have a colour frequency passed through an object to heal it, for example. The colour and frequency differ according to the individual need in any healing. If you buy a book on colour, you can see that esoterically and from chakra charts, colour relates to different meanings and body zones as well. For example, in a chakra chart, the colour blue relates to the throat chakra. The colour blue has many potential meanings, but it is often related to communication, peace, tranquillity, or protection, depending on the hue or tint of the blue we are describing. Yellow, as per the solar plexus chakra (at the point where the ribs meet), is often related to joy and abundance. As all colour has the directly opposite potential, yellow can also represent anxiety and fear. You can buy comprehensive books that describe colour and its meanings. You will have your own sense of what colour means for you. I have provided a new chakra chart and a section explaining the chakras in the next chapter in order to assist you with the basic body zone references for colour healing purposes. Please note, there is an eighth chakra notated with new information channelled directly from Creator.

Whilst connected to Creator, you can just visualize a colour healing by allowing the pictures to present and Creator to choose the colours required. You only need to observe the light, and the witnessing of this will enact the healing potential of whatever colour or light is given.

The speed of light is a physical constant; it is the speed at which electromagnetic radiation travels in a vacuum. Its value is 299,792,458 metres per second. This constant is significant in the understanding and study of astronomy and space travel, to name two of the fields that use this formula.

We already know that light travels at approximately 299,000 kilometres per second and light from the sun takes about eight minutes to travel to Earth, which is approximately 150 million kilometres away. Our science tells us that within this solar system, distance and time are relevant.

When connected to Creator, the mere process of enacting a thought to request a healing defies these known, internally manifested laws and it manifests instantly in the universal knowledge. The process will obey, to some extent, the internal law factor of taking a bit of time and space to become completed, in our time and reality.


Chakra, in the ancient Sanskrit language, means spinning wheel or vortex. Originally, it was the description of a chariot wheel. Chakras are spinning vortexes that rotate alternately clockwise and anticlockwise down the length of the body. It is the opposite rotation sequence for males than females. Males commence clockwise from the crown, and females commence anti-clockwise.

Ancient healers described the chakras or energy centres in studies and written work. These descriptions have been traced to approximately 2,600 years ago. It is not surprising to note that the studies have now been demonstrated to be anatomically correct.

Information was presented that displayed the location of seven chakras on the physical body, siting them as follows.

The first five chakra points are located at the site of the five main nerve ganglia of the spinal column, where the nerve endings form junctions. At these nerve ganglia, nerves from different organs and parts of the body join to the spinal cord. These chakras are named from base to throat by their common names as:

1. First or Root Chakra,

2. Second, Navel, Hara, or Sacral Chakra

3. Third or Solar Plexus Chakra

4. Fourth or Heart Chakra

5. Fifth or Throat Chakra

The other two chakras are sited at the upper and lower areas of the brain.

6. Sixth or Third Eye Chakra

7. Seventh or Crown Chakra

I have been given channelled information on the Eighth Chakra, which I present for the first time for you in print. How exciting!

8. Eighth or Earth Connection Chakra

This relates specifically to the relationship between the feet and the Earth grounding.

Each chakra is also associated with one of the seven endocrine glands.

This demonstrates that each organ, the entire body, and its functions are connected to our chakras by the nervous system and the endocrine systems of the body.

Excerpted from Connection: KEEP YOUR LIGHT BURNING BRIGHT by Katherine F. Bright. Copyright © 2013 by Katherine F. Bright, ND. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Introduction to the Author....................     1     

History....................     3     

The Laws of Abundance....................     5     

What Is the Greater Good?....................     7     

What Is Light?....................     9     

Explaining Chakras....................     11     

Chakras Vibrate....................     13     

What Happens if a Chakra Is out of Balance?....................     14     

Eight Chakras Chart for Easy Reference....................     17     

What Happens When You Talk to God?....................     33     

Intention....................     34     

How to Connect to Creator for Healing and Assistance....................     36     

What to Do Once You Have Connected....................     38     

Frequency—A Wave Pattern....................     42     

Entrainment....................     44     

Toning Your Body to Your Specific Tone....................     45     

The Best Healing Process....................     46     

Colour, Essence....................     47     

Seven States of Being....................     48     

Dimensional Planes....................     49     

How to Heal with the Creator....................     50     

Enlightenment....................     51     

The Incarnational Star....................     52     

Laughter and Spirituality....................     53     

Talking and Interacting with Animals....................     54     

Know Your Guidance Team....................     59     

Workshop and Personal Mentoring Information....................     62     

Blessings and Gratitude....................     69     

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