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Connections in the horse

Connections in the horse

by Julie von Bismarck


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In this book, equine osteopath Julie von Bismarck shares her experience and observations of the connections in the horse. She explains in vivid detail how far the health consequences of coercive measures such as Rollkur or so called LDR can extend, why even companion or leisure horses can develop stomach ulcers and locked joints, what restricted movement in the jaw has to do with an inflamed ligament in the hind leg, how a blocked lumbar vertebra is related to stifle conditions and digestive disorders, and how a seemingly innocuous stumble can lead to a horse with dehydration. The extraordinary connections and chains of events described in this book are vital information for every rider and horse owner, as well as for therapists involved in treating horses. Julie von Bismarcks words are an appeal to reason in the horse-riding world and a plea for the welfare of the horse in equestrian sport. Anyone who has read her books will see their riding and handling of horses through different eyes.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9783982282145
Publisher: Bod Third Party Titles
Publication date: 04/09/2021
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.49(d)

About the Author

Julie von Bismarck has a broad overview of equestrian sport. Having grown up with horses herself and as a rider since early childhood, she soon went on to become a pioneer in the osteopathic treatment and acupuncture of horses around the world. For over twenty years, she treated every breed of horse, ranging from international competitors to leisure horses. In every area she was confronted with the consequences that negative changes in the equestrian world, due to the replacing of old principles and guidelines, were having for horse welfare.
She became convinced that the vast majority of problems could have been avoided had riders and owners had the right information, and decided to devote herself to education. Today, Julie shares her knowledge as a lecturer, a prominent author on equestrian matters and a public advocate for equine welfare.

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