Consciousness Before Conscience

Consciousness Before Conscience

by Paul Easter

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A preachers son from a small town down South that people have never heard of has a very conflicted soul. He must choose to love those that dont love him. He must still grow up with the perception that he is not allowed to make the same mistakes every mortal man makes. He has questions that he should already have the answers to. But the truth is he doesnt have them. Consciousness Before Conscience is about being aware of the world around you so you can make the right decisions on how to tackle lifes challenges that lies ahead of you. It is a collection of reflections. Just when that love that balanced you leaves you, things begin to shift. You become unbalanced and even fall at times. Questions start to be asked within. Why was I allowed to mess this up? Why was they allowed to mess this up? Why should I love those who dont love me? Love them even when they view me as inferior and I know God made us of the same dust of the earth and we have the same blood flowing? Does God see me? What is my purpose? Why have I become this new man? Balance has been interrupted. But the only way to get it back is to write out all of my days dreams and nights fantasies. Its a journey out of hurt into happiness once you realize the only way out is through love. This is my journey, our journey. Journey to happiness has always been about the love we were created from and born with. We just have to get back to it.

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ISBN-13: 9781514421147
Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication date: 10/29/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 94
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About the Author

Poet, aspiring songwriter, author, preacher’s son, a brother, a Christian, and friend, Paul Easter is a born dreamer. He is a child of the hip-hop culture. After he graduated Gaston College with an associate of arts with focus in business administration, he couldn’t deny his affinity for poetry anymore. It started when he was in middle school and one day he read some of his sister’s poetry he found while rambling through her stuff. It was creative, it was eye-opening, and the words spoke freedom. He wrote his first poem in English class at W.C. Friday junior high about a girl he had feelings for. So after his completion of college, he decided to give poetry more time and energy. Because of his wishes to be respected by his peers, he joined Poetry Soup. He has been a member on the poetry website since 2009. He has two top ten finishes in poetry contest he has entered in. He has also had pieces of his poetry published on the Internet. He has written songs for himself and for others. He has also performed some of his original work live. He worked with God Factor Records as an artist and also he has worked with Dallas Music, helping create behind the scenes. Music and writing has always been his safe haven. It’s the vibrations and the message that always touches his soul. It’s a perfect marriage of words and sounds that makes a poignant message. What else would you expect to come from the soul of a preacher’s kid?

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