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Consciousness: Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Super Science of Quantum Mechanics

Consciousness: Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Super Science of Quantum Mechanics

by Eva Herr


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"Powerful and influential books I have read in the past forty years include "The Aquarian Conspiracy," "The Tao of Physics," and "Out on a Limb," among others. This book is on par with them. "Consciousness," as you may have gathered, is the most recent topic of intense discussion among the what's-it-all-about frontiers people. It is compelling that scientists are slowly coming to the view that consciousness influences the way they look at everything, but they have no clue what consciousness is. Quantum physics, for example, cannot be understood from a strictly materialist point of view, but can be grasped if consciousness is explicitly factored in." - Jim Ward, Echo Magazine"Eva Herr interviews some of the most brilliant, creative, and visionary scientists, philosophers, physicists, and critical thinkers in our world, all with impeccable credentials and truly remarkable accomplishments . . . they take us on a journey of discovery that few traditional and conventional scientists dare to embark on." - From the foreword by Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D.Does sensate awareness, cognitive awareness, and self-awareness (or all of them combined) assure that consciousness is active? Or are these attributes simply conditions of consciousness? Do we have free will? What is the nature of consciousness? What are the differences between mind and brain, energy and physical objects, and the body and the soul? Eva Herr seeks answers to the intriguing questions that most of us know little about. Each person Eva interviews reveals the importance of paying attention to our inner experiences so that we can more effectively relate to, and interact with, the world around us. The many scholars interviewed by Eva offer us a new and hopeful understanding of human and cosmic reality at its most fundamental level.EVA HERR is a luminary in the fields of alternative medicine and the science of consciousness. As a popular talk show hostess on BBS Radio's "Infinite Consciousness," she is known for her no-nonsense interviews and deep understanding of the topics she discusses. Eva is the author of "Agape, The Intent of The Soul."

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ISBN-13: 9781937907051
Publisher: Rainbow Ridge
Publication date: 10/01/2012
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Eva Herris a talk show host on BBS Radio’s Infinite Consciousness. This gives her an opportunity to engage the minds of today’s top thinkers in the fields of science, consciousness, and the human experience. She is also the author of Agape.

Table of Contents

Foreword Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D. ix

Preface Stanislav Gergre O'Jack, Ph.D. xiii

Introduction Eva Herr xix

And This Is How It All Started … A Dialogue Roy Scruggs, Ph.D. xxiii

Chapter 1 Robert Jahn, Ph.D. Brenda Dunne 1

Chapter 2 Christian de Quincey Ph.D. 16

Chapter 3 Dean Radin, Ph.D. 38

Chapter 4 Amit Goswami, Ph.D. 58

Chapter 5 William Tiller, Ph.D. 87

Chapter 6 Henry Stapp, Ph.D. 123

Chapter 7 Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D. 140

Chapter 8 Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. 158

Chapter 9 Elizabeth Rauscher, Ph.D. 177

Chapter 10 Thomas W. Campbell, Jr. 192



by Eva Herr

I am just a woman who, like many, had a mystical experience after the occurrence of a very dark night of the soul. The full story can be referenced in my first book, Agape: The Intent of the Soul. A severe “dark night” followed by sudden illumination also seems to be a theme shared by everyone I have interviewed.

In my case, the experience was completely unexpected and brought with it a sudden and powerful mystical experience that occurred literally overnight while I slept. It instantaneously and radically changed what I had always known my life to be into something totally different. Prior to this event, I was caught up in the dogma of materialism, vanity, and self-consumed ideations. When I awoke the next morning, I was a different person with a different agenda in life . . . to fully understand consciousness—the God force—behind everything that exists. Accompanying this was a powerful but simplistic idea of agape—the love for one’s fellow man as one loves oneself, because we are all one. I no longer cared about materialism, vanity, and my “me-me” attitude. From that moment on, my focus was no longer what others could do for me, but what could I do for others. This was a new approach for me. I awoke with knowledge of cutting-edge science and alternative medicine that I had not previously known, plus an ability to accurately detect illness in others, often years in the future. Where did this come from? What did it mean? Was my mind playing tricks, or was the knowledge I received real? Was it in any form provable from a scientific perspective, and if it was, what did it mean to me, the people I know, and to the world?

A sudden, unquenchable thirst for knowledge drove me to seek what I could find regarding such matters; so, with a backgroundin litigation and research skills, I set out to find the most factually based information available, from some of the most respected scientists in the world today. I have set forth my discoveries in this book.

What was the purpose of this mystical experience I had? What caused it to happen? What did it do? Is there more than one kind? How is it that consciousness conveys information from Big Mind (Source, God, The Force . . . whatever you want to call it) to little mind—the “who we are every day.”

This book emerged by way of much contemplation and many long hours of conversations between my dear friend, Roy Scruggs, Ph.D., and me over the course of many years, focusing on the topic of the science of consciousness. Roy was a very interesting man; very educated in the physical sciences, aero engineering, as well as the meta-sciences, such as quantum mechanics and metaphysics. He was a very spiritual, astro-engineer who worked on the Apollo Project. Bottom line: he knew science and spiritual mysticism inside out.

I searched the globe over for the most brilliant and knowledgeable minds existing in the world today. The pre-requisite was that whatever they presented in our interview had to be of a sound scientific basis. This is where Roy came in. He and I sat for hundreds of hours, going over the materials presented by each scientist, whom I would then question on their views during my weekly radio show Infinite Consciousness. I asked the hard questions. I didn’t want to know what they thought I wanted to know that they knew. What were their positions on certain topics, and why did they stand so firmly on these positions? What research was available to prove what they had come to believe?

One thing I learned from my experience is that we are one with everything . . . that there is in fact no matter on the quantum level . . . meaning, that we are not separate from anything else in existence. I began to wonder if science had proven this, or if science even thought they were on the horizon of proving it. How could it be that there is no separation between us and everything else? It all boils down to the fact that matter does not exist on the quantum level. So my search began for the facts.

It has been my honor to have had the opportunity to study and learn with some of the most brilliant minds of our times. Over the past decade I have studied, meditated, and prepared for these questions of such great importance, and conducted numerous interviews with these remarkable scientists through my radio show. I think you will find the result to be some of the most astonishing and thought-provoking material you will ever read and I hope that it will give you hope for your life and the future of our children, our planet and the generations to come.

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