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The Conservation Professional's Guide to Working with People

The Conservation Professional's Guide to Working with People

by Scott A. Bonar, Duane L. Shroufe

ISBN-10: 1597261475

ISBN-13: 9781597261470

Pub. Date: 06/11/2007

Publisher: Island Press

About the Author:
Scott A. Bonar is on the faculty of the University of Arizona and is leader of the U.S. Geological Survey's Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit


About the Author:
Scott A. Bonar is on the faculty of the University of Arizona and is leader of the U.S. Geological Survey's Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

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Island Press
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword   Duane L. Shroufe     xiii
Preface     xv
A Personal Story     1
The Importance of Effective People Skills in Conservation     5
How Human Behavior Affects the Environment     6
Why Should We Protect the Environment?     7
How Good Are Natural Resources Professional at Modifying Human Behavior?     10
Examples of People Skills in Action: Lake Davis and Devil's Hole     12
Conclusion     19
Chapter Summary     20
How to Resolve Conflict and Defuse Contentious Situations: Verbal Judo and Other Communication Techniques     21
Verbal Judo     23
Understand Your Critic     23
The Verbal Judo Stage or Disarming Your Critic     26
Diplomatically State Your Point of View     33
Verbal Judo in Action-The Angry Man in the Truck     36
Communication in Crisis Situations     40
Gundersen and Hopper Techniques     40
Thompson Verbal Judo Methods     43
Dealing with Hecklers-A Common Occurrence for Conservation Professionals     45
Conclusion     46
Chapter Summary     47
How to Persuade People     49
Needs of People     51
Techniques of Influence     54
Liking and Similarity     56
Authority     57
Reciprocation     60
Commitment and Consistency     61
Social Proof     63
Scarcity     65
Conclusion     69
Chapter Summary     69
Customer Service and Getting Funded     71
Secrets of Customer Service     72
Getting Funded     76
Using Influence Principles     78
Project Wrap-Up and the Importance of Being Timely     80
The Asian Tapeworm: An Example of Obtaining Project Funding     80
Conclusion     82
Chapter Summary     82
How to Negotiate Effectively     85
Interest-Based Bargaining     87
Know and Improve Your BATNA. Cast Doubts on Theirs     89
Focus on Underlying Interests, Not Positions     93
Invent Options for Mutual Gain     95
Use Objective Criteria to Argue for "the Package" You Favor     96
Negotiate as if Relationships Mattered     97
Two Examples of Real-Life Negotiations: The Reserve Mining Company and Snoqualmie Dam     98
Conclusion     99
Chapter Summary      100
How Management Yourself     101
Time Management     102
The Master List     104
Review of Your Master List     106
The Daily List     107
Avoiding the Timewasters     108
Organizing Paperwork and Equipment     110
The TRAF System     111
What to Do If Your Workspace Looks Like a Disaster Area     113
Organizing Field Equipment     113
Coping with Stress, Depression, or Anxiety     113
Conclusion     120
Chapter Summary     120
How to Effectively Manage Personnel     123
How to Hire Good Staff     124
How to Manage Staff     127
Getting Rid of the Problem Employee     132
Working with Your Boss     134
Conclusion     137
Chapter Summary     137
How to Make a Good Impression in the Field     139
Tips for Everybody     140
Be Organized     141
Keep the Right Attitude     141
Respect Private Property     145
Be First to Tackle the Toughest Tasks     145
Clean and Repair Borrowed Equipment     146
More Quickly and Accurately When Working      147
Prioritize Safety     148
Tips for Supervisors     150
Arrive First, Leave Last     150
Demonstrate, Don't Tell     151
Treat Volunteers and Staff Like Gold     152
Conclusion     153
Chapter Summary     153
Defending Yourself from Dirty Tricks, Machiavellianism, and Other Annoyances     155
How to Defend Yourself Against Underhanded Tactics     156
Character Assassination, Bullying, and Scapegoating     157
Dealing with Those Who Steal Your Ideas and Take Credit     163
Bureaucratic Intransigence     165
Naysayers     167
Lying     168
Dirty Tricks During Negotiation     170
What If You Screw Up?     172
Machiavelli and The Prince     172
Conclusion     174
Chapter Summary     175
Conclusion     177
Notes     181
Index     192
About the Author     199

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