Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right

Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right


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Conservatism Inc. is a compilation of first-rate journalistic pieces written in the heat of the moment by James Kirkpatrick, during one of the most intense periods of contemporary American politics — the events surrounding the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. But Conservatism Inc. is also a concerted critique of an entire political class from the ground up, with special regard for the failings and cowardice of contemporary American conservatism.

With all the uncompromising and fearless wit of a latter-day H. L. Mencken, Kirkpatrick cuts to the bone of contemporary events, exposing the essential and enduring questions lying beneath transient events. This book thus serves as a timely reminder of one of the watershed democratic moments of recent American history, a stinging survey of the sorry American political scene, and an admonitory revelation of what is fundamentally at stake in our current politics.

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ISBN-13: 9781912975556
Publisher: Arktos Media Ltd
Publication date: 10/16/2019
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 131,539
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

James Kirkpatrick is a refugee from Conservatism Inc. who labored in "the movement" for more than a decade. A self-described nationalist, he's worked for both establishment conservative organizations and Dissident Right publications inside and outside the Beltway. Currently a columnist at VDARE and the Social Contract Press, his goal is to create an American Right that could fulfill the unrealized promise of the Spirit of 2016.

Table of Contents

Preface by Peter Brimelow

Introduction: Against Conservatism Inc.

Part One. Things Fall Apart

Chapter One. The Nature of Conservatism Inc.

Chapter Two. Romney, the White Working Class, and the Limits of “Economism”

Chapter Three. RIP Nelson Mandela and the Dream of a First-World South Africa

Chapter Four. Tom Clancey’s American Dream

Chapter Five. Defining American Down: Jose Antonio Vargas and the Latest Amnesty/Immigration Surge War

Chapter Six. The Ferguson Riots: Par for the Course in the “Black Community

Chapter Seven. Ferguson Fiasco Exposes Ruling Class’s Relentlss Anti-White Agenda

Chapter Eight. Strong Tribe vs. Weak Nation: Rotherham Scandal Shows the Face of Political Correctness

Chapter Nine. Barbara Boxer: Case Study of Democratic Decline in Immigration Patriotism

Chapter Ten. Leftist Blogger Andrew Sullivan Calls It Quits. Those Who Come After Him Are Worse

Chapter Eleven. Offender by America: Obama’s “Hodgepodge” Isn’t Even a Country

Chapter Twelve. The Lessons of Charlie Hebdo: France, and the West, Must Choose Identity or Extinction

Chapter Thirteen. Arab Immigrants Aren’t Just Terrorists, They’re an Islamic Underclass

Chapter Fourteen. The “Great Replacement” Is Killing the EU: Long Live the Europe of Nations

Chapter Fifteen. UnElecting a People: Amnesty Is the Ultimate Form of “Voter Suppression”

Chapter Sixteen. White Anti-Racists Attacked by Minorities: Survivors Won’t Learn, and for the Dead It’s Too Late

Chapter Seventeen. Cuckservative Logic: Mitt Romney’s Frame of Defeat

Part Two. Signs of Life

Chapter One. Sen. Jeff Sessions Winning Fight to Make GOP a “National Conservative” Party

Chapter Two. Why I Supported Scottish Independence: Any Devolution Is Better than the Globalist Status Quo

Chapter Three. Trump Announces Run for President, Slammed by ThinkProgress for Mentioning Immigration

Chapter Four. America’s Jacobin Moment: Will It Inspire a Counter-Revolution?

Chapter Five. We Are All Donald Trump Now: Left Moves to Ban Truth about Immigration

Chapter Six. Viktor Orbán: Hungary for Hungarians, Europe for Europeans

Chapter Seven. Donald Trump: Last Chance for Conservatism

Chapter Eight. Trump Victorious as GOP Transformed into National Conservative Party

Chapter Nine. Trump’s Strategy: Confront Mainstream Media

Chapter Ten. Cuckservatives Call Retreat After Dallas Shooting. Will Trump?

Chapter Eleven. Is Europe Burning? Events Propelling Trump into White House

Chapter Twelve. Trump Supporter Martyred: RIP Thomas Shaw Jr.

Chapter Thirteen. The Night Trump Won

Part Three. The Current Year(s)

Chapter One. Nixonism Is Not Enough: Trump Must Attack

Chapter Two. The Empire Strikes Back: The Main Stream Media’s Plan to Recapture the Narrative

Chapter Three. Automation + Immigration = White Identitarianism

Chapter Four. Why It Makes Sense for Donald Trump to Reconcile Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay

Chapter Five. The Moral of New Orleans

Chapter Six. Treason to What?

Chapter Seven. “DIE!” The Unlimited Radicalism of Antifa

Chapter Eight. Katie Hopkins and Katie McHugh: Fired by Media for Telling Truth About Islam

Chapter Nine. Kevin Williamson Firing

Chapter Ten. “If You Fight Your Enemies, They Win”: Why Conservatism Inc. Won’t Defend Free Speech

Chapter Eleven. Rynaism is Dead. Has It Killed Trumpism?

Postscript. National Conservatism After Trump

Afterword by John Derbyshire

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