The Conservative Press in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century America

The Conservative Press in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century America


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Selecting journals that speak for a very large number of topics addressed by the conservative press, this volume profiles selected conservative journals published since 1787. The conservative press has scarcely spoken with a single voice, whether the topics treated or even the time inhabited are the same or different. Yet, these journals testify to the persistent vigor and importance of conservatism. Together they provide a focused survey of the history of American conservative thought from the late 18th Century to the late 19th Century. Along with the companion volume covering the 20th Century conservative press, the book provides an important resource on conservative thought in America.

Despite the disparities in conservative intellectual thought, the journals covered, even the more idiosyncratic and extreme, are connected by their core values of conservatism. The book is organized into sections reflecting these connections. The first section covers journals associated with Federal, Whig, or, in the Civil War era, Northern Democratic political interests. A later section includes journals sharing an attachment to Southern conservative values during the antebellum and Reconstruction periods. Two sections deal, respectively, with 19th Century Orthodox Protestant periodicals and 19th Century Catholic and Episcopal journals, and yet another section discusses journals united by a major focus on literary topics and cultural connections.

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ISBN-13: 9780313310430
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/30/1999
Series: Historical Guides to the World's Periodicals and Newspapers
Pages: 416
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About the Author

RONALD LORA is Professor of History at The University of Toledo./e

WILLIAM HENRY LONGTON is Professor of History and Department Chair at The University of Toledo./e

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Political Journals, 1796-1870

Porcupine's Political Censor, 1796-1797 by William Henry Longton

Port Folio, 1801-1827 by William Henry Longton

American Review of History and Politics, 1811 by Major L. Wilson

Niles' Register, 1811-1849 by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.

The American Whig Review, 1845-1852 by Alfred A. Cave

Old Guard, 1862-1870 by Edward L. Gambill

Literary-Cultural Journals, 1787-1863

American Magazine, 1787-1788 by Roger H. Brown

Massachusetts Magazine, 1789-1796 by George B. Kirsch

Farmer's Weekly Museum, 1793-1810 by Donald R. Hickey

Columbian Phoenix and Boston Review, 1800 by Stephen Krumpe

Monthly Anthology and Boston Review, 1803-1811 by Roger H. Brown

New-England Magazine, 1831-1835 by Alfred A. Cave

Vanity Fair, 1859-1863 by Edward L. Gambill

Southern Reviews, 1828-1880

Southern Review, 1828-1831 by Richard J. Calhoun

Southern Literary Messenger, 1834-1864 by Richard J. Calhoun

Magnolia, 1840-1843 by William Henry Longton

Southern Quarterly Review, 1842-1857 by Frank W. Ryan

Southern and Western Monthly Magazine and Review, 1845 by William Henry Longton

DeBow's Review, 1846-1880 by William F. Messner

Russell's Magazine, 1857-1860 by William Henry Longton

Plantation, 1860 by Lawrence Huff

Countryman, 1862-1866 by Lawrence Huff

Scott's Monthly Magazine, 1865-1869 by Ray M. Atchison

Land We Love, 1866-1879 by Ray M. Atchison

Southern Review, 1867-1879 William Henry Longton

Southern Magazine, 1868-1875 by William F. Messner

Our Living and Our Dead, 1873-1876 by Ray M. Atchison

Nineteenth-Century Orthodox Protestant Reviews

Princeton Review, 1825-1877 by Howard Miller

Literary and Theological Review, 1834-1839 by Milton J. Coalter, Jr.

Southern Presbyterian Review, 1847-1885 by Jack P. Maddex, Jr.

Theological and Literary Journal, 1848-1861 by Milton J. Coalter, Jr.

Danville Quarterly Review, 1861-1864 by Stephen R. Pointer

Gospel Advocate, 1855- by Wayne Reinhardt

Baptist Quarterly Review, 1879-1892 by Samuel S. Hill

Catholic and Episcopal Journals

New York Review, 1837-1842 by Richard W. Pointer

Brownson's Quarterly Review, 1844-1875 by Spencer Clare Bennett

Catholic World, 1865- by Gary McDonough

American Catholic Quarterly Review, 1876-1924 by Gary McDonough



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