Conservatory Style: Garden Rooms, Glasshouses, and Sunrooms

Conservatory Style: Garden Rooms, Glasshouses, and Sunrooms

by Jackum Brown




Born out of the heritage of structures first imagined by and constructed for the British aristocracy, the contemporary conservatory represents the ultimate in traditional elegance married to informal comfort. With or without plants and flowers, they come in every conceivable size and shape-square, oblong, octagonal, or whatever your pleasure. The conservatory adds a treasured space to any home and makes a strong statement of individual style. The conservatories surveyed here play a rich architectural role through the use of classic detailing or sophisticated modern materials. Some are based on graceful Victorian antecedents while others are modernist sculptures of glass and steel. The evocative photographs in the book survey the spectrum of styles and interior design-everything from a Zen-inspired glass perch where the landscape outside becomes the room to a casual lounging area enclosed by a virtual jungle canopy. Specific chapters focus on decorating and accessorizing and demystify difficult decisions (color schemes, floor materials, and controlling natural light). Recent advances in weatherproofing, glass engineering, flooring, lighting, and zoned heating and cooling are covered. Also included is an A-to-Z glossary of recommended plants plus a directory of manufacturers and suppliers.

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ISBN-13: 9780789315212
Publisher: Rizzoli
Publication date: 02/20/2007
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 9.76(w) x 10.58(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

Jackum Brown is a writer specializing in interior design, home renovation, and landscaping. She is based in London.

Table of Contents

Introduction     6
The history of the conservatory. How to set about building a conservatory or glasshouse
Choosing the right conservatory     14
Location     18
Historical styles     20
Types of structure     28
Materials     34
Plans and reality     40
Decorating styles     42
Different rooms     46
Flooring     58
Paint colours     62
Heating     64
Ventilation     68
Glass     70
Using plants     72
How to use plants     76
Mixed planting     80
Climbers     84
Trailers     92
Exotic plants     94
Desert plants     98
Fruit and vegetables     100
Overwintering     102
Architectural plants     104
The water garden     108
Low-maintenance planting     110
Choosing furniture     112
Living in the conservatory     116
Cooking in the conservatory     132
Dining in the conservatory     138
Finishing touches     146
Blinds andcurtains     150
Lighting     156
Sculpture     162
Water features     166
Freestanding glasshouses     170
Styles, uses, and materials     174
Furniture     178
Planting     180
A-Z of suitable plants     184
Directory of suppliers     188
Index     190
Acknowledgments     192

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