Consolation (The Salvation Series Book 3)

Consolation (The Salvation Series Book 3)

by Corinne Michaels
4.1 25

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Consolation (The Salvation Series Book 3) by Corinne Michaels

(Book 1 of 2 in the Consolation Duet)

Liam wasn't supposed to be my happily ever after.
He wasn't even on my radar.
He was my husband's best friend--forbidden.

But my husband is dead and I'm alone. I ache for him and I reach for Liam.

One night with Liam changed everything. Now I have to decide if I truly love him or if he's just the consolation prize.

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BN ID: 2940151549110
Publisher: BAAE Inc.
Publication date: 03/18/2015
Series: The Salvation Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 301
Sales rank: 1,455
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About the Author

Corinne Michaels is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of The Salvation Series (Beloved, Beholden, Consolation and Conviction). She’s an emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun loving mom of two beautiful children. Corinne is happily married to the man of her dreams and is a former Navy wife. After spending months away from her husband while he was deployed, reading and writing was her escape from the loneliness.

Both her maternal and paternal grandmothers were librarians, which only intensified her love of reading. After years of writing short stories, she couldn’t ignore the call to finish her debut novel, Beloved. Her alpha Navy SEALs are broken, beautiful, and will steal your heart.

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Consolation: The Salvation Series, Book 3 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Wish I would have known that it was a cliff hanger . I wouldn't bothered with it .
Anonymous 12 months ago
Cliffhanger. Wish I had known.
bookbruin More than 1 year ago
What an amazing book! I could not put this one down and I'm ashamed that it took me so long to read it! Prepare yourself to feel all the feels though, because you will go from utter heartbreak and despair one minute to full of hope and overjoyed the next. I absolutely loved Liam and Natalie's journey from friends to lovers. It's not an easy path and both continually struggle with their feelings and with the guilt of promises and memories of the past. They are amazing both individually and together because they're not perfect. They are navigating this unknown course, slowly falling in love with each other, and you can't help but fall right along with them. Honestly, I'm still swooning for Liam! I was thoroughly unprepared for this emotional ride and the glimpse of what it is like to be the spouse of someone in the military. I cannot even imagine having that kind of uncertainty and fear every day. Never knowing if that good bye will truly be the last. The chapters from Natalie's point of view really helped convey the heartache and strength needed to carry on during deployments/the long stretches away from your loved one. Along with these heavier moments, there are also some very lighthearted and funny scenes. I especially enjoyed the ones with Liam and Aarabelle and his troubles with diaper changes, as well as the back and forth innuendo and banter between Natalie and Liam. Consolation ends with a pretty hefty cliffhanger and is book 1 in the duet. Both books are currently available, however, and I'm already reading book 2, Conviction, because I can't wait to find out what happens. Definitely recommend this emotional read!
Anonymous 1 days ago
I liked the 1st 2 books enough to continue with Consolation, but there is about 100 pages in the middle where Natalie and Liam are just annoying. Get together or don't, their back-and-forth just drags. Then it ends, predictably unpredictable.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I absolutely love Liam!!!! oh and Natalie.. LOL! I love them together! I can't believe the ending, talk about heartbreaking.... Can't wait to read the next book... Go Liam!! I really need me a Liam....
thistxgirl 11 months ago
So much language that it made it difficult to enjoy the book. I found the plot wasn't interesting enough to put up with the language. Just couldn't finish the book.
vethompson 12 months ago
I do not even know where to start. Corinne Michaels, this books is amazing. I loved Catherine and Jackson, but Liam and Natalie's story blew me away and touched my heart. Though the story starts out with heartbreak, we eventually see Liam and Natalie find a path to each other. Two friends who could not be more right for each other, though it feels so wrong. They fight their guilt, because in the end, they can see how right they are for each other. Liam, the best friend, the man with the heart of gold, who opens his heart to the woman who should be off limits and her daughter and finds salvation. Natalie, the widow, whose heart is broken and who's world is turned upside down after the death and secrets of her husband are revealed. Can they find love and a future together? What if she does let him in? He is a SEAL through and through. Can she survive loving a man like that again? Can Liam open his heart to a woman who belonged to another? This story has so many what ifs, but its what makes it an amazingly sweet love story about two people finding each other when they need each other the most. And that ending. All I can say is I cannot wait for the second book! I need it now! Would I recommend this book? Yes, without hesitation. It is a great read! I cannot wait to read more from Corinne Michaels! Happy reading!
MMRNY 12 months ago
Corinne Michaels is a genius of a storyteller. I knew this book would be very good after having read her Belonging Duet, but very good was not the word to describe Consolation. Consolation was EXCELLENT!! I was absolutely blown away by Consolation!! This is a very powerful and emotionally griping story about two people who find love at the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected of ways, and from people they never thought it would come from. This is a story about healing and learning to love again. The flow of the story was absolutely brilliant and I loved the way she weaved all of the characters that we met in the Belonging Duet into Consolation. So yes, Jackson, Mark and Catherine are back!! The way in which Corinne Michaels wrote the story actually took the reader through the many stages of grief and healing. I laughed. I cried...a lot. I cheered. I had ARE YOU KIDDING ME moments. She was not afraid to let you feel and understand the trial and tribulations that Natalie were going through after losing her husband, Aaron, and trying to attain the all elusive cathartic stage of peace. I loved Natalie Gilcher. She is honestly one of my favorite heroines. She is a strong, beautiful woman who stumbles at times, but always finds a way to pick herself up and push forward for not only herself, but, more importantly, for her little girl, Aarabelle. And can we talk about Liam for a minute or two? My God, Liam is absolutely fantastic!! Not only is he sexy, gorgeous and all alpha male, but he is caring, patient, loving, and has one of the biggest hearts that I have ever come across in a hero. He has so much love in him. I am head over heels in love with Liam Dempsey!! Wow!! He truly is perfection!! Liam and Natalie's story will leave you breathless and wanting more. This couple will forever be sealed in your heart. I honestly cannot say if I love Liam and Natalie more than I love Jackson and Catherine. Oh, who am I kidding, I love both couples equally, because they bring out the best in each other. They each teach the other that it is ok to make mistakes and open up your heart, because in the end the love is what unites them. So, thank you, Corinne Michaels for giving us readers this timeless story that will remain with us for eternity. There is no one that will read this story and not feel the chemistry between Natalie and Liam or the emotional pull that this story brings out in its reader. Bravo, Ms. Michaels!! Bravo!! I cannot wait for the next book in the series.
JacquieLovesBooks 12 months ago
This book...all I can say is if you love friends to lovers books, this should definitely be very high on your TBR list!! Corinne Michaels is a phenomenal storyteller and this book does NOT disappoint!! Liam is an ex-Navy Seal (and totally HOT!!!) who looses his best friend. While trying to help his friend's pregnant wife, Natalie (Lee), sort through his death, they start to have "inappropriate" feelings for one another. The twists and turns that occur in this book have your heart in knots and leave you breathless with anticipation for the conclusion! Be will fall so hard in love with these characters that you may never recover!!! If I could give this book 10 Stars, it deserves it!!!
Alie1973 12 months ago
This book was heartbreaking and sweet. Funny and sad all at the same time A definite must read!
DebbieBorthwick 12 months ago
This is the first book I've read by Corinne Michaels and it won't be the last! I read the book in one sitting, I couldn't put it down. The twists and turns in the story kept me enthralled. I love the characters, Natalie & Liam are a wonderful couple. Liam is a true knight in shining armour. I love that they talk everything over instead of letting pride get in the way. I don't think I've ever cried this much when reading a book. The ending blew me away and I had to purchase the second book to find out how their story will play out.
HeatherMarieHD More than 1 year ago
OH HELL!! OMG!! I can't even form words...this book was PHENOMENAL! I mean seriously I was crying right from the first chapter. This book broke me. It just opens your heart up, squeezes it, twists it, stomps on it, and then does it all over again in the next chapter! I don't even know what to write as I'm just so speechless over this whole story. I need the second book right NOW! So I will try to find the right words to express how AMAZING this is without giving away too much! Natalie has the perfect life or at least it seems that way. She's married the man of her dreams, has a baby on the way and she no longer has to worry about her husbands career anymore. Her husband Aaron has just retired from the Navy. With a family on the way it was the perfect time for him to get out of the Seals and work in the private sector. But one day Natalie's life is turned upside down. It is shattered and she's left all alone. I literally felt her was gut wrenching and heart stopping. My life wasn't supposed to be like this. I had a loving husband, a baby on the way, and a beautiful home. In one second it was destroyed. One knock on the door ripped my perfect world apart. He said he'd come back He lied How does she pick up the pieces? She is left to raise their daughter alone and she's tired of everyone asking her how she is...she feels smothered. She has a hole in her heart and she doesn't know how to get past it....will she find happiness again? Will everyone leave her alone and let her suffer? She needs someone or something to bring her out...who better than Aaron's best friend Liam. Liam is Aaron's best friend and also another Navy Seal. He's gorgeous, sweet, protective....just an all around good guy, he's perfect!! He's struggling with Aaron being gone, but he made a promise to take care of Natalie. He needs her just as much as she needs him. Will they help each other get past the pain? She looks at me like I'm saving her. I wish she knew how much she was saving me. The more they spend with each other they can't help, but be drawn to each other. Friendship turns to that!! She aches for him but reaches for me, I refuse to be her consolation prize. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say Natalie keeps having bombs dropped on her and she is probably the strongest character I have ever read. I love her strength and her attitude, fantastic character. Liam is my hero. He's one I want fighting for me. He is the perfect companion for Natalie. They both need each other in their own ways and too see it play out is beautiful. This is my first Corrine Michaels book. I have her Belonging Series, but I have yet to read it. It has been moved up to my top five books that need to be read now. I'm in love with this woman based on this book, like seriously Phenomenal!! The writing was emotional, beautiful, breathtaking. The whole story was flawless and it felt absolutely real. I fell head over heels for Natalie and Liam. I've been told with Corrine's writing to expect the unexpected and she definitely hits that on the head. I was an emotional wreck for a few days trying too get past this book...damn! I highly recommend this book to everyone, it's a must read! 5 Plus Mesmerizing Stars!! ARC given for honest review for Books Need TLC
janice1231 More than 1 year ago
A Review of Consolatiion by Corinne Michaels Natalie's story - 5+++++ stars If you read Jackson's story, you know that Aaron was one of the other guys on his team of ex-Seals, working for Cole Security. He was married to Natalie (everyone calls her Lee, because that is what Aaron called her) and they were expecting their first child when he was killed on a security mission overseas, after an IED in Afghanistan blew up. We saw bits and pieces of their life in those first books, but this book picks up her story after his death. When Aaron was alive, they had picked out the name Chloe for her, but after his death, Lee wanted something different that would honor Aaron, so she named her Aarabelle instead when she was born. Liam was Aaron's closest friend over the last eight years, having graduated SEAL training together. He flew in from California to be at the memorial service. Over the next six months, Lee slowly moves on with her life, until Liam is moved back to Virginia and is transferred to Aaron's old unit. He starts helping her take care of Aaron's things and being there for her. Since they were already friends, it was easy for them to grow even closer until they were both able to admit that they loved each other. Just when you think that things are going to be okay for them or that his deployment could be the next twist on this roller coaster story, Aaron comes back from the dead and now the pain will have to be dealt with all over again -- but this time, there are more people involved in the pain. Favorite quote: I was built for this life—not every woman can be a military wife, but even fewer can handle being a SEAL wife. You have to love deeper, stand stronger, but know that at any moment bonds can break. **Honest review voluntarily provided for purchased product.**
SusanReads1 More than 1 year ago
Consolation is a book that will stay with me for a long time. If I could rate it with ten stars I would. I actually struggled with the idea of writing this review. I was/am filled with angst writing a review for Corinne Michaels' latest book. The reason? Corinne's writing, characters, and storyline are so well written and captivating, that I am afraid I can't write a review that will do it justice, yes, the book is that good! The story consumed me as I read it. It entranced me with pages filled with beautifully written words expressing loss, heartbreak, sorrow, betrayal, friendship, love and forgiveness. It also steamed up the screen with loving and hot sex scenes. The author knows how to craft it all with her talent. It became a fiber of my being, part of my blood, broke my heart, filled my heart with love, lifted my spirits and broke my heart again in the end. This journey is a tribute to the author's incredible writing style and ability! I love when I read a book comes and it grabs me with such force that it makes me feel, that the scenes make the story palpable. When the author has written words capable of making me happy, sad and heartbroken. When it makes me cry, laugh, and smile. When I love and hate the characters and feel for them, about them and hope for them. When I feel like I am there with them, that I know them, then I know the author has successfully woven words that have created a magical web that transports me into book lover's heaven. I found myself so thoroughly transported, into the world that is Natalie and Liam, that the line between reality and fiction became blurred through tears, smiles and swooning (yes, Liam is swoon worthy!) I want to review the story, without giving spoilers, since I don't want to ruin anyone else's magical journey through this exceptional book. Natalie, Lee, is a woman who was widowed when she was pregnant with her daughter. Her heart breaks that Aaron will never meet or know his daughter or she him. She misses Aaron and wonders what could have been. She is mad at him for not keeping his promise to make it home safely. Can she take another chance with her heart? Does she have any love left in her heart and soul for a man or does it all belong to a ghost? She fears what falling for another SEAL could mean and if she could survive him also not making it home. Does she have a choice or does her heart know what her brain won't admit? Liam is her late husband's best friend. Liam is also mourning Aaron's death and wants to be there to help Natalie navigate life without Aaron. They don't plan on caring about each other. They feel their love is forbidden and a betrayal to Aaron's memory. They can't help that the lines between friendship and lovers keep blurring. He knows he can't compete with a ghost and doesn't want to be her Consolation prize. Consolation has all that I mentioned and so much more. It left me with a book hangover and anxiously awaiting Conviction to know how Lee and Liam's story plays out. I am sure it will be amazing due to the writer's extreme talent of crafting, developing, conveying and delivering her characters, setting and storyline so exceptionally well. This is a must read book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved 1and 2
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read....great series. I am hooked. Beautiful writing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These were amazing books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't say enough about the book. It awesome both books 1 & 2. You really must read all 4 books. Beholden 1 & 2. To understand the hold story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome story. Be prepared to immediately jump to book 2
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
quilterKT More than 1 year ago
I love Liam. Great sense of humor in this story. Again, I'm so glad the second book was waiting. Sure hope it's not long until the next pair. Wonderful love story and steamy sex.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's hard to put the book down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book!!! Off to read next one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Left on a cliff hanger and had to buy the 2nd book. Highly recommend.