Consolidated Cardio for Rapid Weight Loss in Less Time

Consolidated Cardio for Rapid Weight Loss in Less Time

by Mirsad Hasic


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DISCOVER:: How a Small Change in the Way You Eat and Workout and Lead to HUGE Results!

"Cardio doesn't have to be a curse word anymore. With the strategies in this book, everyone can pair cardio with other techniques to burn more fat and get the body they've always wanted!" - Mirsad

Warning: This guide contains cardio and strength training, but not in the way you'd expect...

Exercise is for everyone. I believe that everyone should feel invited to the "fitness party", but far too many people actually feel frustrated, helpless, and alone. They just want to lose weight already! They just want to fit into a nice dress or a fine suit without all of the headaches and hassle that comes from having to get extended sizes. So I have an idea...

Let's take the frustration out of the picture...

Let's take the stress out of the picture...

Let's take the helplessness out of the picture...

What are we left with? Progress.

Listen, if you're sick and tired of the fitness runaround... don't give up. I have just the solution for you...

YOUR MISSION:: Combine Two VERY Different Fitness Routines for One BIG Outcome!

This book is designed to get you moving in a positive direction. It's an honest book that introduces several concepts, and gives you plenty more to look up. I wanted to blend in a good mix of science, common sense, and real world observations. Ready to embrace better health? You need this book!

This is not another "oh just eat butter and bacon and you'll be right as rain" book. I give you charts on what an average low carb day looks like.

I give you colorful images of what each exercise looks like so you aren't just spinning your wheels or looking ridiculous in the gym.

Your time is far more valuable than that, so I made sure that everywhere you turn, you have a strong action plan to guide you.

Remember: this book isn't just for long time low carb people. If you're completely new to this way of eating, you'll get a good "crash course" in what to eat, what to avoid, and why it's important to stay on plan as much as possible.

DOWNLOAD:: Consolidated Cardio for Rapid Weight Loss In Less Time

When you download this book, you are going to learn:
  • How to create a real framework for your diet that won't leave you hungry or growling at everyone with a candy bar in their hand (because you'll be eating far better stuff!)
  • How to build a real exercise schedule that doesn't get you confused with someone training for the Olympia
  • Actual supplementation suggestions that don't require a second mortgage on your house to maintain!
  • Flexibility tips that help keep you safe while giving you the power to see just what your body can do.

It's all in here, and plenty more from there. I even include checkpoints along the way so that you know how to gauge your progress, as well as figure out what elements you may be missing. This isn't a complete "paint by numbers" type of book. It's a book designed to give you a basic framework that you're expected to build upon.

If you put in the work, you're much more likely to get the results you're looking for. Simply put, this is a book for action takers that are ready to rock a real lifestyle, not just another fad they'll forget about in a month.

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