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Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Constitutional Law Principles & Policy 5th Edition / Edition 5

Constitutional Law Principles & Policy 5th Edition / Edition 5

by Erwin Chemerinsky
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ISBN-13: 9781454849476
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
Publication date: 05/20/2015
Series: Treatise Series
Pages: 1488
Sales rank: 41,910
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents Contents Preface Acknowledgements Chapter 1: Introduction: Historical Background and Contemporary Themes 1.1: The Constitution's Functions 1.2: Why a Constitution? 1.3: A Brief History of the Creation and Ratification of the Constitution and Its Amendments 1.4: How Should the Constitution Be Interpreted? 1.5: Who Should Be the Authoritative Interpreter of the Constitution? Chapter 2: The Federal Judicial Power 2.1: Introduction 2.2: The Authority for Judicial Review 2.3: Introduction to the Justiciability Doctrines 2.4: The Prohibition Against Advisory Opinions 2.5: Standing 2.6: Ripeness 2.7: Mootness 2.8: The Political Question Doctrine 2.9: Congressional Control of Federal Court Jurisdiction Chapter 3: The Federal Legislative Power 3.1: The Doctrine of Limited Federal Legislative Authority 3.2: McCulloch v. Maryland and the Scope of Congressional Powers 3.3: The Commerce Power 3.4: The Taxing and Spending Power 3.5: Other Congressional Powers under Article I and Article IV 3.6: Congress's Powers under the Reconstruction Era Amendments 3.7: Congress's Power to Investigate 3.8: The Tenth Amendment and Federalism as a Limit on Congressional Authority 3.9: Delegation of Legislative Power and the Problems of the Administrative State Chapter 4: The Federal Executive Power 4.1: Express and Inherent Presidential Powers 4.2: Appointment and Removal Power 4.3: Executive Privilege 4.4: Presidential Immunity to Civil and Criminal Suits 4.5: Pardon Power 4.6: Foreign Policy 4.7: Impeachment and Removal from Office Chapter 5: Limits on State Regulatory and Taxing Power 5.1: Introduction 5.2: Preemption of State and Local Laws 5.3: The Dormant Commerce Clause 5.4: State Taxation of Interstate Commerce 5.5: The Privileges and Immunities Clause of Article IV, 2 Chapter 6: The Structure of the Constitution's Protection of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 6.1: Introduction 6.2: Textual Provisions, Apart from the Bill of Rights, Protecting Individual Rights 6.3: The Application of the Bill of Rights to the States 6.4: The Application of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties to Private Conduct: The State Action Doctrine 6.5: The Levels of Scrutiny Chapter 7: Procedural Due Process 7.1: The Distinction Between Procedural and Substantive Due Process 7.2: What Is a 'Deprivation'? 7.3: Is it a Deprivation of 'Life, Liberty, or Property'? 7.4: What Procedures Are Required? Chapter 8: Economic Liberties 8.1: Introduction 8.2: Economic Substantive Due Process 8.3: The Contracts Clause 8.4: The Takings Clause Chapter 9: Equal Protection 9.1: Introduction 9.2: The Rational Basis Test 9.3: Classifications Based on Race and National Origin 9.4: Gender Classifications 9.5: Alienage Classifications 9.6: Discrimination Against Non-Marital Children 9.7: Other Types of Discrimination: Rational Basis Review Chapter 10: Fundamental Rights Under Equal Protection and Due Process 10.1: Introduction 10.2: Constitutional Protection for Family Autonomy 10.3: Constitutional Protection for Reproductive Autonomy 10.4: Constitutional Protection for Sexual Activity and Sexual Orientation 10.5: Constitutional Protection for Medical Care Decisions 10.6: Constitutional Protection for Control over Information 10.7: Constitutional Protection for Travel 10.8: Constitutional Protection for Voting 10.9: Constitutional Protection for Access to Courts 10.10: Constitutional Protection for a Right to Education Chapter 11: First Amendment: Freedom of Expression 11.1: Introduction 11.2: Free Speech Methodology 11.3: Types of Unprotected and Less Protected Speech 11.4: What Places Are Available for Speech? 11.5: Freedom of Association 11.6: Freedom of the Press Chapter 12: First Amendment

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