Constructing Irregular Theology: Bamboo and Minjung in East Asian Perspective

Constructing Irregular Theology: Bamboo and Minjung in East Asian Perspective

by Paul Chung


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The project of constructing Asian irregular theology in East Asian perspective, based on life-word of Bamboo and social political reality of minjung, embraces Dr. Chung’s cross-cultural existence as he develops his long-standing interest and expertise in Christian minjung theology in new ways with the image of bamboo as a symbol for the theological perspective of grass roots marginality. Using the ancient Chinese story “The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove,” Dr. Chung engages with Christian eschatological discourse to support an aesthetical-utopian theological ethics that is opposed to an ethics concerned with legitimation of a socio-economic status quo. In addition, Dr. Chung’s develops his deep commitment to the Lutheran theology of the cross and the suffering Christ through the Buddhist concept of dukkha (suffering) to create, in the end, a genuinely East Asian contextual theology

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ISBN-13: 9789004174177
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 10/26/2009
Series: Studies in Systematic Theology Series , #1
Pages: 226
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About the Author

Paul S. Chung, Dr.Theol. (1992) in Systematic Theology, University of Basel, Switzerland, is Associate Professor at Luther Seminary, St Paul (MN), USA. He has published extensively on Western Protestant theology from East Asian perspective including Martin Luther and Buddhism: Aesthetics of Suffering, 2nd.ed. (Pickwick, 2007).

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ... vii

Asian Irregular Theology: Inculturation and Emancipation ... 1

1. Justification and Self-Cultivation
Christian Faith and Buddhist Enlightenment ... 27

2. God and the Mysterious Place of the World
Judeo-Christian Narrative in Engagement with the Mystery of Tao ... 49

3. God the Trinity
An Interfaith Reframing of the Trinity with an Asian face ... 81

4. Christian Mission
Matteo Ricci and his Legacy for Christian–Confucian Renewal ... 103

5. Religious Pluralism
Asian Christianity and Life Horizon of World Religions ... 131

6. God and Evolution
God and Sunyata in an Evolutionary Context ... 157

7. The Future of Irregular Theology in East Asia
Asian Contextual Theology: Past, Present, and Future ... 185

Glossary of Terms ... 211

Bibliography ... 217

Index ... 225

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