Contact and Exchange in the Ancient World

Contact and Exchange in the Ancient World

by Victor H. Mair (Editor)




For the past half-century, area studies scholarship has been the principal filter through which scholars, policy makers, journalists, and the general public have organized knowledge about the larger world. The essays presented here reflect widespread recent interest in reconsidering the political, geographical, and cultural boundary lines conventionally observed by area specialists and others. They do not focus on any single region or specific theme such as industrialization in Japan or diplomacy during the Cold War. Rather they intentionally range widely through time and space, dealing with a broad array of issues and experiences to highlight the very general theme of cross-cultural interactions in numerous and diverse contexts.

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ISBN-13: 9780824828844
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press, The
Publication date: 11/30/2005
Series: Perspectives on the Global Past Series
Pages: 384
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Table of Contents

Preface   Victor H. Mair     ix
Introduction: Kinesis versus Stasis, Interaction versus Independent Invention   Victor H. Mair     1
Beyond Modernocentrism: Toward Fresh Visions of the Global Past   Jerry H. Bentley     17
The Trans-Eurasian Exchange: The Prehistory of Chinese Relations with the West   Andrew Sherratt     30
The Queen Mother of the West: A Study of the Influence of Western Prototypes on the Iconography of the Taoist Deity   Elfriede R. Knauer     62
Natural History and Cultural History: The Circulation of Hunting Leopards in Eurasia, Seventh-Seventeenth Centuries   Thomas T. Allsen     116
Some Thoughts on the Origins of the Turks and the Shaping of the Turkic Peoples   Peter B. Golden     136
Early Loan Words in Western Central Asia: Indicators of Substrate Populations, Migrations, and Trade Relations   Michael Witzel     158
Textiles as a Medium of Exchange in Third Millennium B.C.E. Western Asia   Irene Good     191
Cultural and Political Control in North China: Style and Use of the Bronzes of Yan at Liulihe during the Early Western Zhou   Yan Sun     215
Biological Evidence for Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Voyages   John L. Sorenson   Carl L. Johannessen     238
Contributors     299
Index     301

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