Contagious Optimism: Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward Thinking

Contagious Optimism: Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward Thinking

by David Mezzapelle
Contagious Optimism: Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward Thinking

Contagious Optimism: Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward Thinking

by David Mezzapelle


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David Mezzapelle was inspired to write this uplifting book based on his life's experiences and his own contagious optimism. He has influenced many people with his outlook and this book offers optimism to others around the globe. Contagious Optimism includes stories and parables of amazing life turnarounds from real people world-wide. A compendium of encouragement, Contagious Optimism also includes advice and guidance from business leaders, visionaries and professionals. Nowadays, many people have lost confidence in themselves and the world around them due to personal hardship along with economic and political uncertainty worldwide. Contagious Optimism shows readers that it’s possible to FIND the silver lining in every cloud. Developed by the team that brought you Random Acts of Kindness, this book is like Chicken Soup for the Soul meets Pay It Forward, on steroids! Contagious Optimism is pure inspiration that will lift hearts, open minds, and create a movement of pass-it-on hope and happiness.

Featured stories and endorsements from "contagious optimists" such as:
Michael Beckwith - Founder of the single largest interfaith church in America: LA's Agape.
Nancy Ferrari - The "Oprah of AM Radio"
Daniel Tully - Chairman Emeritus of Merrill Lynch and one of the top executives to ever grace Wall Street.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781936740413
Publisher: Start Publishing LLC
Publication date: 06/04/2013
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

DAVID MEZZAPELLE has been motivating others to be positive since his childhood, making others feel good about themselves, the world around them, and what lies ahead. A major proponent of optimism, he has served a variety of roles to mentor others and assist people of all demographics in appreciating their current life as well as in building a foundation for the future. David has been a guest on various radio and television programs and a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and various other publications around the globe. He lives in Jupiter, FL.

Table of Contents

Foreword Daniel Tully xv

Positive forward Thinking Marshall Goldsmith xix

Welcome David Mezzapelle xxi

1 Talent 1

Introduction 3

Never, Ever Give Up 5

Achievement by Mind and Will 7

I Never Fail 12

Talent Building 101 14

Discovering Your Passion, Discovering Your Talents 16

Taking on Something Way Above Me 19

Interview: David Di Francesco, The Living Warrior 22

Talents and Achievement 25

Talent-A Perception 28

Empowering Talent 31

A Mother's Gift 33

2 Goal Analysis 37

Introduction 39

Turning Impossible on Its Head 42

Punchball 45

Creating a Value-Based Retirement 48

Positive Strength 51

Envision the Perfect Day: A Visualization Exercise 53

Ride with the Waves 55

Where Are You on Your Life Journey? 58

Journaling as a Goal-Setting Tool 61

The Greatest Power 64

Finding New Carrots 66

3 Turning Envy And Jealousy Into Something Positive 71

Introduction 73

The Game of Perfection 76

Only You Suffer When You Envy Others 78

The Bike from Hell 81

Envy to Gratitude 84

On Attachment and Aversion 87

Whose Life Is It Anyhow? 91

Envy Builds a Sweet Reality 95

Clarity Paves the Way 98

Use It for Motivation 100

4 Relationships 105

Introduction 107

Ready to Learn the Five Secrets of True Love? 110

Accidents Happen 115

Understanding the Ending of Your Relationship 118

If You Want to Meet "The One," Become "The One" 120

The Importance of Revisiting the Moment 124

First Impressions 128

Single Again? No Problem. Five Ways to Rediscover the Real You 130

Relationship Epiphanies 133

Are You Estranged from Someone You Love? 135

I Married You for Better or Worse but Not for Lunch 137

When a Relationship Is Toxic: Your Action Plan 141

The Diamond in Your Relationship 145

Don't Be the Victim in Your Story: Life After Divorce 148

Can Relationships Survive Reality? Yes! 152

Complementary Attraction 155

I Found My Family 157

Hitting the "Super Grow" Button 160

Chris and Stanley 163

5 Business and Careers 169

Introduction 171

Audi of America: Winning the Race to Brand Revival 176

"B"ing the Best 180

No Wrong Turns 183

Dead Broke Is Not Dead 185

Take Charge of Your Financial Future 190

Elements of Success 193

Forging a Path Between Hope and Fear 195

Be Like Gumby 198

Converging Core Values with Passion 200

I Didn't Want to Cut My Hair, So I Quit! 202

The Daylight of Hope 205

Expand the Vision of Your Future 210

What About You 212

Concerned About a Delayed Retirement 215

Positive Aspects of a Market Correction 218

True Riches Come from Within, Not from a Wallet 222

Reinvigorating Entrepreneurialism 226

Right a Wrong, It May Be Life-Changing 228

6 Maturing And Staying Young-Health, Fitness and Relaxation 233

Introduction 235

Time Heals; Tests Reveal 241

Healing and Curing 243

A Silver Elephant 246

Life Begins at Sixty-Five 248

Little Known Secrets of Movement 252

Cartoons, Ice Cream, and the Grateful Dead 255

The Gift of Time 258

The Refuge and Release of Hobbies 263

The Best Doctor for You Is You 266

The Power of Mind, Body, and Spirit 270

The Antidote for Stress 274

Living for Today 277

How to Get More "Me" Time 279

The Ali Knockout 283

Tai Chi 286

The Calming Nature of Kindness and Gratitude 289

7 Need Help Getting Somewhere 293

Introduction 295

What Will You Master This Year 298

Mastering Your Mastermind 303

Tribute to My Favorite Mentor 306

Ask and Answer 309

Can I Get a Little Help Here 312

Give Us This Day 315

They Opened My Chute 318

What's Your Burn Rate 320

Saving Strides 323

8 You Have Arrived! 327

Introduction 329

Making My Mark in the World 331

The Road Less Traveled 334

Faith in Myself 337

I Am Enough 340

Resilience 342

Well Done 344

Brighten the Corner Where You Are 348

The Story of George 350

The Best Is Yet to Come 353

What to Do When Your World Ends 357

Achieving the Impossible Carrot 360

The Now of Your Life 363

Fatigue Never Stood a Fighting Chance 365

About The Author, David Mezzapelle 369

About Daniel Tully 371

About Marshall Goldsmith 373

Meet Our Coauthors 374

Acknowledgments 403

Share Your Stories 405

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