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Contemporary Criminal Law and The Concise Dictionary of Crime and Justice, Bundle

Contemporary Criminal Law and The Concise Dictionary of Crime and Justice, Bundle

by Mark Davis, Matthew R. Lippman

ISBN-10: 1412958946

ISBN-13: 9781412958943

Pub. Date: 04/25/2007

Publisher: SAGE Publications

Adopt this bundle, and your students SAVE! This bundle is just dollars more than the price of the main textbook alone.


Adopt this bundle, and your students SAVE! This bundle is just dollars more than the price of the main textbook alone.

Hardcover: $79.95; ISBN: 9781412905800

"It is important to understand the development of law and the law generally from statutes rather than merely relying on case review and interpretation. Lippman provides a more academic and thorough approach, and SAGE is developing instructor guides and power point presentations for the textbook, which should prove very helpful. In sum, I whole-heartedly endorse Lippman's book for Criminal Law, and I look forward to using it in my own classes."
--Glenn Coffey, University of North Florida

Contemporary Criminal Law: Concepts, Cases, and Controversies is an introductory text that features "the new criminal law," expanding on traditional criminal law cases and concepts with contemporary topics and issues. Author Matthew R. Lippman uses an engaging case study approach to enhance student learning and offer an interactive educational environment.

Key Features:

  • Employs a unique case study approach: Edited casesand accompanying exploratory essays present the fundamentals of criminal law. These engaging cases are designed to develop skills in case analysis and critical and logical thinking.
  • Emphasizes contemporary cases and issues: While classic cases fundamental to the study of criminal law are presented, contemporary cases and issues reflecting our increasingly diverse and urbanized society are central to the book. Cases on carjacking, computer crime, drugs, gangs, stalking, terrorism, white collar crime, cultural diversity, and animal rights are included. Attention is also devoted to gender, race, domestic violence, and hate crimes.
  • Incorporates valuable learning tools: In addition to the illustrative cases and essays, this book contains a variety of special features including side-bars, thematic boxes, inserts, discussion questions, legal equations, case comments, and much more to facilitate student comprehension. "You Decide" exercises enable students to apply what they have learned from the cases and help to involve them with the text material.

Accompanied by High Quality Ancillaries!
A full ancillary package comes with this text and includes:

  • An Instructor's CD-ROM
  • A Web-based Student Study Site at sagepub.com/lippmanstudy that features:
    • Unique, online state-specific guides that supplement each chapter of the text for California, Texas, New York, Illinois, Florida, and Ohio
    • MP3 audio files from the author himself who provides insight into the text
    • E-flashcards
    • Web quizzes
    • Learning from SAGE research articles
    • Case narratives, and much more!

Intended Audience:
This book uniquely combines the concepts, learning tools, and features found in undergraduate texts with the types of challenging cases and issues that are characteristic of law school case books. It is the perfect text for undergraduate students studying criminal law in the department of Criminal Justice.

Paperback: $34.95; ISBN: 9780761921769

Hardcover: $89.95; ISBN: 9780761921752

A handy reference for students, professionals, and anyone interested in criminal justice and criminology, The Concise Dictionary of Crime and Justice is an excellent, wide-ranging resource with clear definitions for over 2,000 key criminal justice terms. Often going beyond simple definitions, the dictionary presents and explains common misperceptions for selected entries.

The concise definitions of terms will be easily accessible to a wide audience¾ from students in introductory courses to professionals looking to brush up on key terms. Some of the topics covered in entries include: abduction, cycle of violence, eyewitness testimony, facial reconstruction, habeas corpus, La Cosa Nostra, Nuremberg Principle, Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), typology, Walker spy ring, and zoophilia.


Each term will contain the following:

  • Over 2,000 entries
  • A complete, current definition of the term
  • A discussion of common misconceptions or controversies surrounding the term
  • A cross-reference to other entries in the dictionary

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