Contemporary Health Promotion In Nursing Practice

Contemporary Health Promotion In Nursing Practice

by Bonnie Raingruber
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Jones & Bartlett Learning


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Contemporary Health Promotion In Nursing Practice

Chapter1 Health Education, Health Promotion, and Health: What Do These Definitions Have to Do with Nursing?
Chapter2 The History of Health Promotion
Chapter3 Health Promotion Theories
Chapter4 Genetic and Social Determinants of Health: An Ecological Perspective
Chapter5 Health Disparities
Chapter6 Health Literacy
Chapter7 Artistic, Creative, and Aesthetic Approaches to Health Promotion
Chapter8 Rural Health Promotion
Chapter9 Nursing Informatics
Chapter10 Evaluation, Research, and Measurement in Health Promotion Practice
Chapter11 Entrepreneurship
Chapter12 Health Promotion Policy

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ISBN-13: 2901449697210
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication date: 01/24/2013
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 434
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About the Author

Professor of Nursing, California State University, Sacramento, Sacramento, California, Nurse Researcher, Center for Nursing Research, University of California Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, California

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xv

About the Author xvii

Contributors xix

Chapter 1 Health Education, Health Promotion, and Health: What Do These Definitions Have to Do with Nursing? Bonnie Raingruber 1

Introduction 1

Health Education Versus Health Promotion 2

Definitions of Health Promotion 6

Medical Model and World Health Organization Definitions of Health 7

Critiques of Definitions of Health 9

The Relationship Between Health, Health Promotion, and Illness Prevention 13

The Importance of a Trained Health Promotion Workforce 14

Discussion Questions 16

Check Your Understanding 16

What Do You Think? 18

References 20

Chapter 2 The History of Health Promotion Bonnie Raingruber 23

Introduction 23

Ancient Health Promotion Practices: Indian, Chinese, Egyptian, and Hebrew 23

Greek Antiquity 24

The Roman Empire 25

The Medieval Pandemics 25

Key Organizations, Conferences, Task Forces, and Documents that Have Influenced the Nature of Health Promotion in Modern Times 25

Summary of Historical Chronology 36

Six Phases in the Evolution of Primary Care/Prevention 37

Messaging to Engage the Public in Health Promotion Efforts 38

The Role of Nursing Leaders in Health Promotion 39

Critique and Promise Associated with Nursing's Role in Health Promotion 40

What Are the Next Steps for Nursing? 42

What Will You Do? 42

Discussion Questions 42

Check Your Understanding 43

What Do You Think? 45

References 46

Chapter 3 Health Promotion Theories Bonnie Raingruber 49

Why Should Health Promotion Be Theory-Based? 49

Behavioral Change Theories 52

Intervention-Based Models 59

Ecological Theories and Models 61

Planning Models 65

Communication Theories 66

Evaluation Models 68

Nursing Models and Theories 70

How Are Theories Constructed? 81

Discussion Questions 85

Check Your Understanding 87

What Do You Think? 89

References 90

Chapter 4 Genetic and Social Determinants of Health: An Ecological Perspective Michelle T. Dang Bonnie Raingruber 97

Introduction 97

The Ecological Framework 99

The Stress-Diathesis Model 100

Genetic Determinants of Health and Gene-Environment Interactions 103

Gene Regulation and Mutations 103

Gene-Environment Interaction 104

Epigenetic Mechanisms 105

Pharmacogenomics 111

Ethical and Legal Considerations 111

The Nurse's Role 111

Social Determinants of Health 113

The Social Gradient of Health 114

Cultural Perspectives 117

Culture and the Social Gradient 118

Discussion Questions 120

Check Your Understanding 120

What Do You Think? 121

References 121

Chapter 5 Health Disparities Bonnie Raingruber 127

Introduction 127

Definitions of Health Disparities 128

How Disparities Are Determined 129

Types of Health Disparities 129

Factors Contributing to Health Disparities 136

Interventions for Minimizing Health Disparities 138

Cultural Competence Case Study 142

The Role of the Government and Other Entities in Decreasing Health Disparities 146

Research and Epidemiology: Why Diverse Populations Need to Be Counted 148

Future Trends and Associated Costs 150

Health Policy Options for Reducing Health Disparities 151

Discussion Questions 152

Check Your Understanding 153

What Do You Think? 154

References 155

Chapter 5 Health Literacy Bonnie Raingruber 159

Introduction 159

Types of Health Literacy 162

Definitions of Health Literacy 163

Tools for Measuring Health Literacy 165

Health Literacy Needs within Immigrant Populations 168

Health Literacy Issues Involving Children 169

Ways of Improving Health Literacy 170

Case Studies 176

Discussion Questions 178

Check Your Understanding 178

What Do You Think? 180

References 181

Chapter 7 Artistic, Creative, and Aesthetic Approaches to Health Promotion Bonnie Raingruber 185

Introduction 185

Educating Healthcare Practitioners 186

Narrative Strategies and Storytelling 187

Reading and Writing Poetry 191

Art and Art Therapy 193

Photo-Voice 195

Soap Operas 198

Cartoons 199

Music 200

Dance 202

Theater 203

The Importance of an Aesthetic Environment for Healing 205

Nursing: The Aesthetic Art of Knowing 206

Discussion Questions 207

Check Your Understanding 208

What Do You Think? 209

References 209

Chapter 8 Rural Health Promotion Alexa Colgrove Curtis 215

The Future of Rural Health 215

Defining the Rural Community 216

Rural Community Culture and Health Promotion 218

Rural Health Priorities 224

Maternal and Child Health Promotion 227

Rural Adolescent Health Promotion 241

Issues of Adult and Older Adult Rural Health Promotion 254

Conclusion 263

Discussion Questions 263

Check Your Understanding 264

What Do You Think? 265

References 265

Chapter 9 Nursing Informatics Bonnie Raingruber Amy Zausch 283

Introduction 283

Nursing and Informatics 284

Electronic Health Records 285

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 289

Telehealth and Medical Homes 291

Virtual Reality and Avatars 295

Simulation and Virtual Patients 296

Interactive Games and Health Promotion 297

E-Health and Health Promotion 299

Electronic Self-Care Education Materials 301

Use of Technological Devices to Promote Health 304

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Technology for Health Promotion 308

Conclusion 309

Discussion Questions 311

Check Your Understanding 312

What Do You Think? 314

References 314

Chapter 10 Evaluation, Research, and Measurement in Health Promotion Practice Bonnie Raingruber 321

Introduction 322

Health Promotion Evaluation Principles 324

Types of Evaluation 325

Research and Evaluation Designs 326

Evaluation Criteria for Health Promotion Research 331

The Re-Aim Framework for Evaluating Health Promotion Programs 332

The European Community Health Promotion Indicator Development Model 332

Performance Indicators 333

Pay-for-Performance Evaluation 333

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis 334

A Case Study: Would QALY Calculation Help or Hinder Provision of Care for Sara? 336

Logic Models 340

Electronic Methods of Intervention and Evaluation 342

Selecting Health Promotion Measures 343

Common Categories That Are Examined in Health Promotion Research 343

Reliability, Validity, Utility, Appropriateness, Responsiveness, Precision, Interpretability, Acceptability, and Feasibility of Standardized Instruments 349

Effect Size 350

Objective Measures 350

Self-Report Measures 351

Generic Measures vs. Disease-Specific Measures 351

A Summary of Select Health Promotion Scales 352

Discussion Questions 361

Check Your Understanding 361

What Do You Think? 363

References 364

Chapter 11 Entrepreneurship and Health Promotion Bonnie Raingruber 371

Definitions of Entrepreneurship 371

Social Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship 373

The Advantages and Challenges Associated with Running a Small Business 374

The Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur 376

Examples of Health Promotion Practices That Nurses Have Created 377

Types of Business Structures 379

Creating a Business Plan 379

Hiring and Supervising Staff 381

Billing for Services 381

Marketing and Other Business-Related Decisions 382

Malpractice and Malpractice Insurance 383

Agencies That Provide Help to Individuals Setting Up a Business 384

Discussion Questions 384

Check Your Understanding 385

What Do You Think? 387

References 387

Chapter 12 Health Promotion Policy Bonnie Raingruber 391

Introduction 391

Health Policy and Health Promotion Policy 392

Historical Accomplishments 393

Barriers to Involvement of Nursing in Health Policy 393

Nursing's Role in Health Policy Development 394

Factors Influencing Health Policy and Healthcare Reform 395

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 396

Electronic Medical Records and Patient-Centered Outcomes Evaluation 404

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute 406

Medical Homes: A Component of Integrated Health Policy 407

Allocating Health Care: The Question of Rationing, Cost-Utility Analysis, and Practice Guidelines as Ways of Controlling Cost 408

Consumer Involvement 410

The Role of Nursing in Health Policy Work 411

Discussion Questions 412

Check Your Understanding 413

What Do You Think? 414

References 415

Index 421

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