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Contemporary Issues in Business Ethics

Contemporary Issues in Business Ethics

by Joseph R. DesJardins, John J. McCall


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CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN BUSINESS ETHICS, FOURTH EDITION provides students with a sociopolitical framework for looking at business ethics. This text takes students from a common, skeptical starting point—Why study business ethics?—to the very heart of ethical and political theory. It provides students with the social/political framework for examining important business issues through text, readings, case studies, and decision scenarios.

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ISBN-13: 9780534036935
Publisher: Wadsworth
Publication date: 09/28/1984
Pages: 510

About the Author

Joseph DesJardins received his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame and currently teaches at the College of Saint Benedict/St. John's University, where he specializes in business ethics, environmental philosophy, and the law.

John McCall received his Ph. D. from the University of Notre Dame and currently teaches at St. Joseph's University. McCall specializes in business ethics and moral philosophy.

Table of Contents

IBusiness and Philosophy
1Philosophical Ethics and Business1
U.S. Steel and Youngstown, Ohio2
What Is "Ethics"?4
Business Ethics: The Free Market Theory7
Reading 1.1The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits8
Doing Business Ethics: An Analysis of Friedman12
Friedman's Radical Position14
Free Society15
2Utilitarianism and the Free Market24
Versions of Utilitarianism28
Contemporary Versions29
Challenges to Utilitarianism30
Utilitarian Defense of the Free Market33
An Analysis of the Utilitarian Defense35
Is the Free Market the Best Means?35
3Rights and the Market47
A Theory of Rights48
Rights and Respect48
Dignity and Autonomy49
What Rights?50
The Scope of Rights51
Basic and Derivative Rights: Resolving Conflicts54
Rights Arguments for the Free Market58
The Right to Liberty and the Market59
4The Corporation as a Social Institution72
The Nature of the Corporation73
Corporate Responsibility74
Stakeholder Theory74
Social Contract Theory76
Corporate Governance and Control81
The History of Government Regulation81
The Debate on the New Regulation81
Models of Internal Corporate Governance82
Reading 4.1A Stakeholder Theory of the Modern Corporation: Kantian Capitalism84
Reading 4.2Balancing Act92
Reading 4.3Remarks on Marcoux: Defending Stakeholder Theory99
IIBusiness and Employees
5Job Security: Dismissals and Layoffs103
Individual Dismissals103
Modifications to Employment at Will104
Just Cause Policies105
Just Cause vs. EAW106
Case Study: Levi's Shrinks113
Reading 5.1The Right to Due Process114
Reading 5.2Rights in the Workplace: A Nozickian Argument119
Reading 5.3Practices of Successful Organizations: Job Security123
Reading 5.4The New Security: "Employability"134
Reading 5.5The New "Employability Contract" and Social Contract Theory136
Decision Scenario APublic Policy and Employment at Will147
Decision Scenario BClosing a Chrysler Plant147
Decision Scenario CUnwritten Employment Contracts149
Decision Scenario D"Wrongful Hiring"150
Decision Scenario EPlant Closing Responsibilities151
Decision Scenario FMontana's Just Cause Legislation151
6Employee Responsibilities: Honesty, Loyalty, Conflicts of Interest153
Employee Responsibilities in Law154
Professional Responsibilities154
Honesty in Employment155
Loyalty and Whistleblowing156
Conflicts of Interest and Insider Trading157
Case Study: The Challenger Disaster: Conflicting Responsibilities at Morton Thiokol and NASA158
Reading 6.1Is Business Bluffing Ethical?160
Reading 6.2Whistleblowing and Employee Loyalty167
Reading 6.3What Is Really Unethical About Insider Trading?172
Decision Scenario A"Soft Money" in the Securities Industry183
Decision Scenario BBuy American, or Else!184
Decision Scenario CInside Information at the Wall Street Journal185
Decision Scenario DWhistleblowing at the Phone Company186
7Employee Participation188
Varieties of Participation188
Participation and Rights189
Participation and Firm Performance190
Participation and Organized Labor191
Case Study: Saturn Motors: Shifting into Reverse?193
Reading 7.1An Ethical Basis for Employee Participation194
Reading 7.2Democracy and Economic Rights202
Reading 7.3Workplace Representation Overseas: The Works Council Story209
Decision Scenario AQuality Circles and Labor Productivity222
Decision Scenario BThe Mondragon Cooperatives222
Decision Scenario CThe German Model of Employee Participation223
Decision Scenario DElectromation: Illegal Employee Participation224
Decision Scenario EDonnelly Mirrors: Forty Years of Participation226
8Employee Privacy227
The Nature of Privacy228
The Value of Privacy230
Consumer Privacy232
Case Study: Genetic Screening in the Workplace233
Reading 8.1Drug Testing in Employment234
Reading 8.2The Ethics of Genetic Screening in the Workplace240
Reading 8.3Some Implications of New Technology on Privacy in the Workplace245
Decision Scenario AE-mail Privacy260
Decision Scenario BDismissal for an Abortion?261
Decision Scenario CIf You Work Here, Don't Smoke261
Decision Scenario DPreemployment Psychological Testing262
Decision Scenario EPrivacy in Employment263
Decision Scenario FSurveillance at Work264
Decision Scenario GConsumer Privacy264
9Health and Safety in the Workplace266
The Nature and Value of Health266
Risky Work or Risky Workers?270
Case Study: American Cyanamid and Johnson Controls271
Reading 9.1Automobile Workers v. Johnson Controls, Inc.273
Reading 9.2The Occupational Safety and Health Problem275
Reading 9.3A Review of Some Normative and Conceptual Issues in Occupational Safety and Health281
Reading 9.4Genetic Discrimination in the Workplace294
Decision Scenario AHealth Insurance and Discrimination Against the Sick302
Decision Scenario BCriminal Conviction for an Employee Death: Film Recovery Systems, Inc.303
Decision Scenario CVideo Display Terminals and Worker Health304
IIIBusiness and Consumers
10Product Liability and Safety305
Assessing Product Liability Alternatives308
Reforming Product Liability Law310
Product Safety Regulation311
Ethics and Marketing of Dangerous Products313
Case Study: Selling Guns: Negligent Marketing?314
Reading 10.1Liability: The Legal Revolution and Its Consequences316
Reading 10.2"Fairness, Strict Liability, and Public Policy"328
Reading 10.3Regulation and Paternalism330
Decision Scenario ATobacco Companies Under Fire340
Decision Scenario BThe Michigan Toy Box Company342
Decision Scenario CGreenman v. Yuba Power Products343
Decision Scenario DChildren and Reasonably Safe Products344
Decision Scenario EA. H. Robins and the Dalkon Shield344
Decision Scenario FCaution: McDonald's Coffee is Hot!345
Decision Scenario GDiethyestilbestrol (DES)346
11Advertising and Marketing349
Introduction: Deception and Morality349
Government Regulation of Deceptive Advertising350
Nondeceptive Marketing, Autonomy, and Consumer Vulnerability352
Case Study: Advertising Tobacco355
Reading 11.1Deceptive Advertising357
Reading 11.2Reasonable Consumer or Ignorant Consumer? How the FTC Decided362
Reading 11.3Advertising and Behavior Control369
Reading 11.4Marketing to Inner-City Blacks: PowerMaster and Moral Responsibility377
Reading 11.5Children as Consumers: An Ethical Evaluation of Children's Television Advertising389
Decision Scenario ASeven Marketing Pitches397
Decision Scenario BAdvertising's Image of Women398
Decision Scenario CListerine and Corrective Advertising399
Decision Scenario DAdvertising Headaches400
Decision Scenario E"Bait and Switch"401
Decision Scenario FNew, Improved ... and Smaller401
Decision Scenario GPolitical Advocacy Meets High-Tech Ad Agencies402
IVBusiness and Other Constituencies
12Business and the Environment404
Environment and Economics406
Legal and Moral Standing407
Growth and Sustainability408
Case Study: Walt Disney vs. The Sierra Club409
Reading 12.1People or Penguins: The Case for Optimal Pollution410
Reading 12.2At the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima or Why Political Questions Are Not All Economic414
Reading 12.3Should Trees Have Standing? Toward Legal Rights for Natural Objects424
Reading 12.4Morality, Money, and Motor Cars436
Reading 12.5A Road Map for Natural Capitalism441
Decision Scenario AGlobal Warming452
Decision Scenario BBoomer v. Atlantic Cement Co.453
Decision Scenario CThe EPA's Management of Superfund453
Decision Scenario DPacific Lumber454
Decision Scenario EIndustry as Ecosystem455
13Discrimination in the Workplace: Race, Gender, Disabilities457
Public Policy to Counter Discrimination458
Arguments For and Against460
Sexual Harassment461
Disabled Workers463
Case Study: Gays Need Not Apply464
Reading 13.1Preferential Hiring and Compensation465
Reading 13.2A Defense of Programs of Preferential Treatment471
Reading 13.3Sex Is the Least of It: Let's Focus Harassment Law on Work, Not Sex475
Reading 13.4Disability and the Right to Work478
Decision Scenario AUnited Steeelworkers of America v. Weber484
Decision Scenario BPreferential Treatment for Men?485
Decision Scenario CWomen Wage Earners: Less is Best?486
Decision Scenario DSexual Harassment in the Workplace: Meritor Savings Bank487
Decision Scenario EFederal Set-Asides: From Fullilove to Adarand488
Decision Scenario FHide the Wedding Ring489
Decision Scenario GWhen Gender Harassment Is Not Sexual490
14Ethics and Multinational Corporations492
Introduction: The Power of Multinationals492
The Ethical Relativist Approach493
The Nonrelativist Approach495
Case Study: Indonesian Corruption and Multinationals497
Reading 14.1Rights in the Global Market499
Reading 14.2International Business, Morality, and the Common Good512
Reading 14.3The Moral Responsibility of Multinational Corporations to Be Socially Responsible521
Reading 14.4Marketing, the Ethics of Consumption, and Less-Developed Countries525
Decision Scenario ABrazil: Economic Development versus Environmental Protection538
Decision Scenario BThe Dalkon Shield and Sales to Foreign Countries539
Decision Scenario CUnion Carbide's Poison Gas Disaster at Bhopal539
Decision Scenario D"When in Rome": International Affirmative Action540
Decision Scenario EChild and Bonded Labor: Business Responsibility for Supplier Practices541
Decision Scenario FDrug Safety and the Third World542

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