Contemporary Precalculus : A Graphing Approach

Contemporary Precalculus : A Graphing Approach

by Thomas W. Hungerford

Hardcover(2ND PACKAG)


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Contemporary Precalculus : A Graphing Approach by Thomas W. Hungerford

Respected for its detailed guidance in using technology, CONTEMPORARY PRECALCULUS: A GRAPHING APPROACH, Fifth Edition, is written from the ground up to be used with graphing calculators that you may be using in your precalculus course. You'll appreciate that the text has also long been recognized for its careful, thorough explanations and its presentation of mathematics in an informal yet mathematically precise manner. The authors also emphasize the all-important "why?" of mathematics—which is addressed in both the exposition and in the exercise sets by focusing on algebraic, graphical, and numerical perspectives.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780030230578
Publisher: Harcourt College Publishers
Publication date: 05/01/1997
Edition description: 2ND PACKAG

About the Author

Thomas W. Hungerford received his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has taught at the University of Washington and at Cleveland State University, and is now at St. Louis University. His research fields are algebra and mathematics education. He is the author of many notable books for undergraduate and graduate level courses. These include: ALGEBRA (Springer Verlag, Graduate Texts in Mathematics #73, 1974); ABSTRACT ALGEBRA: AN INTRODUCTION, Second Edition (Harcourt, 1997); MATHEMATICS WITH APPLICATIONS, Eighth Edition (Addison-Wesley, 2003; with M. Lial); and CONTEMPORARY PRECALCULUS: A GRAPHING APPROACH, Fourth Edition (Brooks/Cole, 2004).

Douglas Shaw received his M.S. from the University of Illinois and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. He was a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, and is currently at the University of Northern Iowa. His research is in combinatorics, number theory, and tertiary mathematics education. He has written instructor's guides for Brooks/Cole and worked on many other ancillaries as well. When he took Abstract Algebra in graduate school, he used one of Thomas Hungerford's texts and never sold it back to the bookstore.

Table of Contents

1.1The Real Number System2
1.1.ASpecial Topics: Decimal Representations of Real Numbers16
1.2Solving Equations Algebraically18
1.2.ASpecial Topics: Absolute Value Equations28
1.2.BSpecial Topics: Variation30
1.3The Coordinate Plane36
Chapter 1 Review63
Discovery Project 168
2Graphs and Technology69
2.2Solving Equations Graphically and Numerically83
2.3Applications of Equations90
2.4Optimization Applications101
2.5Linear Models105
Chapter 2 Review117
Discovery Project 2121
3Functions and Graphs124
3.2Functional Notation136
3.3Graphs of Functions146
3.3.ASpecial Topics: Graph Reading161
3.4Graphs and Transformations166
3.4.ASpecial Topics: Symmetry177
3.5Operations on Functions182
3.6Rates of Change192
3.7Inverse Functions203
Chapter 3 Review213
Discovery Project 3220
4Polynomial and Rational Functions224
4.1Quadratic Functions225
4.2Polynomial Functions235
4.2.ASpecial Topics: Synthetic Division243
4.3Real Roots of Polynomials247
4.4Graphs of Polynomial Functions254
4.4.ASpecial Topics: Polynomial Models267
4.5Rational Functions272
4.5.ASpecial Topics: Other Rational Functions288
4.6Polynomial and Rational Inequalities292
4.6.ASpecial Topics: Absolute Value Inequalities302
4.7Complex Numbers305
4.8Theory of Equations312
Chapter 4 Review318
Discovery Project 4324
5Exponential and Logarithmic Functions325
5.1Radicals and Rational Exponents326
5.1.ASpecial Topics: Radical Equations334
5.2Exponential Functions341
5.2.ASpecial Topics: Compound Interest and the Number e354
5.3Common and Natural Logarithmic Functions360
5.4Properties of Logarithms369
5.4.ASpecial Topics: Logarithmic Functions to Other Bases375
5.5Algebraic Solutions of Exponential and Logarithmic Equations383
5.6Exponential, Logarithmic, and Other Models392
Chapter 5 Review403
Discovery Project 5409
6Trigonometric Functions411
6.1Angles and Their Measurement412
6.2The Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Functions423
6.2Alternate: The Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Functions431
6.3Algebra and Identities437
6.4Basic Graphs445
6.5Periodic Graphs and Simple Harmonic Motion455
6.5.ASpecial Topics: Other Trigonometric Graphs468
6.6Other Trigonometric Functions474
Chapter 6 Review482
Discovery Project 6487
7Trigonometric Identities and Equations489
7.1Basic Identities and Proofs490
7.2Addition and Subtraction Identities498
7.2.ASpecial Topics: Lines and Angles506
7.3Other Identities510
7.4Inverse Trigonometric Functions518
7.5Trigonometric Equations527
Chapter 7 Review537
Discovery Project 7540
8Triangle Trigonometry542
8.1Trigonometric Functions of Angles543
8.1Alternate: Trigonometric Functions of Angles553
8.2Applications of Right Triangle Trigonometry558
8.3The Law of Cosines566
8.4The Law of Sines573
8.4.ASpecial Topics: The Area of a Triangle582
Chapter 8 Review586
Discovery Project 8589
9Applications of Trigonometry591
9.1The Complex Plane and Polar Form for Complex Numbers592
9.2DeMoivre's Theorem and the nth Roots of Complex Numbers598
9.3Vectors in the Plane606
9.4The Dot Product621
Chapter 9 Review631
Discovery Project 9634
10Analytic Geometry636
10.1Circles and Ellipses638
10.4Rotations and Second-Degree Equations672
10.4.ASpecial Topics: Rotation of Axes676
10.5Plane Curves and Parametric Equations681
10.6Polar Coordinates695
10.7Polar Equations of Conics704
Chapter 10 Review715
Discovery Project 10719
11Systems of Equations721
11.1Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables722
11.1.ASpecial Topics: Systems of Nonlinear Equations735
11.2Large Systems of Linear Equations742
11.3Matrix Methods for Square Systems758
Chapter 11 Review771
Discovery Project 11774
12Discrete Algebra776
12.1Sequences and Sums777
12.2Arithmetic Sequences788
12.3Geometric Sequences794
12.3.ASpecial Topics: Infinite Series801
12.4The Binomial Theorem806
12.5Mathematical Induction813
Chapter 12 Review823
Discovery Project 12826
13Limits and Continuity828
13.1Limits of Functions829
13.2Properties of Limits840
13.2.ASpecial Topics: The Formal Definition of Limit847
13.4Limits Involving Infinity865
Chapter 13 Review876
Discovery Project 13878
Appendix 1Algebra Review882
Appendix 2Geometry Review902
Appendix 3Programs914
Selected Answers919
Index of Applications996

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