Contending Voices: Biographical Explorations of the American Past, Volume II: Since 1865 / Edition 2

Contending Voices: Biographical Explorations of the American Past, Volume II: Since 1865 / Edition 2

by John Hollitz
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Cengage Learning


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Contending Voices: Biographical Explorations of the American Past, Volume II: Since 1865 / Edition 2

Each chapter in Contending Voices examines the lives of two individuals, some of them familiar historical figures and some of them lesser known, who took opposing positions on important issues in American history. The "paired biographies" in the text are followed by a set of four to six related primary sources, many in the individuals' own voices; a "Questions to Consider" section; and an annotated bibliography. This unique format promotes critical thinking and engages students in historical debates.

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ISBN-13: 9780618660889
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 06/22/2006
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

John Hollitz received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin in 1981 and has been professor of history at the Community College of Southern Nevada since 1992. Previously, he taught at California State University, Chico. In addition to CONTENDING VOICES, John has also authored a biographical reader, THINKING THROUGH THE PAST (2010). John is a dedicated teacher of the U.S. History survey course.

Table of Contents

1. Race and Redemption in the Reconstructed South: Robert Smalls and Carl Schurz 1. Zion Presbyterian Church, "Memorial to the Senate and House of Representatives" (1865) 2. Carl Schurz, Report on the Condition of the South (1865) 3. Representative Robert Smalls Protests the Withdrawal of Federal Troops (1876) 4. James Pike, The Prostrate State (1874) 5. Carl Schurz, Speech in the Senate (1872) 2. Craftsmen and Buccaneers in an Industrial Age: Terrence Powderly and Jay Gould 1. Terence Powderly, Preamble to the Constitution of the Knights of Labor (1878) 2. Terence Powderly Calls for Cooperatives (1880) 3. Correspondence of Jay Gould and Terence Powderly (1886) 4. Knights of Labor Attack on Jay Gould (1886) 5. Jay Gould Testifies Before Congress (1886) 3. Farmers and the "New South": Tom Watson and Henry Grady 1. Henry Grady, "The New South: (1886) 2. Henry Grady, "The Farmer and the Cities" (1889) 3. Tom Watson on "Silver-Tounged Orators (1889) 4. People's Party Platform (1892) 5. Tom Watson, "The Negro Question in the South" (1892) 4. Sex, Anarchism, and Domestic Science in Progressive America: Emma Goldman and Ellen Richards 1. Ellen Richards, Euthenics (1910) 2. Ellen Richards, "Who Is to Blame for High Prices?" (1910) 3. Emma Goldman, "Marriage and Love" (1917) 4. Emma Goldman, "The Woman Suffrage Chameleon" (1917) 5. Emma Goldman, "The Social Aspects of Birth Control" (1916) 6. Home Efficiency Table (1915) 5. Progressives at War: Randolph Bourne and George Creel 1. History Teacher's Magazine Announcement for Committee Report on Public Information Literature (1917) 2. An Advertisement for Publications of the Committee on Public Information (1918) 3. "Bachelor of Atrocities" (1918) 4. Randolph Bourne, "The war and the Intellectuals" (1917) 5. Randolph Bourne, "The State" (1919) 6. Science, Religion, and "Culture Wars" in the 1920s: William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow 1. A Defense of Youthful Morality (1926) 2. An "Imperial Wizard" Explains the Ku Klux Klan's Appeal (1926) 3. A Preacher Defends Tennessee from Attack (1925) 4. Clarence Darrow Attacks the Anti-Evolution Law as Unconstitutional (1925) 5. William Jennings Bryan Argues Against Expert Testimony (1925) 6. Clarence Darrow Questions William Jennings Bryan on the Bible (1925) 7. A Black Leader Comments on the Scopes Trial (1925) 7. Politics and the Big Screen in the Great Depression: Upton Sinclair and Louis B. Mayer 1. Publicity Poster for Grand Hotel (1932) 2. Upton Sinclair "EPIC Answers" (1934) 3. Anti-Sinclair Leaflet (1934) 4. California Election News, No. 3 (1934) 5. Anti-Sinclair Cartoon (1934) 8. Racism and Relocation During World War II: Harry Ueno and Dillon Myer 1. Dillon Myer, "Constitutional Principles Involved in the Relocation Program" (1943) 2. "Rifles Cow Manzanar Japs After Fatal Riots" (1942) 3. Censored Letters of Harry Ueno (1943) 4. Dillon Myer on Japanese Resettlement (1943) 5. War Relocation Authority Questions for Resettlement Applicants (1943) 9. Confrontation and Compromise in the Cold War: James Byrnes and Henry A. Wallace 1. George F. Kennan, "The Long Telegram" (1946) 2. James Byrnes Restates American Policy Toward Germany (1946) 3. Henry A. Wallace, "The Way to Peace" (1946) 4. Harry S. Truman, The Truman Doctrine (1947) 5. Henry A. Wallace, "The Path to Peace with Russia" (1946) 10. Politics and Principle in the Second Red Scare: Joseph McCarthy and Margaret Chase Smith 1. McCarthy Assaults the State Department (1950) 2. HUAC Investigations Subversion in Hollywood (1947) 3. Red Channels Exposes "Reds" (1950) 4. Margaret Chase Smith, "Declaration of Conscience" (1950) 5. Margaret Chase Smith Feels McCarthy's Sting (1952) 6. McCarthy Investigates Overseas Libraries (1953) 11. From Black Protest to Black Power: Roy Wilkins and Fannie Lou Hamer 1. Testimony of Fannie Lou Hamer Before the Credentials Committee of the Democratic National Convention (1964) 2. Fannie Lou Hamer on the Lessons of the Democratic National Convention (1967) 3. Fannie Lou Hamer's Platform (1971) 4. Poverty Rates, by Race and Family Relationship, 1959-1999 5. Roy Wilkins, "Sail Our N.A.A.C.P. Ship 'Steady as She Goes'" (1966) 6. Roy Wilkins, Standing Fast (1982) 12. The Battlefields of Vietnam: Robert McNamara and Jan Barry 1. Robert McNamara Assesses the Situation in Vietnam (1964) 2. Jan Barry Assesses the Situation in Vietnam (1997) 3. McNamara Offers a Bleak Assessment (1967) 4. A Marine Describes a Technological War of Attrition (1977) 5. A Black Soldier Sees Another Enemy (1984) 6. An Infantryman Refuses "To Go Back In" (1990) 13. From Mystique to Militance: Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem 1. Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique (1963) 2. NOW's Statement of Purpose (1966) 3. "Wonder Woman for President" (1972) 4. Gloria Steinem, "Sisterhood" (1972) 5. Betty Friedan, "Beyond Women's Liberation" (1972) 14. Individualism and the Environment in the 1980s: Edward Abbey and James Watt 1. Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang (1975) 2. Map of Federal Lands (1978) 3. James Watt Outlines His Program (1981) 4. James Watt, "It's the People's Land" (1983) 5. Edward Abbey, "Immigration and the Liberal Taboos" (1988) 15. Conservatism and the Limits of Consumer Capitalism: Irving Kristol and Ralph Nader 1. Irvin Kristol, "The Hidden Costs of Regulation" (1978) 2. Irving Kristol, "Corporate Capitalism in America" (1975) 3. Ralph Nader, "The Concord Principles" (1992) 4. Ralph Nader, "It's Time to End Corporate Welfare as We Know It" (1996) 5. Irving Kristol, "The Cultural Revolution and the Capitalist Future" (1992) 6. Ralph Nader Announces His Candidacy for the Green Party's Nomination (2000)

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