Contextualizing and Organizing Contingent Faculty: Reclaiming Academic Labor in Universities

Contextualizing and Organizing Contingent Faculty: Reclaiming Academic Labor in Universities


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Contextualizing and Organizing Contingent Faculty: Reclaiming Academic Labor in Universities seeks to develop a counterculture that eschews the neoliberal ideology and interloping market values in higher education. More than merely lamenting the disruptive effects of these marketplace values in higher education institutions, it develops both theoretical insights and practical organizing strategies pertinent to challenging new academic-capitalist values and behaviors. Contributors, local and international, present cases from various institutions to illuminate how national trends concerning contingent faculty are articulated, implemented, and challenged at the local level. They present organizing strategies which are analyzed from an interdisciplinary perspective, providing a thorough and comprehensive view of the contingent labor movement. This book will provide useful lessons to a broad array of audiences in universities, labor movements, and national and local governments.

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ISBN-13: 9781498539548
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication date: 02/15/2018
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.33(h) x 1.04(d)

About the Author

Ishmael I. Munene is professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at Northern Arizona University.

Table of Contents

List of Figures List of Tables Acknowledgments Foreword: Contingency at the Crossroads Guy Senese Part One: University Transformation and Faculty Agency Chapter One: Introduction: The Casualization of Academic Labor & Faculty Agency Ishmael I. Munene Chapter Two: Prometheus Redefined: Theorizing & Contextualizing Contingent Faculty in Universities Ishmael I. Munene Chapter Three: The Metro Strategy: A workforce-appropriate, geography-based approach to organizing contingent faculty Joe Berry and Helena Worthen Part Two: Reclaiming the Faculty Narrative in the United States Chapter Four: Vulnerable, But Not Silent: Unpacking Discourses of Fear Surrounding NTT Faculty Nora Timmerman Chapter Five: Notes from the Field: Mobilizing Non-Tenure Track Faculty at the University of Arizona Sean Rys, Joel Smith, and Kristin Little Chapter Six: Reclaiming Academic Labor in a Democratic State: Mediating the Neoliberal University Assault on the Professoriate Tiffany Kraft Chapter Seven: The Theft of Adjunct Faculty Labor Time: Theorizing Exchange Value and Resistance from a Marxist Perspective Philippa Winkler Chapter Eight: Democracy, Shared Governance, and Academic Freedom for All Faculty Brian A. Stone and Sandra J. Stone Part Three: Global Cases of Faculty Narrative and Agency Chapter Nine: Non-Tenured Academics and the Dilemma of the Academic Profession in Kenyan Universities Daniel N. Sifuna and Ibrahim O. Oanda Chapter Ten: Tenure and Non-Tenure Track Systems in Turkish Academia: Current Status and Future Prospects Nihan Demirkasımoğlu Chapter Eleven: The Beginnings of Resistance among Part-time Instructors in South Korea Sungok R. Park and Choi Soyung Chapter Twelve: Disposable Academics: Neoliberalism, Anti-Intellectualism and the Rise of Contingent Faculty in Canadian Universities Njoki Nathani Wane and Zuhra Abawi Chapter Thirteen: Afterthought: Unchaining Prometheus and Decaualizing Academic Labor Ishmael I. Munene References About the Contributors

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