Continental Rifts: Evolution, Structure, Tectonics

Continental Rifts: Evolution, Structure, Tectonics

by Kenneth H. Olsen



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ISBN-13: 9780444895660
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Publication date: 11/24/1995
Series: Developments in Geotectonics
Pages: 458
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. I. Introduction and Overview. Introduction: progress in understanding continental rifts (K.H. Olsen, P. Morgan). Mechanisms of rifting: geodynamic modeling of continental rift systems (M.H.P. Bott). II. Methods of Investigation: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives. Petrology,geochemistry, isotopes (R.F. Wendlandt et al.). Seismic techniques (L.W. Braile et al.). Potential field methods (M.H.P. Bott, W.J. Hinze). Heat flow in rifts (P. Morgan). Practical magnetotellurics in a continental rift environment (G.R. Jiracek, V. Haak, K.H. Olsen). III. Modern Rifts. The European Cenozoic rift system (C. Prodehl, St. Mueller, V. Haak). The East African rift system (L.W. Braile et al.). The Rio Grande rift (W.S. Baldridge et al.). The Basin and Range province (T. Parsons). The Baikal rift system (G.R. Keller et al.). IV. Paleorifts. The Oslo rift (E.-R. Neumann, K.H. Olsen, W.S. Baldridge). The Midcontinent Rift System, U.S.A.: a major Proterozoic continental rift (D.J. Allen et al.). Rifted passive margins (M.H.P. Bott). The Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen (G.R. Keller, W.S. Baldridge). West and Central African rift system (G.R. Keller, R.F. Wendlandt, M.H.P. Bott). V. Epilogue. Continental rifting: a final perspective (W.S. Baldridge, G.R. Keller, L.W. Braile). Subject index.

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