Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1993)

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ISBN-13: 9781461276456
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 10/12/2011
Series: Clinical Perspectives in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1993
Pages: 261
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.02(d)

About the Author

Donna Shoupe, MD, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, CA, USA

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Table of Contents

1 Evolution of Steriods and Their Contraceptive and Therapeutic Use.- 2 Pharmacology of Contraceptive Steriods.- 3 Oral Contraceptives Effect on Glucose Metabolism.- 4 Oral Contraceptives and Plasma Lipoprotein Metabolism.- 5 Oral Contraceptives: Effect on Hemostasis.- 6 The New Progestins.- 7 Oral Contraceptives and Cancer.- 8 Oral Contraceptives for Women Over the Age of 35.- 9 Contraception in the Adolescent.- 10 Which Oral Contraceptive Pill Should be Prescribed?.- 11 Safety and Efficacy of the IUD.- 12 NORPLANTR Contraceptive Implants.- 13 Injectable Contraceptives and Contraceptive Vaginal Rings.- 14 Diaphragm, Condoms, and Sponge.- 15 Female Sterilization.- 16 Vasectomy.- 17 AIDS and Contraception.- 18 Hormone Antagonism for Contraception: GnRH Antagonists and Antiprogestins.- 19 Immunological Contraception.- 20 Future Trends of Contraception.

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