Controlling Cocaine: Supply Versus Demand Programs

Controlling Cocaine: Supply Versus Demand Programs


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ISBN-13: 9780833015525
Publisher: Rand Publishing
Publication date: 05/17/1995
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 8.48(w) x 10.96(h) x 0.34(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
The Size of the Problem
Cocaine-Control Programs
The Model
Overview of the Report
Chapter 2: Supply Control
How Supply-Control Programs Work
Effects on Cocaine Consumption
Chapter 3: Demand Control
Consumption of Cocaine
Characteristics of Treatment Programs
Effects on Cocaine Consumption
Chapter 4: Sensitivity to Key Parameters
Parameters Analyzed
Uncertainty Ranges
Sensitivity Results
Interaction Effects
Threshold Analysis
Chapter 5: Alternative Evaluation Criteria
Number of Cocaine Users
Societal Costs
How Large Are the Societal Costs of Cocaine?
How Do Control Programs Affect the Societal Costs?
Chapter 6: Composite Programs
A. Cocaine Supply
B. Supply-Control Programs
C. Cocaine Demand
D. Demand-Control Programs
E. The Cocaine-Control Model
F. Sensitivity To Uncertain Parameters

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