Controversial Issues In The Church

Controversial Issues In The Church

by Anne Kaestner
Controversial Issues In The Church

Controversial Issues In The Church

by Anne Kaestner



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Is it wrong for a Christian to drink real wine? Why does the Bible say that homosexuality is a sin? How should Christians handle the abortion issue? And what does the Bible say about the abuse of women? These questions and many others are answered in this six chapter book. Everything is stated in a direct and easily understood manner. And all assertions are fully backed up with quotes from the Bible and scripture references so that you can check it out for yourself.

Chapter One is “Alcohol, Wine, And The Blood Of Christ.” It contends that although habitual drunkenness is a sin, the mere drinking of wine, or even alcohol, is not. And that the doctrine against the consumption of alcoholic beverages originated in the church, not in the Word of God. Proof is given that Jesus not only drank real wine, He turned water into wine. And Noah not only planted his own vineyard but drunk from its wine. Also, Paul told Timothy to stop drinking water so much and take a little wine for his frequent ailments.

Chapter Two is “Sodomy And The Homosexual.” It explains why God considers this sin so blasphemous. It also provides information on the role Freud and others played in using hypnotherapy and catharsis to create an environment today that makes it look socially acceptable. Chapter Three is “The Abortion Issue.” Although it agrees with protesters that abortion is a horrible sin, it takes a different approach to fighting it. This chapter advocates assistance during pregnancy and kindness for the pregnant mother in the hope of winning her to Christ through love, not condemnation.

Chapter Four is “Machismo, Rape, And The Abuse of Women.” It provides emotional comfort to women who suffer this way by giving a scriptural account of God’s anger and judgment against men who engage in this sin. The Bible gives the account of a young concubine who was horribly gang raped and murdered by a small group of vicious men. As a result, God ordered the killing of twenty-five thousand Israelite men because of it!

Chapter Five is “Is The Death Penalty Christian?” The death penalty is advocated in the Bible, both in the Old Testament and the New. In fact, Jesus said the He didn't come to change the Old Testament law but to fulfill it (Matthew 5:17-18). Answers are given to explain why Christ pardoned the woman caught in adultery (John 8:3-11) and His statement about turning the other cheek (Matthew 5:39).

Chapter Six is “Dealing With The Poor And Homeless.” In 1964 President Lyndon Johnson announced his “war on poverty” program during his State of the Union speech. At the time the poverty rate was 19%. Since then, U.S. taxpayers have spent over $22 trillion on anti-poverty programs (in constant 2012 dollars). Adjusted for inflation, this spending (which does not include Social Security or Medicare) is three times the cost of all military wars in U.S. history since the American Revolution. Yet in November 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau said more than 16% of the population lived in poverty, including almost 20% of American children, up from 14.3% (approximately 43.6 million) in 2009 and to its highest level since 1993. By contrast, the Lord Jesus Christ said, “The poor you will always have with you...” (Mark 14:7 NIV). Therefore, how should the Christian deal with this issue?

This ebook has been well researched and should prove to be interesting and informative reading for those looking for answers to these popular issues of today.

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About the Author

Anne Kaestner is co-founder of Bible Believers Fellowship, Inc. with her husband Eric. She is the Vice President and Executive Director. Anne also functions as Secretary of the Corporation, and is involved in all major Executive decisions. She attends all Board of Directors meetings, as well as any initial and/or important meetings with professionals hired by the Corporation, including legal, banking, and accounting services. Anne runs the office and is also in charge of personnel. Aside from all of this, she has pioneered our efforts to purchase, at a drastically reduced price, the numerous Christian role model books that we distribute free of charge in correctional facilities nationwide. Anne is in charge of spiritual and doctrinal matters, as well as most written communication. Except for an occasional inmate testimony, she does all of the writing for our publication “The Good News Letter,” most of our mass produced literature, and most of our ebooks. She is in charge of all counseling, the majority of which she handles personally. She is actively involved in researching information that will assist us with our newsletter articles and similar literature, including our “Answers To Your Questions” series. Besides this, she personally reads any and all books and screens all videos that we purchase for distribution. And she was the original liaison between the video suppliers and this ministry. She arranged for the BBFI imprint in our role model books and worked to ensure that we receive copyright clearance on all the Christian videos that we distribute to prisons and jails.

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