The Convenient Groom (Nantucket Love Story Series)

The Convenient Groom (Nantucket Love Story Series)

by Denise Hunter
4.4 46


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Convenient Groom (Nantucket Love Story Series) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 46 reviews.
Kathleen_Fuller More than 1 year ago
A Convenient Groom is just the kind of book I like to read when I need to relax. I love a sweet love story with a Prince Charming-like hero, and Lucas and Kate's story fits the bill. Hunter does a terrific job of showing how opposites do attract, and how no matter how we try to control life, we are not the ones in control. Kate learned that lesson, and it was a great reminder for me, too. I recommend picking up A Convenient Groom if you're in the mood for a well-told, fun story that's heavy on the romance. You won't be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Denise Hunter is my new favorite author for this summer! I love the chemistry and the characters
mybook37 More than 1 year ago
I laughed, I cried... no really this was a great story, good characters, suspenseful moments of will she or won't she. I was really surprised by the is book. Highly recommend if you enjoy a good clean romance story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was a very sweet story. One of those that is similar to 'What Happens in Vegas' in storyline. I read it in one sitting. Well written!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this book within two days. It was gripping. Gloriously and profoundly in touch with romantic feelings, scorn feelings, and just plain hurtful feelings. It was simple and well written. I want to say 'classic', like a bride's wedding dress almost...'classic white'. The story made me cry, laugh, and even gasp in parts. I think all women and most men, even, have experienced most of the feelings that are exposed in this book. Ladies - you'll love it. Men - I doubt you'd read something like this, but if you buy this for you're special someone you'll be graced with a warming smile and after she reads the book..probably a few hundred kisses or so. I may be only eighteen, but as an inspired reader and poetry and short story writter take my word for it: BUY THIS BOOK!!! It's worth it.
ReaderwriterBarb More than 1 year ago
A neighbor gave me this delightful read, so it was my first one by this author, but it won't be my last. Kate finds herself jilted at the altar and her entire career depends on her wedding. Lucas Wright becomes the stand-in groom. Kate's written a book about how to find Mr. Right, and it releases on the same day of her wedding. Ironically, she weds Mr. Wright who is so totally opposite and does everything she advises against in her book of advice, but she's broken-hearted and backed into a corner. When he offers her a way out of the mess her life has become, she accepts. She thinks he's marrying her so she'll help him with his mom and dad's marriage in return, but she's in for quite a surprise. When her ex, Bryan, wants back in the picture after realizing he's made a huge mistake, what will Kate do? Will she choose Bryan, the one who left her stranded at the altar and forgive him, or will she choose Luca, the one her knowledge and common sense says is all wrong for her even if she did marry Mr. Wright, To add to the turmoil, his family lives right next door and there's a big, hairy dog she has to contend with. Sure, Lucas warned her he had a dog, but she expected a small one, especially when she saw the size of his small place. His mother doesn't like her. Lucas knows why and finally shares the reason with her. Then, a leggy redhead enters the picture, and Kate is forced to deal with feelings that crop up and ask why she should even care. To top it all off, he enjoys sailing, and she gets seasick. What else could possibly go wrong? She did marry Mr. Wright, after all.
flakymn More than 1 year ago
Another week. Another stab at Christian fiction. And, yet, another success at finding a great author with a great message and a great story. Enter Denise Hunter and The Convenient Groom. Maybe I have been all wrong about the quality of Christian fiction that is out there - primarily Christian love stories. Another home-run here folks. First, the downside. Predictability. There's really no way for me to put a spoiler in here because you are pretty sure, from the onset, of where the author is going with this one. Kate Lawrence, a famous author and counselor on love and finding the right mate finds herself moments away from her wedding with no groom to stand alongside her. Can the heroine survive this jilt? And even more important, what will the press have to say about her book and its release and her career when the authority on love is loveless? Lucas Wright offers her an out - he'll stand in as the groom. And what follows, is, a fairly predictable love story. But even though I basically knew where the book was going to go from early on, I found myself quite captivated in this fast moving piece of romance. And I think you will too. Even better is that Hunter manages to present a work that brings you closer to the Lord without sounding corny or forced. Can Kate find love? And more importantly, can she learn how to follow God's leading and not her own? You won't be disappointed with this easy, light-hearted, and spiritually uplifting read! *In exchange for my honest review of this book, the publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy through BookSneeze®
Anonymous 10 months ago
I really enjoyed this story. The worst day of her life starts the ball rolling to changing she life. The characters are well written with strong emotions making you feel for them. Looking forward to reading more books by Densie. joy943
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
I am a huge Denise Hunter fan and I so don't know how I missed THE CONVENIENT GROOM when it first came out. I became aware of it's existence when it was made into a Hallmark movie and I promoted that on my blog, letting all those lucky people who had Hallmark channel on TV know -- I don't have TV. Ugh. Color me green. So knowing the book is always better than the movie (if the book came first) I went looking for it. And yes, I did buy it, but I didn't buy it from Amazon so it will not say I'm a verified buyer. Again, ugh. THE CONVENIENT GROOM was just as amazing as I knew it would be. Lucas was literally a dear, and so swoon-worthy, Kate was shattered, didn't know which way was up and was grasping at a life-saver to save everything -- her reputation, her career, her sanity. Dr. Kate had a lot of intelligent advice, but she didn't know what true love was -- she found her perfect mate and emotions weren't involved. That was my thought when she was stunned by her reactions to Lucas. You know, sometimes you know something in your head, but your heart has different ideas, She had a lot to learn. The book did end with some lingering questions, but it was sweet, swoon-worthy, and sigh -- a sad moment when I closed the cover. Now I found the movie is available for sale -- and I'll get to see it after all. Yay. If you missed this book, grab it now. THE CONVENIENT GROOM. Other books in the series are Surrender Bay, THE CONVENIENT GROOM, Seaside Letters and Driftwood Lane
MysM More than 1 year ago
Jilted at the Altar, Then What? Nantucket Love Story: The Convenient Groom (second in the series) by Denise Hunter is a fun, light-hearted romance. Despite the fact that this author has written 40+ books, this is the first book of hers that I've read but it won't be the last. This novel was made into a Hallmark movie for TV. Kate Lawrence is a totally all-together author/counsellor who has her life all planned out — has had ever since middle school when she found such satisfaction in helping others with their problems that she maps out her life goals which included getting a psych degree from Cornell and writing a best seller. Well, the book is being published the same day as her wedding to "Mr. Right-for-Her", Bryan Montgomery, and while she's tracking down the gazebo that is late arriving at the wedding site, she gets a call from her fiancé that leaves her jilted. Since the name of the groom had been kept a secret from all but a very few people involved, the carpenter creating the gazebo, Lucas Wright, steps up and offers to take Bryan's place. Kate agrees to a 1-year temporary arrangement and things seem to go off without a hitch. Problems set in when Bryan decides he's made a mistake and breaks up with the girl he left Kate for. Of course, the fact that Lucas is in love with her complicates things even further. Can opposites be compatible? Could Kate, the relationship expert, be wrong about her parents' marriage? Will her readers come back when they learn the truth about her temporary marriage? Is she trusting in God or trying to take charge of her own life? There's lots of misdirection and miscommunication in this delightful romance set on idyllic Nantucket Island.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
The Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter is a fabulous read. Ms Hunter has delivered a well written book with amazing, lovable characters. Lucas and Kate's story is a clean story, a great choice for those that don't care to read sexy bits. There's plenty of drama, humor to keep the reader's attention. I enjoyed The Convenient Groom and look forward to reading more from Denise Hunter in the future. I won a copy of this book from Goodreads.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hard to put down. Encourages prayer - about everything.
mackenzie_carol More than 1 year ago
The Convenient Groom is the second book in Denise Hunter’s Nantucket Love Story series, coming after Surrender Bay. I am a HUGE fan of Denise’s and have loved everything of hers that I have read, the most recent being The Goodbye Bride, so I was sooooooo excited when I found out that the Hallmark Channel was making one of her novels into a movie! Since I hadn’t read the book in question (this one), I immediately made it my goal to pick it up from the library so I could read it before I watched the movie. Let me just say, I am so, so glad I decided to do that!!! This book was by far one of my favorite books Denise has written, and I couldn’t help but absolutely melting over Lucas and everything related to his side of his relationship with Kate. While I really enjoyed reading about Kate and did love her story and her character, I know if I met her on the street she definitely wouldn’t be my favorite person. She writes way too many lists, and likes order way too much—in an OCD kind of way—for me to think I would choose her as I friend. However, that helped to make this the absolute perfect story, so I’ll forgive her for her quirkiness. And for some of her completely wrong ideas on what love is really all about. She may make a living off of counseling people about love and marriage and how to find the right mate, but I don’t think she’s fully qualified to advise people about something she hasn’t fully experienced in her own life, and even then, no one really knows nearly as much about love as they would like to think they do. I’m not knocking Kate, she really is a very smart woman who is just trying to help people with their love lives, but I just think if she had looked more at God’s example of perfect love, she would’ve had so much better advice. Lucas Wright was by far my favorite character in this book. I had already pretty much pegged what I thought his real reason for marrying Kate was before I had even opened this book—and I was right—but it was still nice to actually see everything relating to his true reason and his eventual admission, to himself of course, in the first few chapters. Even though Kate is just a little bit obsessive and has to be sometimes hard to live with (I do love her I promise I just realize how much of a pain she must be!), Lucas is constantly the perfect gentleman and always takes the BEST care of Kate, clearly taking those marriage vows seriously even though Kate insists it’s simply a business arrangement. I couldn’t help but fall in love with Lucas immediately, and I know you will too, because he is by far one of the sweetest men you will ever meet (even if it’s just in the pages of a book). All in all, I really loved this book, and am so, so excited to see the movie! I know it won’t be absolutely perfect and completely and utterly in line with the book, but it still will be good to see, so I’m glad it’s currently waiting for me on my DVR. I can’t imagine giving this novel anything less than all five bookshelves, as it was absolutely fantastic, and it definitely has a place on my all-time favorites list. I know I’ll want to read this again—honestly I could now if I didn’t have other things to read—and I highly recommend it is a wonderfully enjoyable story! (This review is from my blog,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love Denise Hunter's work
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Azumeril More than 1 year ago
If I was asked to describe 'Convenient Groom' by Denise Hunter in three words, I'd say it's 'sweet', 'innocent' and 'romantic'. Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter is a well written romance and I couldn't help but feel warm all over while reading this story. The author wasted no time in introducing conflict at the beginning of this story, and I love how Christian elements were embedded in this story. The author brought up a lot of issue in this story. One of it is that expressing oneself to the one you love, following God's plans, blessing in disguise and opening yourself up to wondrous possibilities by being brave. Convenient Groom is inspiring, easy to read sweet romance and wonderfully written. Highly recommended for romance lovers. It's a keeper. At least to me it is. I enjoyed this book very much.
Hana_Rui More than 1 year ago
A romance story always ends the same way, but doesn't really have to go through a trite course. I haven't really read enough romance to say I've seen them all, so I guess that's one reason why I ended up enjoying this book despite its predictability. Enjoyed it, but not exactly 'fell in-love' with it. Somehow, I knew they were bound to end up being together, but felt the reading experience wouldn't be complete without fussing over the nitty-gritty details. As it was, I could hardly put this title down. It's not exactly an edge-of-the-seat page turner. There were actually instances when I felt I was only flipping the pages in hopes of finishing the book right away and catch up on my reading goals. There weren't much interesting things happening midway, but the climax did well in keeping me interested enough to keep going, if only to prove what I already knew. It did have the potential of sending romantic chills down any girl's spine-what public proposal of love wouldn't anyway-while instilling a few useful individual and family values along the way. Having a view of both the hero and heroine's stream of self-doubts and uncertainties may have become annoying in the long run, but the author made good in justifying each with an ingrained fear from a past hurt and/or the character's personal values and principles. One line that I particularly liked was the heroine's own advice to her brother-in-law, which she later incorporated into her own decision: "It's fear that makes an act courageous." I've read this line once before, and it ended up being my favorite then as well. Fear needn't ever stall us from going after what we are truly passionate about, especially when God is carefully laying down the path towards the very thing we have been running away from forever. I think the most important value one can learn from this book is to develop a strong faith and learn to relinquish control to God's own plans once in a while. This is only the second romance novel I have read that's incorporated with some biblical and spiritual values. I could hardly remember what that last book was all about, but I think this one has given me enough timely lessons to keep it lodged in my memories for quite a long time. I got an advance copy of this book to review from Booksneeze.