Conveniently: Playing for Hearts Book Three

Conveniently: Playing for Hearts Book Three

by Debra Kayn

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Conveniently: Playing for Hearts Book Three by Debra Kayn

Easygoing Juan Santiago, a two-time gold medalist on the US Olympic men’s downhill ski team, receives his last warning: Either stay free of scandal, or lose his sponsorship and be put on the reserve list. With the Olympics a month away, he won’t risk being thrown off the team. He vows no more women, no more parties, and no more scandalous behavior. But when a gorgeous woman runs past him at Timber Lodge with the sexiest calves he’s ever seen, he must follow her.

When Dana Reese, daughter of Colton Reese - owner of the world’s biggest ski equipment company - is stood up on her wedding day, she’s devastated and outraged. How dare her ex- ruin her life schedule. Organized to a fault, she must get married today, so the rest of her plans will happen in order. Luckily for her, she’s caught in a compromising position with a member of the US Olympic ski team and wiggles her way into saving his ass by marrying him.

Little does she know that she didn’t marry just any young stud skier, but the man they call Amante Español. Spanish Lover.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781440566523
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 10/07/2013
Series: Playing for Hearts , #3
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 190
Sales rank: 313,546
File size: 749 KB

About the Author

Top selling romance author Debra Kayn lives with her family in the beautiful coastal mountains of Oregon where she enjoys riding motorcycles, gardening, playing tennis, and fishing. Learn more about her at, follow her on Twitter @DebraKayn, or like her page on Facebook

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Conveniently 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
kimberlyindy More than 1 year ago
This is Juan's story. Who knew that skiers could be so sexy? Not me, but Debra Kayn made me a believer and when I watch the Olympics this year, I might have to pay a little more attention to the skiers. Juan is called the Spanish Lover and is in trouble with his coach because of his reputation, he may lose his sponsorship. He has vowed to walk a straight line and stay our of trouble, but then he is caught in a very compromising position with a stranger (Dana.) Dana has her whole life planned out including when she is supposed to get married. Dana is stood up on her wedding day, which is when she ends up in the compromising position with Juan. Even though the position is completely innocent, Dana uses it to her advantage to keep her plans on track. Theirs becomes a marriage of convenience. But you can feel the chemistry between these two and I was rooted for the two of them from the beginning. I am enjoying this sport related series by Kayn. I can't wait for books 4 and 5. All the books are stand alone, but characters do pop in and out from previous books.
kimberdee11 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by SatinSheetsRomance dot com  Schedule , schedule , schedule. That is all Dana Reese wants,  to stick to her schedule of life.  But when her soon to be , dumps her on her wedding day ,  Juan is there , when she runs into him while trying to get some air.  Juan Mr. Amante Español aka Spanish Lover.  He seem to have all the women, but he is caught with  his zipper down and it isnt how it looked.  But he gets banned from skiing from the couch but  Dana steps up and explains , they are getting married!  Dana talks Juan into a marriage to help both out , then  after the Olympics are over they will just get an annulment.  But Juan wants something else , he wants Dana and  any way he can get her.  Will they make this fake marriage work ?  I LOVE this author, this is the second book I have had the  priviage to read and Dana and Juan is just amazing as book 2.  Got to get this book and the others in the series Playing For Hearts . 
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
Rating: 4.5 Stars  In Conveniently by Debra Kayn, Dana Reese is not only devastated but outraged, her fiancé has called off the wedding right before it was time for the ceremony. He has completely ruined her life schedule! She had to get married today if her life plans are to happen in order. Only as she is running through the lobby in an attempt to get away from everyone, she runs smack into a man. Well she just decides to move on and continue on her destination to the reception area where she will be able to remove her dress and find a solution to this problem. Juan Santiago is a two time gold medalist on the US Olympic men downhill ski team. Now on his way to the third he receives his last warning, and he must stay free of scandal or lose his sponsorship. But when a gorgeous woman runs past him at Timber Lodge with the sexiest calves he’s ever seen, he must follow her. Only as he walks in on her rant over the phone about her fiancé standing her up right before the wedding and trying to remove her wedding dress. As she tells him to help her remove the dress he can’t help but assist her in her need. Only as he is about to remove his pants so she can wear instead, the zipper gets stuck. He tries everything to remove it, but it won’t move, so she decides to help him, with her teeth. She asks him to get on the table and she bends down to try and pull the tab with her teeth, but when she doing that Santiago’s coach walks in and followed by photographers who immediately know a scandal in the works. Santiago leaps to cover Dana with his body but the damage is done, he will lose his sponsor.  But Dana has found the solution for them both, and she tells them that they are getting married and that she was helping him get ready for the ceremony. Not only will that keep Santiago in the Olympics, but it will also keep her plans on track. Plus her father being Colton Reese—owner of the world’s biggest ski equipment company, will be glad to sponsor Santiago for taking Dana off his hands. Dana and Santiago enter their marriage like a business contract, and decide that they will help each other and keep a friendly relationship. The marriage won’t be consummated because they plan on an annulment. But the attraction and chemistry between them will put everything to the test, for with his fans and her business, they will have enough people bringing the green eyed monster of jealousy to the front enough times to test their limits to the no-consummation of their marriage deal. Conveniently is a fun and entertaining read, not only does it keep you laughing and wondering what comes next, it also keeps you rooting for Santiago and Dana to keep their marriage and fight for what they truly want. And What Santiago does with the marriage present from his father-in-law to him is just amazing and sweet. This is one book that was a joy to read. If you want a sweet, fun and entertaining read, don’t miss Conveniently by Debra Kayn.