Converging Destinies: Jews, Christians, and the Mission of God

Converging Destinies: Jews, Christians, and the Mission of God


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While all have reason to celebrate the greening of Christian-Jewish relations since the Shoah and the promulgation of Nostra Aetate (4), few will deny that much work remains to be done by Christians and Jews seeking the best way forward that they might best serve God's purposes in the world, the mission of God. This book addresses that need by first surveying how each community has historically conceived of its own mission and from that stance assigned an identity to the other. The text illuminates how such construals have often impeded progress and therefore need to be upgraded and supplemented. But how shall this be done? Converging Destinies proposes an eschatological vision and practical suggestions to summon Jews and Christians to prepare for that day when each will be both commended and reproved by the judge of all, sounding a call for more determined action, greater humility, and cooperative effort as together Jews and Christians serve the mission of God, accountable to him for how they have served him and each other in the world that he has created according to his will.

""While the scholarly world in the area of Jewish/Christian relations focuses largely on the 'parting of the ways,' Dr. Dauermann paints a well-reasoned trajectory that calls for a conciliatory and complementary approach. Dr. Dauermann's Converging Destinies is a must-read for those who possess the intellectual openness that challenges their paradigmatic understanding regarding the destiny of Israel and the Church in God's eschatological consummation.""
--Elliot Klayman, Executive Director, Messianic Jewish Theological Institute

""A pioneering leader of the Messianic Jewish movement, Rabbi Stuart Dauermann is unrivaled in its circles as a missiological theoretician and practitioner. InConverging Destinies,Dauermann argues with clarity and passion on behalf of a mission paradigm which honors both Israel's enduring vocation and its need for--and indissoluble connection to--Jesus the Messiah. Dauermann demonstrates how a distinctive Messianic Jewish perspective can make an essential and unique contribution to the field of missiology.""
--Mark S. Kinzer, President Emeritus, Messianic Jewish Theological Institute

""Stuart Dauermann's book is an important statement that will generate serious discussion.Some of his positions are in my view foundational to our Messianic Jewish Movement.Others are controversial and will require deep thinking to defend alternative approaches.Stuart is always brilliant, provocative, and stimulating.His positions are well stated. I encourage our people to interact with this important book.""
--Daniel Juster, ThD, Restoration from Zion of Tikkun Internatinal; former President of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations

""Dr. Stuart Dauermann knows what every turtle knows: if you want to get anywhere in life you have to stick your neck out. This he does, in his extremely insightful and provocative new book.""
--Jeffrey L.Seif, University Distinguished Professor of Bible and Jewish Studies, Kings University

""Dr. Stuart Dauermann knows what every turtle knows: if you want to get anywhere in life you have to stick your neck out. This he does, in his extremely insightful and provocative new book. . . . Long live the Dauermanns of the world who stick their necks out. Long live the Dauermanns of the world who appreciate the Jewish shell and who are doggedly determined to stay at home in it--over and against the protestations of younger reptiles who don't happen to have a protective, 3,500-year-old home to dwell in. Lastly, long live all who, with Dauermann, want to explore what does really mean to be a 'Jewish' believer in Yeshua/Jesus? Those who don't agree with his answers 100 percent will still agree that he's asking the right questions, and that his answers are serious forces to be reckoned with both now and in the days ahead.""
--Jeffrey L.Seif, University Distinguished Pr

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Publication date: 03/14/2017
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About the Author

Stuart Dauermann is Director of Interfaithfulness. He specializes in developing new paradigms and tools to assist those navigating the intersection of the Christian and Jewish worlds, with special attention to the intermarried. Having participated in both the missions and congregational worlds, he is now engaged in serving a network of havurot, especially for Jews and intermarrieds.

Table of Contents

Foreword Calvin L. Smith xi

Acknowledgements xv

Prologue: A Missiological Biography 1

Part 1 What is Our Starting Point?

1 God's Everlasting Love for Israel 23

Part 2 Where Have We Been?

2 Do You See What I See? Western Christian Theologizing as a Skewed Tradition 47

3 Jewish Missiological Perspectives and the Christian Other 59

Part 3 Where are we Going?

4 The Mission of God and the Mission of Protestant Churches in Relation to that of Israel 89

5 The Mission of God and the Mission of the Roman Catholic Church in Relation to that of Israel 119

6 Paths and Detours on the Journey toward Synerjoy 139

7 What Is the Gospel We Should Be Commending to All Israel? 148

8 Bilateral Ecclesiology and Postsupersessionist Missiology as Inseparable Jewels 187

9 Seeds, Weeds, and Walking the High Wire: The Role of the Messianic Jewish Remnant 208

Epilogue: Can Two Walk Together Unless They Be Agreed? 249

Bibliography 255

Index 265

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