Conversations in Heaven: The Amazing Journey of Five Unique Heavenly Beings

Conversations in Heaven: The Amazing Journey of Five Unique Heavenly Beings

by Sue Campbell


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Conversations in Heaven: The Amazing Journey of Five Unique Heavenly Beings by Sue Campbell

The lives of five individuals are shared after they are greeted in heaven by Wisdom, their ten-foot-tall guardian angel and a member of God's hierarchy. Julie, a sixty-seven-year-old pizza shop owner from New Orleans; Abbie, a twenty-seven-year-old rock star from Santa Monica; Rashid, a twenty-five-year-old Taliban officer from Pakistan; Tiny, a forty-six-year-old partner in an accounting firm from Chicago; and Sophia, a fifty-four-year-old Jewish stand-up comic from South Miami, are all guided throughout the heavenly realm by Wisdom, experiencing a heaven they never dreamed existed.

The five forge a bond while meeting in the Garden of Tranquility, crossing the Sea of Reconciliation, and reconnecting with family, friends, and pets on the other side. Their arrival at the heavenly mansion prepared for them is celebrated with a homecoming party featuring a feast and a concert by many famous artists.

After the party, Wisdom transports them to Mount Transfiguration, the highest mountain in heaven, where they get their first glimpse of New Jerusalem, The City of God, a glittering and magnificent golden walled city which shines with the brilliance of millions of gems. From their vantage point, they marvel at the vista that spreads before them, captivated by its breathtaking beauty and vastness. Their journey, however, has only just begun.

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ISBN-13: 9781449760816
Publisher: Westbow Press
Publication date: 08/10/2012
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.75(d)

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Conversations in Heaven: The Amazing Journey of Five Unique Heavenly Beings 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
GoodGirlReviewers More than 1 year ago
A Review of Conversations in Heaven Summary Conversations in Heaven is about the life and death of Julie, an Italian-American woman. It is a narrative of a life lived in service to God, her journey in the afterlife, and the people she meets there. It is a deeply spiritual story that clearly illustrates fundamental Christian values and the importance of compassion and love in an individual's life. Narrative Style The reader will notice the distinct style of the author of going through each character's life, describing in poignant detail each milestone that defines them in their deaths. The chapters effectively develop their personalities by taking the time to paint each thought and feeling as Julie listens to them one by one. The stories are seamlessly woven into Julie's journey through Heaven after her life ends violently. The conversations become a testament to how God has touched every person that she's met in her first foray into the afterlife. As everyone recalls their past, they realize the wonder of their present and how worthwhile the hardships on earth were. The author makes effective use of imagery to describe the way Heaven is seen in Julie's eyes. Julie's character in itself is created as down-to-earth and very relatable, such as when she sees Jesus for the first time, the awe and joy are also felt by the reader. Novel Tone The novel does not take itself too seriously as to alienate readers who are not particularly spiritual. The overall tone is that of a happy story with a main character that, while obviously flawed, is endearing. The statements are easy to take in and light-hearted, although the dialogue has a tendency to progress into unnatural depositions. Novel Theme The theme of the novel is heavy on Christianity and salvation. However, it will appeal to readers of other religions or beliefs, it caters to its target audience well. Christian teachings on abstinence, forgiveness, and faith are clearly present and repeatedly emphasized. Potential Criticism Perhaps the biggest issue that the book will face is its depiction of Islam and the current situation in Afghanistan. Some readers might disagree with how the Muslims' Allah is described as compared to the Christians' God. The implied view that Islam promotes a violent and vengeful higher being in one of the character's stories might be taken badly. Additionally, the style of writing each character's life is compressed in a few short chapters, the events of the Afghan war might have been oversimplified. Overall Review For those new to the Christian faith, it is a good introduction to Christianity; and for the well-versed, it is a refreshing take on the promises that God makes to his followers. Religion aside, the novel sticks to the basics of a tried and true story where good triumphs over evil despite the odds. Each character's life is a narrative of suffering and hopelessness that were overcome with perseverance and love. For those who need a comforting and easy read about God and his teachings, the novel is highly recommended. Its creative take on the afterlife is a refreshing way to look at one's faith and find strength in it further. Reviewed by Melissa B. for Goodgirlbookclubonline