Conversations Of Lord Byron

Conversations Of Lord Byron

by Thomas Medwin


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ISBN-13: 9781408644461
Publisher: Geikie Press
Publication date: 02/29/2008
Pages: 356
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.79(d)

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" No," said he, " not even at Trieste. I " hate despotism and the Goths too much. I " have travelled little on the Continent, at least " never gone out of my way. This is partly " owing to the indolence of my disposition, " partly owing to my incumbrances. I had " some idea, when at Rome, of visiting Naples, " but was at that tune anxious to get back to " Venice. But Psestum cannot surpass the " ruins of Agrigentum, which I saw by moon- " light; nor Naples, Constantinople. You " have no conception of the beauty of the " twelve islands where the Turks have their " country-houses, or of the blue Symplegades " against which the Bosphorus beats with such " restless violence. " Switzerland is a country I have been satis- " fied with seeing once; Turkey I could live in " for ever. I never forget my predilections. I " was in a wretched state of health, and worse " spirits when I was at Geneva; but quiet and" the lake, physicians better than Polidori, soon " set me up. I never led so moral a life as " during my residence in that country; but I " gained no credit by it. Where there is a mor- " tification, there ought to be reward. On the " contrary, there is no story so absurd that they " did not invent at my cost. I was watched by " glasses on the opposite side of the Lake, and " by glasses too that must have had very dis- " torted optics. I was waylaid in my evening " drives—I was accused of corrupting all the " grisettes in the Rue Basse. I believe that. " they looked upon me as a man-monster, worse " than the piqueur. " Somebody possessed Madame de Stael with " an opinion of my immorality. I used occa- " sionally to visit her at Coppet; and once she " invited me to a family-dinner,and I found the " room full of strangers, who had come to stare " at me as at some outlandish beast...

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