Conversations with My Higher Self: Towards Abundance and Wellbeing

Conversations with My Higher Self: Towards Abundance and Wellbeing

by Johnny Bardavid


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Do you want to better your life? Are you going through a personal crisis? Are your family relationships deteriorating? Are you anguished, worried, depressed, and fearful? Would you like to overcome these self-destructing feelings and situations? In Conversations with My Higher Self, author Johnny Bardavid offers various different approaches to help you solve these and other problems to create abundance and well-being in your life.

Bardavid employs a dialogue between Louis and his mental and spiritual guide who steers him from failure to success using interesting parables, examples, stories, ideas, illustrations, reflections, and higher wisdom. Through this fictional conversation, Bardavid communicates the fundamental principles of the Law of Universal Attraction and other nontraditional, mental tools you can easily use and apply to better your professional, personal, family, and social lives.

Conversations with My Higher Self demonstrates how acquiring new forms of thinking and acting to face life's difficulties will enable you to attract more of what you want and less of what you don't want. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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ISBN-13: 9781982212513
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/12/2018
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.52(d)

About the Author

Johnny Bardavid graduated from North Carolina State College of Engineering with the highest honors. He earned a master's degree in business administration from a Mexican university. He has been a successful businessman for sixty-five years and a lecturer and business consultant for over forty years. He has also been a pro bono counselor for people with financial, personal, familial, and social problems for over fifty years.

Mr. Bardavid is the creator of more than 115 short and effective self-improvement videos on YouTube under "Johnny Bardavid," 25 percent of which are in English. A philosopher and writer, he has been very happily married for sixty-six years and is dedicated to serving others.

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First Dialogue with Master Louis

Do You Have Money Problems? Analysis of Different Worries and Concerns, and Some Means of Solving Them

It was one o'clock in the morning, and Louis couldn't fall asleep. He was tired of tossing and turning. Worry overcame him. He felt trapped in a dense and menacing darkness. Desperate, contrite, and fearful, he got up, kneeled, and prayed as he never had prayed before, with passion, desperation, hope, and great anxiety.

Worrisome concerns dramatically appeared. His heart was beating uncontrollably. His breathing was shallow, and he started to tremble violently; he was scared, very scared.

He had lost his job many months ago.

Even with his social security benefits, Louis's financial reserves were dwindling fast. He couldn't find a job. The country was in economic turmoil, his family conflicts were sapping his strength, and his overwhelming preoccupations were turning into depression. His world came crashing down on him.

He had looked for a job diligently, had gone for many interviews, and had consulted with friends, asking for advice and recommendations. His wife had done likewise.

He started to sell his belongings in order to survive above the poverty level.

He was losing faith, and this terrified him. An internal coldness was surfacing. His tremors became stronger.

Suddenly Louis perceived something, a very particular presence in front of him. He opened his eyes and saw nothing. He blinked, searched, and turned around and didn't notice anything strange, but he felt that somebody or something was near him.

Was he hallucinating? Was it his imagination? No, it was very real! He sensed something special — and at that moment, he received a sort of telepathic message:

Hello, Louis. I came to help you solve your problems.

Louis felt something strange. He couldn't understand what was happening.

You are going through an economic and emotional crisis that is overcoming your ability to face it confidently. You are unable to take advantage of your latent abilities.

"What kind of a presence are you? What latent abilities are you talking about?" he answered, still kneeling.

Latent abilities are those abilities that you have but have not yet discovered. As for me, you have heard me many times before. You may think that I am the voice of your conscience, but you have never really listened to me. Now, I am conversing with you for the first time as your superior self, your guardian, your guru, or whatever you may want to call me.

"This is sounding very strange to me."

Think of me as your personal counselor, your guide, and imagine that you are listening to me without your subconscious rejection, arising because of the very serious problems you are facing. I will help you see reality, not the apparent reality so worrisome to you.

Louis started to feel more tranquil upon hearing this internal voice and sensing this unknown presence.

"What greater reality is there than the fact that if I don't find a job soon, I won't be able to subsist? And I certainly don't know what's going to happen to me."

That is your temporary reality. I'm talking about nontemporary realities. I'm talking about transcendental realities.

"Nontemporary realities? Transcendental realities? I don't know what you are talking about — well, almost talking because I perceive your thoughts but can't physically listen to you."

Transcendental realities are the ones that never change. They are like eternal truths. I suggest you don't continue kneeling. Stand up. Cover yourself because you are still trembling. Let's sit down. I say sit down figuratively because you are the only one who's going to sit down. I am in a different space-time dimension in front of you.

Momentarily Louis forgot his problems and became very curious and hopeful. He put on his robe and got a pencil and paper. He felt a very particular flow of energy rushing through his spine.

"Are you still with me? What should I call you?"

Call me Master Louis.

"Are you my master?"

No, I am your loving guide who wants to help you.

"Master Louis, I am very intrigued. Many questions are f lowing through my mind. What kind of guide are you? Why am I feeling your presence now? Can I have confidence in you? Are you a product of my imagination?"

Consider me as your superconsciousness, the one that is not belittled by your fears and doubts or your limited considerations. You perceive me now because life is presenting you with very serious tests, and now you are more open to learning. Can you have confidence in me? Well, if what I'll tell you works, and if you feel comfortable and hopeful, you will have confidence in me.

"What can I do to solve my problems?"

Louis, you are the architect of your own destiny. Be sure you will be able to solve your problems! Don't think that I'll give you a special prescription with burning, smoky potions and magical words. Are you interested in learning how to solve your financial problems practically and effectively, starting tonight?

"Definitely. I'm super interested."

Okay, there's an easy way and a difficult way. Which do you choose?

"The easier one."

This one will be easier to execute but more difficult to learn.

"You are making it difficult for me. Isn't there one that will be easy to learn and execute?"

It depends on you. If you look through a window, you can see people; however, if you cover the window with a silver film, you convert it into a mirror and can see only yourself.

"What does that mean?"

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

"I can only see my problems as problems. How could I look at them in any other way?"

Look at them as enormous opportunities to learn and develop constant self-improvement.



The Chinese look at crisis asWei-Ji. They call the problems WEI, which always goes together with JI, meaning opportunities.

"I believe that problems are the opposite of opportunities."

They really complement each other because they allow you to grow intellectually and emotionally as you find the opportunities hidden in their solutions.

"This is not clear to me. Could you give me an example?"

I'll give you a simple example: If a man is allergic to sugar and stops ingesting it even though he likes it, that's his problem. Where is the opportunity?

"I don't know. He just solved his problem."

If he acquires this habit of significantly reducing his sugar intake, his health will show benefits throughout his life. That is the opportunity! Remember: "Problems are really opportunities disguised in work clothes". It all depends on your attitude. We will see more of this subject as we go along.

Since you are always responsible for your attitude, changing your attitude toward problems will change your life. If you think that you can solve your problems, you can. If you think you can't solve them, you can't. In both cases you are right.

Your attitude affects your mood, and your mood is a powerful influence in your life. Everything that happens in your external world is a consequence of your inner world, your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and attitudes.

"I still have doubts. I feel that this economic crisis is national, even worldwide, and it affects us all. It's impossible for me to think that I could have caused my crisis or that I may conquer it."

In extreme cases, crisis may overcome you, but usually you are the master of your own destiny. If you think something is impossible, it will be. That will be your reality, not reality itself. Ten enemies won't hurt a man as much as he hurts himself.

"Definitely I don't want to be my own worst enemy. Please give me an example of this reality you are talking about."

In the Middle Ages, the scientific truth was that the earth was flat and that the sun circled around the earth. Those untrue truths, accepted by everybody, limited humanity's progress for centuries.

"I understand this geographic and astronomical reference, but please give me an example that I can apply to solve my problems."

If you go to a job interview fearful, worried, afraid, and doubting you'll be hired, people will notice your insecurity — your lack of confidence in yourself — and you won't create a good impression. When you go in with this attitude, it will be difficult for any interviewer to give you a job. He or she will probably give the job to somebody else.

"Master Louis, my superconsciousness, my spiritual guide, or whoever you are, you are shaking all my beliefs and attitudes and making me see other realities. Tell me, what specific steps should I be taking to solve my personal problems now?"

First, understand that your problems are a consequence of your past thoughts, feelings, emotions, and attitudes. Apparently, your problems are brought about by situations beyond yourself, but this point of view is as wrong as the view that the earth is flat.

"What do my thoughts have to do with my pressing financial needs?"

Be patient and you'll understand it. Albert Einstein once said, "The most important decision that a human being should take is to decide whether he wants to live in a hostile or an amicable universe," implying that we are the architects of our own destinies, that we create our hostile or amicable environments by means of our thoughts, which originate our attitudes and actions. It is not by chance that we create our own environments.

Why do you think that most human beings are immersed in mediocrity and in poverty, continuously facing recurring problems?

"Well, I think that this is the way life is. We have to taste the sweet and the sour situations of life. We have to accept that we sometimes have to endure bad luck and the injustices of life because of accidents and chance."

Thinking like that is like blaming a fire on chance or bad luck, when possibly the cause was that somebody fell asleep with a cigarette lit.

"I feel that there are situations, like a sickness — cancer, say — that people never desired or provoked. Are we responsible for these too?"

Imagine that the person who developed cancer was a smoker for many years. Would it be chance or bad luck that he or she generated the cancer?

"No, I believe you are right in this sense, but there are other life situations, like an accident or an instance of theft, that I can't conceive how I could have contributed to cause them."

Appearances are deceiving. Apparently, the sun rotates around the earth; it rises in the east and sets in the west. But that is not the truth. If you are in a vehicle stopped at a red light and you are distracted momentarily, you can be shocked by the feeling that you are moving backward, when in reality the other cars are moving forward. As you can understand, not everything is as it appears to be.

Right now you are not prepared to accept that even accidents or other apparent fortuitous circumstances are originated by past negative and self-destructive ways of thinking, feeling, and acting, including those in the very remote past. Be patient, and little by little you will understand this.

"Truly it's very difficult for me to accept what you are telling me."

I understand it seems inconceivable that we are the cause of everything that happens to us; however, this is something that has been studied and accepted by the great minds of many generations. It is now time for this knowledge to become universal: There are no coincidences, everything is causal, nothing is capricious, and everything obeys a law, which I'll explain later.

"While I achieve an understanding of this, please suggest something more practical for me to use to solve my problems more rapidly."

Fears and worries slow down the solution of all problems. You have to face your problems and accept the fact that they are momentary, impermanent. You can mentally tell yourself that you are very conscious of them and that you are in the process of solving your problems, which is true. You are now in that process!

"Do you want me to talk to myself?"

Cheer up. Try it. Be aware of what is happening. This apparently simple statement will help you reduce the oppressive feelings brought about by negative thoughts. Afterward, set aside your fears and concerns!

"That's impossible! You can't eliminate your concerns!"

Louis, I didn't say eliminate; I just said to set aside your concerns.

"What is this business of setting them aside?"

First; you have to understand that worries and concerns are like a rocking chair: they give you something to do, but they don't take you anywhere.

Second; try to solve your problems in as many ways as you can, and when you can't do anything else about them in your day, set them aside!

This doesn't mean that you are irresponsible by setting them aside, as I will explain later. Setting them aside will relax your mind and allow inspiration and imagination to enter more easily, thus allowing other latent abilities to come to your help.

Third, setting your problems aside is like substituting your worries with mental thoughts of appreciation, gratitude, and validation.

Appreciate with great detail whatever is in front of you: the shape of a cloud, the green of a tree, the eyes of a dog, the shape of a stone, the design of a rug, or any person or thing you are attracted to.

When you appreciate what you see or what you have, you become momentarily relaxed. This relaxation will create a sort of blank space in your mind where the solution of whatever problems you are facing may more easily be attracted.

"Isn't that very complicated?"

Try it. You'll see that it will soon turn into an automatic action. The mind cannot hold two active thoughts at once. As one thought enters the mind, it replaces the previous one.

"How can I attract what I desire by appreciating the shape of a stone or the design of a rug?"

When you momentarily free your mind from worry, in that instant you allow a possible solution to your problems to enter through your imagination, to enter through your intuition, or to come as an inspiration. These three things are usually blocked by your fears and concerns.

Thank your problems for the personal development opportunities that they offer. Continue thanking your body for all its functions. When you thank what you have, even with all its limitations, you relax, giving your mind an opportunity to attract the desired ideas that will help you solve your problems.

Validate yourself constantly, even for simple good thoughts and actions.

"What is this business of validating myself? Please give me an example."

When you obtain an employment interview or a personal recommendation, or when think of a good possibility to find a job, make a triumphant gesture. Tell yourself, "Well done." Give yourself a mental pat on the back. Recognize your achievement, however small it may seem, and feel the satisfaction. This gives you an instantaneous uplift and reinforces your self-esteem. Tell me, how often do you recognize your accomplishments?

"I never recognize my accomplishments. I usually blame myself severely for my mistakes."

See how you are diminishing your self-esteem and self-worth? Change your attitude! Validate yourself for whatever small achievement you experience, and see how much better it helps you feel. Look for the virtues of the people around you. Stop criticizing them. Look for every good thing that surrounds you, and observe the results.

Observe all the good things others do — family, peers, neighbors — and validate them in writing and/or verbally. When you validate yourself and others, you automatically reinforce your self-esteem, which will also be very valuable for you.

When you validate others respectfully and sincerely, when you appreciate what is good in others, you relax, you attract respect and admiration from others, and you unknowingly start attracting other good things to yourself. Do you see now how much you have missed and —

"Pardon me for interrupting. I feel diminished when I validate others. It is more natural for me to criticize them. And, I'm sorry to say, I love gossip."

Usually this happens when your self-esteem is low. If you want to, follow the suggestions I will be giving you. You will gain more confidence in yourself, and you will better your self-esteem. This will be of great value all your life.

To complete my previous statement, a minute you invest in appreciating, thanking, and validating others is a minute not wasted in useless worries that stress you.

Just as a rubber band loses its shape by being constantly" stretched", the brain functions better when it's not constantly "stressed."

"I'm beginning to understand more about this business of appreciation and thankfulness, but my anxieties and worries imprison me day and night. Maybe I could get them off my mind for an instant each time I concentrate on appreciation and validation, but how many times a day can I continue appreciating and validating?"

When a worry arises, ask yourself if at this moment you can do something about it. If so, then do it. Afterward make the mental change, fifty times, one hundred times, or more each day. It only takes a few seconds for each change of perspective. You will gradually get used to it. You will soon appreciate how valuable this investment of your time is.

"This is very strange for me. Maybe it's because I'm not accustomed to it."

That's right. I can suggest something else that is very simple and practical. When you have taken all the measures you can think of to solve your problems and you feel that there is nothing else you can do about them, instead of stressing yourself more with each worrisome thought, concentrate on your breathing.

Take a deep breath. Imagine you are filling your lungs and all of your body with golden air. This is one way of associating the situation with what you are looking for: "golden economic success."

Mentally follow the path of this golden air. Feel how it gives you energy and hope. And you'll see that the twenty or thirty seconds you invest in this exercise will also deeply relax you by disconnecting you momentarily from your worries and fears.

Try it! It will start to make your life easier. A definition of madness is to continue doing the same things while hoping that the situations will change.

"Hey, Master Louis, I'm starting to understand these mental exercises that aim to guide me in not wasting my energy on useless, worrisome thoughts."

You must know that where energy goes, energy grows. Let your energy go toward the good and the positive so that those conditions will grow in your life. Statistics show that, on average, only 10 percent of our worries materialize. Don't allow your worries to control your life!

"I believe that all my worries engulf me."

In your case it's understandable, but in order for you to begin your great transformation, visualize that your problems are in the process of arriving at a happy ending. Acquire the habit of appreciating and validating the opportunities that obstacles in life present. God does not take us to deep waters to drown us but to cleanse us.

"I am almost drowning in my problems."

Then you'd better keep on swimming. Smile every time you mentally see your problems in the process of a solution. This will become a powerful tool as you start to learn that besides looking for what you want and need, you are also developing the ability to attract what you want, which is even more powerful.

"Attract what I want?"

Yes, attract it. You will be able to solve your problems by following my advice. Have confidence in yourself. Soon you will start to understand this.] Take advantage of idle moments, like waiting during a telephone call, waiting for the bus, waiting to reach the bank teller, waiting for the traffic light to change green, sitting through a TV commercial, or going to the bathroom. Utilize these moments to appreciate your surroundings.

"I'll attract what I want by appreciating my surroundings?"

Yes, by appreciating your surroundings, you free your mind momentarily from the shackles of anxiety and worry, thus opening your mind to receive the ideas, creativity, and ingenuity — and to attract the situations, circumstances, persons, and inspiration — that will help you solve your problems more easily and rapidly. Some people would call this "good luck."

In those idle moments, you can also visualize what you want as being already accomplished and actually feel very happy about it. If you play in your mind's eye this role very well like an extraordinary actor, these very short mind films will reinforce your powers of attraction.

"This represents a complete change in my attitude toward life. It's going to be very difficult for me to do it."

If you believe it will be difficult, it will be. What would happen if you were to think that problems give you a marvelous opportunity to learn, to use new and powerful mental tools to solve your situation?

"It would feel very strange."

In the beginning, maybe you will feel strange, but as you come to see how it relaxes and helps you, you'll appreciate and adopt this way of thinking naturally.

We have enormous latent hidden powers that we are not aware of. We were born to be successful and programmed to fail.

"How is it that we were born to be successful and programmed to fail?"

Observe how a child behaves. She constructs in her mind whatever she wants and acts as if it's already realized. She thinks of becoming a police officer, doctor, or pilot and sees it already accomplished. She does not tell herself, It's very difficult; I won't be able to make it. Without any negative mental conditioning, she naturally assumes her infinite latent power to achieve, and in her mind's eye, she does achieve!

As a child grows, her mind may be filled with negative and limiting thoughts from her surroundings, thoughts like," You'll never amount to anything," "Your cousin always brings high grades, but you don't," "You are always behind," and "You are always late." And thus, in many different ways, she may feel like a failure and gradually become programmed to fail.

"You are right. Now I see how much I've been hurting my son."

With this mental garbage as part of our habitual method of seeing ourselves, most of us focus our attention on what's bad, difficult, or negative. We feel belittled. We put our attention on what we don't have, what we would not like to happen to us, etcetera, and thus we attract these conditions.

Little by little we become mentally, emotionally, and spiritually degraded as we constantly reinforce the limiting vicious circle that surrounds us. Gradually we get used to it, and after many failures, we console ourselves by blaming others for our bad luck.

"Please explain to me, how is it that our thoughts have such power over our lives?"

The law of attraction teaches that whatever you think about expands. You attract whatever you focus on.

If you think, I hope I don't forget it, you will forget it.

If you think, I hope I don't lose it, you may lose what you are hoping not to lose.

If you think, I hope I don't slip, you probably will slip.

If you are in a worrisome mood and you think, I have to earn more money or do something to pay the apartment rent I owe, apparently your focus is positive. But without noticing you are concentrating on your economic scarcity, you are attracting more scarcity.

"Is there any scientific proof that confirms why my thoughts have such power?"

In many demonstrations, it has been proven that our thoughts, feelings, and emotions can affect the molecular structure of water. More than 70 percent of our body is water. This will give you an idea of the enormous power that thoughts, feelings, emotions, and words have on our bodies.

"I don't understand what you are trying to tell me."

When you can, look for Dr. Masaru Emoto on the internet, who demonstrates very poignantly the enormous power of thoughts on the structure of water.

Dr. Emoto took samples of water from pristine wellsprings. After freezing the water and placing it under an electron microscope, he photographed its molecular structure.

Afterward, he subjected samples from the same source to shouts, insults, hate, resentment, and fearful thoughts, which changed their molecular structure into distorted, disagreeable, and frightening patterns.

Conversely, thoughts and words of thankfulness, love, and happiness directed toward other samples from the same source were molecularly organized in a different way, forming beautiful harmonious patterns that appeared to be works of art.

Here is a palpable demonstration of how our thoughts and feelings affect the water molecules, and thus we can understand clearly the power that our thoughts and feelings have over matter.

"I have never heard about this."

You can personally prove the power our thoughts and feelings have over matter. For example, if you are in a movie theater or on a bus, focus your mind on the back of the head of a person in front of you and send him or her a suggestion to turn around. If you do this without doubting that it will work, and if you focus with an intense and loving concentration, you'll probably succeed after several tries.

"I'm beginning to see how stupid I've been."

If you think, how stupid I've been; It was so foolish of me; What an imbecile; That was a dumb thing to do; I'm an idiot; I'm very clumsy; I feel like a moron; and other similarly self- degrading thoughts, it will obviously reduce your self-esteem.

Your subconscious will start believing that you are stupid, and then you will tend to act stupidly in your daily life. These are some of the many ways that your thoughts, feelings, and emotions program your life for failure.

"I'm starting to understand how detrimental my attitude can become. If I don't pay serious attention to the way I talk to myself, I'll be sorry. Coming back to my financial problems, how can I apply all of this?"

The way you think and act is the backbone of your failure or success in life. You will be learning much more about this soon. Be patient.

"I can't be patient. I am desperate to take practical actions soon."

These new ways of thinking and acting will help you accelerate the results you are looking for. Here are some practical actions to start with:

• Plan each of your daily actions. Remember, one hour of planning is equivalent to about six or eight hours of execution. Save your time! Plan ahead of time!

• Organize yourself well in order to reach your daily objectives efficiently and effectively.

• Control the daily results in order to correct your mistakes and modify whatever you think turned out to be wrong. Notice that the only certainty in planning is change; therefore, when needed, modify daily your plans, attitudes, and actions so that you may reach your goals faster than you think is possible.

• Put in writing every idea, inspiration, and intuition that comes to your mind. Analyze these ideas, and integrate them as soon as possible into your daily planning.

• Have faith that these coordinated actions will surely accelerate your desired results.

• Reduce your expenses to the bare minimum. Talk to your landlord and try to get temporary discounts and/or extensions of payments. Try to reach an agreement with your children's school, your bank, and any other institution where you have pending payments. This will give you some temporary relief.

"Do you think I'll be able to achieve these goals?"

You don't lose anything by trying. And above all, show some passion, certainty, and a decisive positive attitude. This will help people have confidence in you.

Save a few cents a day and give them to charity. The attitude of saving and contributing to charity will allow your subconscious to find congruence between what you do, what you think, and how you act. These attitudes will eventually help you to lovingly attract more abundance and well-being into your life.

"Master Louis, I appreciate very much what you are telling me. It makes very good sense. But all of these actions take time. What do you suggest I do tomorrow morning or, better said, today, because it is already 4:00 a.m.?"

You can start to correct your curriculum vitae, which only gives academic data and information about previous jobs. Remember, nobody is interested in what grade school you studied at.

In order to make your resume more attractive and make yourself stand out head and shoulders above other people in the mind of your interviewer, use and apply some or all of the following ideas:

1. Say something interesting about who you are.

2. Mention something special and attractive about you that you will be remembered by.

3. Explain why you are looking for work and why you left your previous job. Be honest.

4. Suggest how this company could benefit by hiring you.

5. Highlight your strongest assets.

6. List your most important personal, professional, and social achievements.

7. Be clear about the salary you're looking for.

8. Be creative, have a pleasant attitude, and add some other ideas you may think about during the interview, like validating the interviewer and thanking him or her for his or her patience and the time that he or she is giving you.

9. Before going to the interview, research something about the company, such as its products or services, and honestly validate these in some way.

Prepare for the interview by doing the following things:

a. Bring your own pen.

b. Dress adequately. Be sure your hair is combed and your clothes are clean and pressed. Give a good first impression.

c. Fill out your application adequately, with clear and legible handwriting and very good spelling. You don't create a good first impression if you fail in any of these steps.

d. Be sure to mention that you are punctual, responsible, and a fast learner. Make it clear that you get along well with people — and then do this when you are hired.

e. Adopt your best posture. Your handshake must be firm but not exaggerated. Be enthusiastic. Smile. Mention something good about what you see around you, something good about the interviewer, and something good about the company he or she represents. Do not shake with sweaty hands.

f. Everything you say and do, and how you behave in the interview, even down to the slightest detail, will be important in the hiring decision.

g. Program yourself mentally for success before the interview. Forget the "I hope so." Remember, you are the architect of your own destiny.

h. Take care of your health. Don't be self- destructive. You know very well what I mean.

"Wow. Wow! Now I know that the resume I have presented doesn't distinguish me in any way. I am going to correct that as soon as possible. What else should I do?"

With the mental acceptance of your temporary problems, internal conflict ceases. Worry, recrimination, anger, and fear tend to subside, and you will start to develop a greater ability to attract what your soul desires.

"It's difficult for me to accept my mistakes. I get very angry with myself, and my problems keep worrying me. How can I transcend this limitation?"

Fear and nonacceptance block the natural flow of your inner power to attract the solution(s) to your problems. Accepting and recognizing your problems is the first step toward their solution.

"But I need to work now. I need a salary. I need money!"

If you can't subsist on your social security benefits and you have to ask for a loan from family or friends or you have to pawn or sell something you own, and if there are no other ways for your immediate survival, then do what you have to do with a strong conviction that you will pay back the loan or recover the item as soon as possible.

Strongly believe that the solution of your problems is in your hands, that you are not a victim of circumstances. This way, you will tend to access other mental and emotional resources, which will make it easier for you to attract the abundance and well-being you are looking for.

"Master Louis, you are giving me very important lessons, though I still question the validity of some of them. How can my thoughts, feelings, and emotions help me attract the abundance and well-being I so fervently desire?"

Similarly, our natural abilities tend to attract abundance and well-being (even though now you may feel it strange and impossible), but if you "tie down" your natural abilities with limiting thoughts and feelings, you won't be able to manifest your enormous and invaluable latent potential.

Have faith and be patient. You'll soon discover and take advantage of your enormous mental and emotional resources.

"I need to understand well this business of limiting thoughts. Can you explain it again, please?"


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Table of Contents

Dedication, ix,
Contents, xi,
Prologue: What This Book Pretends, xvii,
Acknowledgments, xix,
Introductory Message Visualization of the Potential Intellectual and Emotional Resources We Have to Help Solve Our Lives' Problems, 1,
First Dialogue with Master Louis Do You Have Money Problems? Analysis of Different Worries and Concerns, and Some Means of Solving Them, 3,
Louis, 3,
Master Louis, 6,
Wei-Ji, 11,
Fears and Worries and How to Manage Them, 16,
Take advantage of Idle Moments to Appreciate Your Surroundings, 23,
The Law of Attraction, 26,
Dr. Masaru Emoto: The Power of Our Thoughts on the Structure of Water, 28,
If You Think How Stupid I've Been, Your Subconscious Will Start to Believe It, 31,
The New Ways of Thinking and Acting for Louis, 31,
Limiting thoughts and beliefs, 37,
The Law of Universal Attraction, 40,
Second Dialogue with Master Louis Other Dimensions, the Restraint of Time, and the Law of Universal Attraction, 47,
Louis Deeply Moved, 47,
Do the Opposite of What You Usually Do When You Are Worried, 51,
Experiment with Thirty Basketball Players, 52,
Mentally Program Yourself for Success, 54,
Your Mental Programming Turns into Reality in a Higher Dimension, 60,
The Law of Resonance, 61,
The Law of Attraction Works Either for or against You, 67,
Third Dialogue with Master Louis Attract What You Are Looking for, and Work for What You Want — Family Situation, 71,
Louis's Marital Relationship, 71,
Don't Send to the Psychologist Everyone Whom You Have a Conflict with., 76,
Appreciating, Thanking, Validating, 78,
Happiness and Purpose of Life, 85,
Experiment with two Flowerpots, 89,
Fourth Dialogue with Master Louis Lack of Responsibility, Lying, and Resenting vs. Being Thankful for and Validating. Easily Attracting Situations and Circumstances with the Imagination, 91,
Louis Experimenting, 91,
Louis Preparing for New Interviews, 93,
First You Plant the Seed, 97,
Humans Are Like Gigantic Walking Magnets, 99,
The Universe Functions as a Great Copy Machine of Our Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions, 102,
Fifth Dialogue with Master Louis Do Not Do unto Others What You Don't Want Others to Do unto You. Cleaning Vibrations, 109,
Louis and the Law of Attraction, 109,
Cause and Effect, 110,
Cleaning Vibrations, 111,
Learn to Validate Others and Yourself, 117,
Rancor and Resentment, 119,
The Cosmos Has Its Own Time, 122,
Factors to Speed Conversion of Your Intentions to this Reality, 128,
$10,000, $20,000, and $50,000, 132,
Sixth Dialogue with Master Louis Real Estate. What Good Is a Treasure if You Don't Use It?, 136,
Louis and His Wife Practiced, 136,
Happiness Is the Jackpot in the Game of Life, 140,
Changing Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs, 142,
Seventh Dialogue with Master Louis Taking Two Steps Forward and One Step Backward. Attracting Abundance or Scarcity, 147,
Louis's Steps Forward and Backward, 147,
The Pareto Principle, 151,
Eighth Dialogue with Master Louis Principal Objective of Any Business. One Person Constructing Cathedrals. The More You Give, the More You Receive, 153,
Louis's Work, 153,
The Most Important Objective of Any Business., 154,
A Question for Three Stonecutters, 157,
How Do You See Yourself?, 159,
The Mediocre, the Good, and the Excellent Salesperson, 160,
Everything That the Mind Can Conceive and believe, the Mind Can Achieve, 162,
Internalizing More Positive Attitudes, 166,
Louis's Simplified Attraction Formula, 171,
Ninth Dialogue with Master Louis The Cosmos, Abundance, and Well-Being Energy. Happiness Is the Natural Intention of Any Desire, 173,
Louis's Experiences, 173,
The best Way to Learn, 174,
Checking Affirmations and Visualizations, 176,
The Mighty River., 180,
Zero-Point Energy and Love, 182,
To Give: The Story of Two Fishes, 185,
Zero-Point Energy, 189,
Epilogue, 191,
Notes from the Author, 195,
Mental Detonators, 197,
What Is the "Cork" That Is Repressing Your Genie?, 200,
Liberate Your Genie!, 201,
The Genie Is Inside You, 202,
Invitation, 203,
About the Author, 205,

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