Conversations with the Other Side

Conversations with the Other Side

by Sylvia Browne, Browne


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With well over two million books in print, Sylvia Browne is one of today's hottest spiritual authors. Her ongoing appearances on national TV keep all of her books selling briskly, and the return rate is nearly zero. Sylvia is one of those rare authors who readers simply cannot get enough of. Her books are truly life-changing, and they are creating a huge network of followers who will spread her writings even further. The face of religion is changing, and Sylvia's books are leading the way toward a new definition of God. Sylvia is truly defining the spiritual landscape of our time.

This new work, Conversations with the Other Side, is designed to probe more deeply into the big questions we all want answered. Sylvia's prior works touch upon a huge range of topics, where this work is more focused and detailed. Readers familiar with her other books will find a broader and more satisfying understanding of her theology. New readers will become instantly fascinated by this work and look to her other books to fill in the gaps. Everyone will be highly stimulated by this nontraditional, but completely logical, expression of modern spirituality.

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ISBN-13: 9781561707188
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication date: 03/01/2002
Pages: 151
Sales rank: 475,086
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About the Author

SYLVIA BROWNE is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Two Marys, Psychic Children, The Mystical Life of Jesus, Insight, Phenomenon, and other bestsellers. She has been working as a psychic for five decades and appears regularly on The Montel Williams Show. She has also appeared on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, CNN, and Entertainment Tonight. She lives in California and works alongside her son, Chris, who has inherited his mother's psychic abilities.


Introduction by Francine
(Sylvia's Spirit Guide)

There is information that I'll give you here that you've never heard from any other medium. Years ago, I couldn't have spoken to you as I will now because the world wasn't ready. It isn't that the information is new; it's as old as you are. I don't ask you to necessarily accept everything I say, but I'm convinced that in your heart of hearts, you'll be very aware of the truths spoken here. I'm going to discuss life, the reason for being, and the evolvement of the soul.

I want you to always keep a free and open mind; never feel that you're bound by guilt or social norms. Your life won't be "off track" if you go against the norm. Every person has their own track. I take a decidedly opposite view of any group that forces everyone into a certain staid belief. I only want - more than anything in this world with the help of God - to augment your curiosity and self-image, and help you take control of your life. It isn't important whether you're skeptical or not. More important, though, is the fact that you do believe. Even if there's a part of you that's skeptical, then even that curiosity in itself is a belief factor.

For years, we've been silenced by churches, society, and cultures. But if you're free-thinking, then you're not easily controlled. You should only be controlled by the God within, and no other force or pressure should be heeded. The God within will lead you down your own path of individuality toward your quest for knowledge and perfection.

Part I

Life: A Reason for Being - Evolvement of the Soul

What is the purpose of living?

You're all messengers from God, sent to Earth to carry a message. But this message is encrypted, and you must decipher it within yourself. In other words, you carry a part of the emanation of the Divine. It's as though you're a scroll for the Word of God.

It's true that God exists without you, but all of you are a part of God. You will live forever, you have lived forever, and you will never be diminished or lost.

Spirituality means, in essence, finding yourself, finding the God within and without, and fighting the battle against negativity. You see, even if just one of you will go out into the world and show the light to others, then a "grayness" has turned bright. This is how you fight negativity, and it only takes a handful of you to accomplish a great deal.

Each one of you is here to evolve your soul. You've chosen to experience life in order to perfect more rapidly. You're evolving as a unique part of God, perfecting one aspect of Him and Her. God experiences through His and Her creations. (In subsequent text, we'll refer to the "duality of God" using the pronouns Him or His for ease of reference.)

Start looking at life as something you must survive. It's something that can be fun, but it's also very tedious. As best you can, look at life as a school where bad food is served in the cafeteria and the teachers aren't always of the highest caliber. You'll make it through much better if you maintain a sense of humor.

Why does God need me for learning?

God, who is all-knowing, needs to experience His knowledge. From this need arose all of creation, which is the manifestation of God's emotion and intellect. Every facet of God can be found in His work. The perfect love between our Father and Mother became so great that it began to multiply onto itself, thus creating all of us. We've become the source that directly experiences emotions for God. We are, literally, a part of God. As such, anything we experience is also experienced directly by God. If we're having some type of difficulty, then God experiences it, too. If we discover a joyous facet of life, then God is also there.

It's true that God needs us to experience. Yet it's more correct to say that God is us, and thereby God does experience directly.

God has experiences over and above what humans do. This is true because God has all knowledge, whereas we have very little by comparison. For example, let's say that someone reads every book on how to build a boat, but they don't have any practical experience. As a result, they won't have the total understanding and feel of boating. Yet, just through the knowledge alone, they would experience the essence of boating, but not as much as by doing it firsthand. We're the sensing, feeling side of God's knowledge. Yet due to God's boundless wisdom, all experiences we have are of a far greater magnitude for God. God experiences through us, but is able to absorb much more than we can understand.

How should I live my life?

Self-acceptance and self-knowledge indicate that you're on track. Don't constantly attack yourself for being human and imperfect. Stop using phrases such as, "If I had done this . . ." or "If only . . ." These are useless and waste energy. Take care of your body. Take pride in ownership. Don't deal in the past; this can be very debilitating. Don't become overly emotional over small things. If you do, then when the time comes for you to use that emotion for a larger purpose, you may feel that the "well has run dry." Intellect never runs as dry as emotions. When emotions run dry, a vacuum is created and it sets up an identity crisis. Then, you only feel like half of a person. But rejuvenation follows as you wait for the emotion to build back up again.

So, expend emotion wisely.

Can I change my path?

Everyone is very fearful of dissolving relationships. "How do I relate?" This is a common, worn-out question. "Relating" simply means to have a total love and intercourse with one's self - a constant communication. Those who have made the greatest strides are those who can communicate with themselves. If a relationship dissolves, it is simply time to move on. I don't mean to be glib about this because grief is also a part of life.

Do you know how often you create things? Throughout your life, you create "silk purses out of sows' ears." It's true that your eyes are blinded by what you first see in a person - a beautiful, sparkling gem of the euphoric part of the Other Side. The union between a male and female is probably one of the most blessed and beautiful alliances of the universe. But don't devalue the union between friends, which is also very blessed and beautiful, even if it only lasts for a short time.

You alone are responsible for your destiny. Your life was fully planned by you prior to coming in. All of life's joys and sorrows were known beforehand. This is your chosen way to reach perfection. You can change your life only when the soul knows that it's time to move to a different experience. Ultimately, you'll experience everything you planned on, however painful, for the evolvement of your soul.

You never change your main path, just the little offshoots. The main highway always runs on a direct course. You can take "sightseeing" trips off to the side, but you'll always return to the main road. You view every single avenue and nuance of your path before you incarnate. You see all the shortcuts and detours, and what you would do with them. And you always ask yourself, "Will this add to my purpose?" That is why, if you start veering too far off course, depression sets in. The soul tries to remind you, through depression, that you're off track. Physical illness may even occur if you get too far off. For example, if you do one trying task, you may get a headache. If you do something else, you may get sick to your stomach. What someone else can handle, or struggle with, doesn't necessarily mean it's something you must also handle.

Everyone has their own path to take. Don't pattern yourself after someone else. You may endorse "hero worship" or great respect for someone, but your own path is unique.

How much "chance" is involved once we incarnate?

Each life is firmly set into place, regardless of the many directions it can take. As you travel on a highway, there are other roads that intersect and diverge. Your life is very much like this highway; you have one basic direction in which to travel. But sometimes there will be several roads to choose from, all of which will take you to your destination. If you turn in one direction, you may end up in the desert. So, regardless of the choices, you're still supposed to travel in one direction - your own road. That doesn't mean you can't take a detour or get lost, but most entities find their way back to the "main highway."

Everything you'll experience is planned. That's why there's so much counseling before you incarnate. You not only scan your own life, but you also scan major influences around you. So does everyone else. It becomes a gigantic network that you could never, ever fully absorb with your finite mind. The complexity of the many situations you'll encounter is mentally staggering. Many thousands of people are involved, and endless details must be implemented.

How firmly set is my future?

By coming into life, you essentially give up your free will. Once you've planned the life, you'll stay upon that path. Your free will operates before an incarnation. Afterwards, you're acting out your own destiny.

You're allowed to travel many different roads, but you must achieve your final goal. In other words, there are many ways to throw a dart, but it must hit the target.

You only have one destiny - to fulfill the mission you came in for. This is the overall first premise. Let's say you have the life theme of Justice. You'll pick lives in which this theme can best be experienced. For example, if you were an Irishman in one life, you might then choose to be an Englishman in the next. This would give you the balance of justice. Justice is your main thrust. You may pick certain directions along the way to fulfill the Justice theme - maybe saving someone from being falsely imprisoned or even just giving a great speech. Your actions don't always have to be blatant. You don't have to beat a drum or carry banners. But the theme is always prevalent. This is the secret to your entire life - your theme. You'll reach the final destiny when you come to your last "exit point." Then you'll know, with all assuredness, that you've fulfilled your theme.

Many circumstances that arise in your life seem to happen by chance. Perhaps you weren't meant to break your foot, but there was a choice to do so. If you took this option, then you might have done it in order to get some rest. Or perhaps by going to the hospital, you could ensure harmony between two people who were fighting. In other words, you never get away from your theme. It will always rise up in front of you. To a person who isn't "justice-minded," the scenario of two people fighting wouldn't be something to act upon. But a person with a life theme of justice would immediately become involved. They would say, "This is my business because it's bothering me." Thereby, even with this choice of circumstance, they're still fulfilling their goal.

Future lives are only planned within you. They're not written where I can read them. For this reason, commentary on future lives is nonsensical. However, therapy for past lives has a great deal of value.

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