Converted on LSD Trip: Saved from Sin, Death and Hell

Converted on LSD Trip: Saved from Sin, Death and Hell

by Mr David Clarke


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Foreword by Dr Philip Fleming

MA. BA, Bch. FRCPsych. DPM

"Converted on LSD Trip"

This book, the personal testament of David Clarke, in an autobiographical style. It charts his life, which became one of criminality and drug taking though an experience in 1970 of finding God whilst under the influence of LSD. Cynics may say that this was just an effect of drugs, but it is clear that the experience changed his life. Later when in court facing charges he admitted to many other crimes and was fortunate in receiving three years conditional discharge and not a prison sentence.

Since then David has combined his work as a lecturer in electronics with his mission of spreading the word of God. This is a scrupulously honest book recording both the difficulties he has faced as well as the successes in his life since 1970. A continuing worry is the fat of his brother, currently serving a long prison sentence in a Philippine jail who himself has recently found God.

"This is an inspiring story of a life that has been turned from crime to a positive account and may be of help to others who find them selves directionless and involved in crime and drug misuse".

Dr. Philip M. Fleming. MA. BA, Bch. FRCPsych. DPM.

Consultant Psychiatrist with special responsibility for drugs and alcohol services. Kingsway House is the base for these services in Portsmouth. May 2001

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About the Author

David Clarke was born in Oldham Lancashire, in 1949. He was educated and trained as a lecturer, at Wolverhampton Polytechnic, and graduated with a Certificate in Education that was awarded by Birmingham University, in 1978. However his earlier life had been rather different. He and his brother Michael were both convicted criminals and were sent to prison for malicious wounding and carrying a fire arm without a license.
They grew up in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, during the 60's, and they were MOD's and they became criminals. They were sentence to prison for malicious wounding and carrying a fire arm without a license.
On the 16th January 1970, David had a bad trip on LSD, during which time he called out to God to help him and Jesus spoke to him.
He turned from crime to Christ over night, he learned to read to educate himself and went on to Higher Education and for the next 14 years read the bible, various classical Christian literature and joined the Bierton Strict and Particular Baptists. He studied hard and became not only a lecturer in electronics but also became the church secretary, was called by the Lord and sent by the church to preach. The Bierton Church was a Gospel Standard listed cause. Michael, David's brother was unaffected by David's conversion and continued his flamboyant style.
In 1995, David got news of his brothers arrest and later imprisonment in the Philippines. It was then David felt compelled to write their story.
When David got news of his brothers conversion from crime to Christ, in 1999, which was 5 years into his 16 year prison sentence he published their story in, Converted on LSD Trip. Michael too had become a Christian, as a result of reading C.S. Lewis book, Mere Christianity.
David then went on a preaching mission to the Philippines in order to bring relief and help to Michael, David's brother he and Gordon Smith preached the gospel to hundreds of convicted criminals, including many on Death Row. This story is told Michael and David's joint book Trojan Warriors that contains 66 life giving testimonies, of some of the most notorious criminals in Far East Asia, who had been converted and turned from crime, to Christ within New Bilibid Prison. Twenty two of these men were on Death Row scheduled to be executed by lethal injection.

"And he was astonished, and all that were with him, at the draught of fishes which they had taken": Luke 5 verse 9.

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