Cooking Essentials for the New Professional Chef

Cooking Essentials for the New Professional Chef


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Cooking Essentials for The New Professional Chef offers students an opportunity to learn the basics of cooking while using the actual reference that professional chefs have relied on for over a generation—The New Professional Chef. In addition to providing an excellent foundation in such cooking essentials as raw ingredients, tools, classic techniques, and foundation recipes, the academic version of this professional reference clarifies every concept with supportive text, step-by-step photos in full color, illustrations, and tables. Special features designed to assist both students and instructors include the following:

  • Chapter Objectives emphasize key concepts and guide reading
  • Highlighted Key Terms and Concepts offer a quick recap of the language a chef should be able to use fluently
  • Footnotes define terms that might be unfamiliar the first time they appear in text
  • Self-Study Questions and Activities reinforce concepts and help students apply them in a problem-solving format
  • Tables and Charts put important technical information at the students’ fingertips
  • Sidebars highlight professional development issues, techniques, kitchen management strategies, and historical context
  • Chapter Summaries recap the lessons that should be mastered
To help students build technique, the over 300 foundation recipes—conveniently grouped at the back of the book—are organized from simple to complex, with similar types grouped together. Students can quickly locate extra help with recipes by referring to the technique cross-reference feature that accompanies each recipe. In addition, color photos, tips, and historical notes provide additional support.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780471287179
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/28/1996
Pages: 816
Product dimensions: 8.77(w) x 11.21(h) x 1.35(d)

Table of Contents

The Professional Chef.

Food and Kitchen Safety.

Nutrition and Healthy Cooking.

Equipment Identification.

The Raw Ingredients.

Mise en Place.



Dry-Heat Cooking Methods.

Moist-Heat and Combination Cooking Techniques.

Charcuterie and Garde-Manger.

Baking and Pastry.

Answer Key.

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