Cooking for Profit: Catering and Food Service Management

Cooking for Profit: Catering and Food Service Management

by Alice Bradley


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ISBN-13: 9780353877672
Publisher: Creative Media Partners, LLC
Publication date: 02/20/2019
Pages: 318
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.67(d)

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COOKING FOR PROFIT PART VI CATERING FOR SOCIAL OCCASIONS AMOUNTS TO SERVE ; MENUS AND ESTIMATES ; AFTERNOON TEAS, BEVERAGESTEA, COFFEE, CHOCOLATE, PUNCHES; SANDWICHES; COOKIES AND CAKES; HIGH TEAS AND CARD PARTIES; THE BUFFET SPREAD, SERVICE; LAYING THE TABLE; WEDDING RECEP- TIONS And Breakfasts; Patties And Hot Dishes; Salads, ASPICS; DESSERTS, FROZEN DESSERTS; MENUS FOR SOCIAL OCCA- SIONS ; FIGURING COSTS ; CATERING FOR A LARGE PARTY. IF YOU have become successful in making cakes or rolls or sandwiches or patties, or all of these things, people may already have begun to ask you to do other things, and have found that you can make many other dishes equally well. Somebody will soon want to know if you won't plan for and make all the sandwiches and cakes for the afternoon tea she is giving. If she is pleased, she or her friends will ask you to serve a more elaborate spread. Before you know it you may be doing a catering business! It is far better to let your business develop naturally in this way than to open a catering establishment unless you have had considerable experience in cooking for large numbers of people or in the executive part of such a business. Before starting in to do a regular catering business on a large scale it would be well to secure a position in a well established catering farm to learn the many phases of this line of work. Catering only would give an uncertain income at the best. It is usually carried on in connection with a cooked food shop, a lunch room, hotel or community kitchen in order to make it a paying proposition all the year round. Like most businesses, catering is service. It also means much testing, tasting, time, thought and hard work, and no-wasting. Usually all dishes are prepared by the caterer and delivered to th...

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