Cooking to Hook Up: The Bachelor's Date-Night Cookbook

Cooking to Hook Up: The Bachelor's Date-Night Cookbook

Paperback(First edition)

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It's a fact. Cooking is dead sexy. Women will always choose men with wooden spoons over men with Gold Cards (unless you're in L.A.). But there's a world of difference between any dinner and the right dinner. Should you serve sushi or meatloaf? Play Sting's greatest hits or the latest Yo La Tengo single? Wear the Birkenstock sandals or the Armani loafers? It all depends on the Girl.

In Cooking to Hook Up: The Bachelor's Date-Night Cookbook (Globe Pequot Press, October 2004) authors Drew Campbell and Ann Marie Michaels teamed up to teach men about women-specifically how to best determine what type of date they've found, and what type of food will keep her coming back.

Sound complicated? It isn't. All you need is a small supply of tools, a permanent stock of 12 staple foods, and 10 additional ingredients you can buy through the express lane (with a pit stop to the liquor store). There are 50 complete meals, including dessert, for everyone from the Academic Girl to the Uptown Girl. It gets better.

The key to an enchanted evening is choosing not only the right food, but the right wine, music, and even shoes that will turn her on, not turn her stomach. Cooking to Hook Up steers you right to the winning combination for each girl. The authors give you Girl-specific tips on what to talk about, what flowers to buy, and which magazines to leave on the coffee table. There's even an easy wine-buying guide to give you the goods on the grapes. All of the critical information is here, such as "Cleaning the Bathroom," "Removing All Indications of Previous Women," and "Bailing Out: Dealing with Disaster." If all goes well, you can skip to the last chapter, "So You GotLucky: Recipes for Breakfast."

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ISBN-13: 9780762729678
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 10/01/2004
Series: Cookbooks Series
Edition description: First edition
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Ann Marie Michaels and Drew Campbell were married in 1997. Despite a shared fondness for vodka martinis and cutthroat Scrabble, they soon realized they were better writing partners than life partners. Their no-kids-no-foul marriage dissolved in 2003 and the fact that they didn't argue over a single CD should tell you something. With the marital storm safely weathered, however, they soon discovered something they did have in common: over 35 years of combined dating experience. Writing a dating cookbook was the natural next step.

Ann Marie's passion for food and cooking came from her sister, a self-taught gourmet chef who refuses to acknowledge the existence of the word margarine, let alone the substance. Drew learned to make Salisbury steak from his mother and held his first dinner party in the tenth grade--a casual affair that his father gleefully photographed, severely reducing Drew's chances of getting lucky that night, which, let's face it, were not that great to begin with.

Drew, a Progressive Guy, has spent a lifetime in the theater world, gaining his B.A. in theater from Brown University and M.F.A. in theatrical technology from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. He has worked as a technician, designer, high school teacher, college professor, video editor and professional musician. These days he hangs out in Austin, where he is on the faculty at the University of Texas. He has authored two guides to the backstage world of show business: Technical Theater for Nontechnical People and Technical Film and TV for Nontechnical People, and, on July 23rd 2004, finally married that lovely and Progressive Valerie.

Ann Marie earned a B.S. in film atthe University of Texas at Austin. A Gourmet/Indie Girl-hybrid, she now lives in Los Angeles with her dog Maude, who is also a Gourmet Girl (evidenced by her love of foie gras and cassoulet). Ann Marie is a freelance web producer and is working on a novel. This is her first book.

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We can firmly state that any woman will be more impressed with a quality home-cooked meal than with an expensive restaurant one. Women will always choose men with wooden spoons over men with Gold Cards (unless you're in Los Angeles).

Why? Because it's dead sexy. As Ann Marie so eloquently puts it, "Forget flowers and chocolates. Just give me The Naked Chef." Drew's girlfriend, Valerie, was equally succinct after their first date. "The flowers were nice," she said, "But you had me at bruschetta."

The bottom line is: you don't need to understand eggplants at the cellular level to make a good meal. You don't have to shop for hours or have a huge stock of ingredients or follow complicated directions. What you need is a small supply of tools (all of which you can score at the discount store of your choice), a dozen non-perishable staples, and a few minutes after work to grab ten items at the express lane.

Every menu in this book is a complete meal, entrée to dessert to beverage. Most of them will take no more than an hour to prepare and most of them have a fifteen-minute break built in so you can get the laundry off the couch, make the bed, and otherwise prepare your home for a romantic visitor. Don't skip the "Preparing the House" section and remember, cleaning the bathroom is critical.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: Why Cook for a Date?, How to Use This Book. PART I: GETTING READY TO COOK (1) Materials - Ten Staples to Have at All Times (2) Tools- Essential Equipment and Utensils (3) Preparing the House (4) For the Love of the Grape: A Basic Wine Primer (5) The Risk Continuum (6) Dealing with Hybrids (7) Bailing Out: Dealing with Disaster. PART II: THE MENUS (1) The Academic Girl--A Chaucerian Feast: Chicknes with the Marybones * Papa's Tapas, or A Moveable Feast: Hemingway's Picnic of Spanish Tapas * Pub Grub I: Pygmalion Bangers and Mash * Pub Grub II: Welsh Rabbit vs. Rarebit * Shakespeare on a Plate: A First Quarto Sampler (2) The Athletic Girl--* In The Zone: Chicken in Orange Sauce * The Atkins Diet: Low Carb Crab Cakes * Body-for-Life: Chicken Parmesan * Carb Loading: Sun-dried and Roasted Tomato Fettucine * Weight Watchers: Lemon Pepper Halibut (3) The Career Girl--Maximizing your ROI: Low Investment, High Yield Sushi * Bottom Line Priorities: Just Dessert * Midtown Power Dining: Ahi, Shrimp, Scallops and Vegetables on a Bed of Baby Greens * Achieving Synergy: Spinach, Raspberry and Goat Cheese Salad * Getting to the Top: Trump Tower of Polenta & Pork Tenderloin (4) The Girl Next Door--Fourth of July Fireworks: Fried Chicken & French Fries * Mom's Kitchen: Savory Meatloaf * Thanksgiving Favorites: Pineapple Glazed Ham * Sunday Dinner: Pot Roast * Hot Dish: Midwestern Tuna Casserole (5) The Gourmet Girl--Comfort Food Redux: New American * Some Like it Haute: Classic French * R is for Risotto, Radicchio and Romance: Classic Italian * It's a Small World, After All:Pan-Asian Fusion * There's No Taste Like Foam: Spanish Surrealist (6) The Granola Girl--Macrobiotic: Magic Marinated Mushrooms * Eco-Friendly: Crop Rotation Casserole * Raw Lust: Sprout Salad and Wheat Grass Shots * Lacto-Ovo: Greekin' Out * Vegan Thanksgiving: Tofurkey Dinner (7) The Indie Girl--Monsoon Wedding: Bollywood Curry Chicken * Tampopo: Spaghetti Western Udon Soup * Eat Drink Man Woman: Shrimp and Fortune Cookies * Amélie: Le Fabuleux Diner d' Amélie Poulain * Like Water for Chocolate: Chiles en Nogada and Chocolate Flan (8) The Party Girl--Tex-Mex Fiesta: Fajitas and Spanish Fly Cocktails * Saucy and Sweet: Pepperoni Pizza and Flaming Dr. Peppers * Happy Hour: Bar Munchies * Spring Break South of the Border: Ultimate Nachos and Body Shots * Fun-due: Cheese Fondue and Wine Coolers (9) The Progressive Girl--"Go to the Mattresses": Chicken and Artichoke Cacciatore * "What is Tiramisu?": Chicken Piccata and Tiramisu * "Pesto, the Quiche of the '80s": Pesto Swordfish over Capellini * "I'll Have What She's Having": Salmon in Dill Sauce * "Take Me to Bed or Lose Me Forever": Lemon Shrimp Linguini (10) The Uptown Girl--Dinner on the Yacht in the French Riviera: Champagne, Caviar and Lobster * Sinatra at the Sands: Martinis, Oysters and Filet Mignon * Afternoon Tea at the Savoy: Finger Sandwiches and Scones * A Meal fit for a Queen (and a Duke): Beef Wellington and Cherries Jubilee * At the Villa in Avignon: Coq au Vin and Tarte Tatin (11) So You Got Lucky: Recipes for Breakfast. INDEX.

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