Cooking with Fire: Rediscover the Traditional Tastes of Wood-Fired Cooking, from Pork Loin on a Spit to Ash-Roasted Vegetables, Smoked Scallops, Naan in a Tannur, Seared Creme Brulee, and Other Techniques

Cooking with Fire: Rediscover the Traditional Tastes of Wood-Fired Cooking, from Pork Loin on a Spit to Ash-Roasted Vegetables, Smoked Scallops, Naan in a Tannur, Seared Creme Brulee, and Other Techniques

by Paula Marcoux


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Revel in the fun of cooking with live fire. This hot collection from food historian and archaeologist Paula Marcoux includes more than 100 fire-cooked recipes that range from cheese on a stick to roasted rabbit and naan bread. Marcoux’s straightforward instructions and inspired musings on cooking with fire are paired with mouthwatering photographs that will have you building primitive bread ovens and turning pork on a homemade spit. Gather all your friends around a fire and start the feast.  

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ISBN-13: 9781612121581
Publisher: Storey Books
Publication date: 05/06/2014
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 381,076
Product dimensions: 8.06(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Paula Marcoux is a food historian who lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts; she has worked professionally as an archaeologist, cook, and bread-oven builder. She is the food editor of Edible South Shore magazine, writes on food history topics for popular and academic audiences, and consults with museums, film producers, and publishers. She also gives regular workshops on natural leavening, historic baking, and wood-fired cooking. Her web site is

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Fire and a Stick

Back to Basics – Getting Started: Roasting on a Stick – ToastingCheese – Roasting in Ashes and Coals – Baking Bread under theAshes

Chapter 2 A Few Simple Tools

Spit Roasting – How to Make an Efficient and Pleasant RoastingHearth – The Spit – Roast on a String – Cooking on Skewers – The Grill – The Schwenker – The Plank – Searing with a HotIron

Chapter 3 Pots and Pans

The Griddle in All Its Guises – Cakes on the Griddle – Tortillas --Griddled Breads of Northwestern Europe – British GriddleBreads – Other Things to Cook on the Griddle – The Griddle on Steroids: The Argentine Infiernillo – Pots over Fire – The Clay Pot – Iron Pots and Pans – Shallow Frying – Deep Frying – Baking Bread in a Cast-Iron Pot

Chapter 4 More Gear

The Tannur, the Furnace, and the Potager – The Cast-IronCookstove – Smoke – Barbeque, Two Ways

Chapter 5 Retained Heat

Underground Inspiration from around the World – The Earth Oven: Cooking in a Hole in the Ground – The Masonry Oven – Building a Basic Wood-Fired Oven – Getting Ready to Bake –Heating an Oven – Cooking with an Oven Full of Fire – Getting Ready for Pizza – Using Retained Heat – The Cooling Curve – Bread for the Wood-Fired Oven – Natural Leavening for Your Wood-Fired Bread – Natural Leavening Q & A – Overnight Cooking Traditions – Overnight in a New England Brick Oven

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What People are Saying About This

author of The Barbecue Bible cookbook series and h Steven Raichlen

"Simply the most stimulating, thought-provoking, and hunger-inducing cookbook to cross my desk in years. Paula Marcoux has scoured the world for every imaginable manifestation of wood-fire cooking. No gas or charcoal grills needed — or allowed."

food historian and author of Savoring the Past: Barbara Ketcham Wheaton

"This fascinating book is handsome, original, a joy to read and a powerful enticement to cook food in wonderful new/old ways."

author of Virgin Territory: An Olive Oil Explo Nancy Harmon Jenkins

"A wonderful book on live-fire cooking, including kitchen fireplace, backyard barbecue pit, and masonry bake oven. It is also a delight to read and full of fascinating nuggets of advice and information."

author of Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes for P Melissa Joulwan

"From its fire-building basics to its luscious recipes, Cooking With Fire is a delicious reminder to get dirty, slow down, and savor the crackling warmth of a fire with good friends and good food."

author of From the Wood-Fired Oven Richard Miscovich

"Paula’s archaeologist approach, coupled with instructive photos, imparts an appreciation for traditional cooking methods that can be easily incorporated into your contemporary diet."

food writer and historian Sandy Oliver

"This is a fabulous book — gutsy, good-humored, extremely practical, very motivating, full of fascinating facts, and gorgeously illustrated with truly informative photography."

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Cooking with Fire: Rediscover the Traditional Tastes of Wood-Fired Cooking, from Pork Loin on a Spit to Ash-Roasted Vegetables, Smoked Scallops, Naan 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
SandrasBookNook More than 1 year ago
It's been a long time since I've been so completely fascinated by a cookbook! Cooking with Fire is so much more than just a cookbook. History, information, fire-building techniques and more abound. I had to chuckle first thing in the book when it showed matches, knife, kindling and wood like you had to be shown what you need to build a fire, but it didn't stay that simple. From the basics of toasting a marshmallow, to how to build your own masonry oven (I REALLY want one of these!), this book keeps your attention and entertains as it informs you. Who knew with a rock and a basket of pine needles you could make your own amazing smoked mussels in minutes?!? Scallops wrapped in prosciutto on a flat grill over a wood fire, Twine-Roast Leg of Lamb over an open fire, an old-fashioned Lobster Bake and even Campfire Baklava, there is an amazing array not just of recipes but of a myriad of ways to cook using fire. (Hot Poker Mustard anyone?!) You don't need to spend lots of money for fancy ways to cook outside. Build your own fire pit with instructions and photos to go along with. The directions for the masonry oven cover nearly 12 pages with tons of step by step photos. Even if you don't want to actually make any of these, the history included makes for enjoyable, informative reading. I love this book and highly recommend it. I received a copy of this from Storey Publishing for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.