Coolest American Stories 2022

Coolest American Stories 2022

Coolest American Stories 2022

Coolest American Stories 2022




America's most talented storytellers share their most courageous, compelling, unputdownable work in a collection made for story lovers.

Praised early on by Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walkauthor Ben Fountain and The Weight of Blood author Laura McHugh, COOLEST AMERICAN STORIES is a new annual short story anthology whose guiding philosophy is that a collection of interesting "full meal" short stories could, as one @JustCoolStories Twitter follower put it, "make America cool again."

Toward this end, COOLEST AMERICAN STORIES 2022 features a previously unpublished story by the multi-major-book-award-winning author of Blacktop Wasteland S. A. Cosby; the timeless, previously unpublished short story that led Tina Brown to sign Frances Park's When My Sister Was Cleopatra Moon; and Pulitzer Prize finalist Lee Martin's heartfelt rendering of married life that apparently was too startling for the editors of several university-affiliated literary magazines.

And since interesting storytelling—rather than a list of publishing credits—matters most to story-hungry readers, COOLEST AMERICAN STORIES 2022 also includes a page-turner about dating in Hollywood written by MFA student Megan Ritchie; Brooklyn native D.Z. Stone's very first published fiction, a hilarious love story that celebrates the power of women; a heartbreaking account of adult siblinghood authored by David Ebenbach—among others in this treasure trove of unputdownable, sharply written stories loaded with twists and turns.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781737573906
Publisher: Coolest Stories Press
Publication date: 01/11/2022
Pages: 318
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Under the name Mark Wisniewski, the surname of which he's changed because it's too difficult to google, Mark Wish has seen more than 125 of his short stories published in print venues such as The Best American Short Stories, The Georgia Review, TriQuarterly, American Short Fiction, The Antioch Review, Crazyhorse, The Gettysburg Review, The Southern Review, New England Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, The Yale Review, The Sun, Paris Transcontinental, and Fiction International. His short stories have also won a Tobias Wolff Award, a Kay Cattarulla Award, an Isherwood Fellowship, and a Pushcart Prize. Mark served as the fiction editor of California Quarterly, was the founding fiction editor of New York Stories and a contributing editor for Pushcart, and has long been known as the freelance editor who has revised the fiction of many once-struggling writers, leading to its publication in dozens of respected venues, including The Atlantic, Tin House, The Kenyon Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, The Antioch Review, The Hudson Review, and The Best American Short Stories. His novel Watch Me Go was published by Putnam.

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

Shepherd's Hell Lori D. Johnson 1

Spies D.Z. Stone 18

Good Actors Megan Ritchie 47

Pantera Rex S. A. Cosby 64

The Summer My Sister Was Cleopatra Moon Frances Park 73

Boss John Jeffire 92

All of This is Water David Ebenbach 132

Habitat Susan Tacent 149

Blue Martini Barbara DeMarco-Barrett 168

Therapunitive Intervention Matthew Goldberg 192

Happy Birthday, Honey Vanlandingham Lee Martin 208

The Tallest Mountain in the World Michael Hopkins 232

Fifth of July Mary Taugher 255

Contributors' Notes 279

About the Editors 299

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