Cop a Feel

Cop a Feel

by Robyn Peterman


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ISBN-13: 9781601832573
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 06/01/2014
Series: Handcuffs and Happily Ever Afters Series , #3
Pages: 264
Sales rank: 1,092,698
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

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Cop a Feel

By Robyn Peterman


Copyright © 2014 Robyn Peterman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60183-257-3


Three months later

The office was small but tidy. My gut clenched in anticipation of the dressing down I was about to receive. I glanced at the organized stacks of paper waiting to be filed sitting neatly next to a pile of romance novels. I grinned and grabbed one — anything to take my mind off my latest major fuck-up. I'd been out of the hospital for nearly a month and I was ready to work again. I just needed to take my stern talking to and get on with it. I paged through the book and snorted. Why my boss kept this crap here was a mystery to me. I wondered if he read them.

Romance was for people who believed in fairy tales, and I didn't. Life was real and most people were bad. I skimmed the book and rolled my eyes. Nobody looked that good first thing in the morning, and making out without brushing your teeth at seven a.m. was not my idea of a good time. Damn, the sex was pretty good, though.

Of course, that made me think about not David, the egotistical wonder dick. I hadn't Go-Phoned him and he hadn't Go-Phoned me and since we hadn't made any other strangers-with-benefits rendezvous, I hadn't seen him in months. That smarted a little bit, but it was for the best. Great sex was great sex. I could get that anywhere. Although, he'd kind of ruined me. I hadn't slept with anyone but him in over a year. Whatever. At least he didn't know that.

I nervously tucked a strand of stiff blond hair behind my ear. Where in the hell was Steve? I knew I had it coming. I'd blown my cover twice in six months and that didn't bode well. I'd considered cutting my hair and coloring it before my meeting to show my boss, yet again, how easily I could disguise myself, but I figured a wig would do the trick.

Blonde wasn't really my color, but the last time I'd gotten an ass-chewing, I'd worn a red wig. Men preferred blondes according to Marilyn Monroe, and although Steve was gay, I figured being blonde couldn't hurt.

The ruckus in the hallway yanked me out of my pity party.

"This is ridiculous," a female voice shrieked. "You're not a fag. You fathered our two children and slept with me for ..."

"Enough," my boss Steve ground out. "We're divorced and I am happily remarried. You're not allowed here, and if I have to get a restraining order, I will."

"You can't marry a man. It's against God's will. You'll burn in hell and you'll deserve it," his not so lovely ex-wife hissed.

"Jesus Christ, Helen. You need to leave now before I do something I will regret. Although there's not much I would regret at the moment."

"I'll leave," she said airily. "But you'll come back to me. Take this and read it. See the light, Steve. When you do, I'll be waiting."

"Don't hold your breath," he muttered.

I heard her heels clack down the hall. And that right there was why I would never get married. I'd rather chew glass and swallow it than deal with that kind of bullshit. Not that I'd get a divorce because I'd realized I was gay, but there were myriads of reasons not to be involved with anyone. Ever.

"Sorry about that," Steve sighed as he entered the office and tossed the Bible she'd obviously given him into the trash. "That was stressful to say the least."

"Um, are you okay?"

"I'm just dandy." He grimaced and took a seat behind his desk.

My boss Steve was a great-looking man in his late forties. Sandy blond hair and built like a brick shit-house. An ex–Navy Seal. From what I knew about him, he could kill a man with his bare hands, and I was fairly sure he'd been tempted to do just that to his ex-wife. He had two kids that he was devoted to and a husband that he adored. Clearly that didn't sit well with his ex-wife.

"Sorry you had to hear Helen mouthing off," he said.

"No problem," I said, feeling awful that I was adding to the weight of problems that had very obviously landed on his shoulders. "So, um ... you wanted to see me?"

Steve tented his fingers, rested his chin on them, and stared at me. I fidgeted with my wig and put the novel back on the edge of his desk. Fuck, why wouldn't he say something? Never one to let a silence live out its life ... I filled it.

"So I know you're a little unhappy with me at the moment, but I had no choice. Backup was stalled in traffic and the fucker was going to get away. I had to move. He sold to kids," I said at light speed in an effort to make him see there had been no other way. "Three sixteen-year-olds had already OD'd and he was scheduled to get a shipment that would hook and kill God knows how many others and I ..."

"Do you have a death wish?" Steve asked quietly.

Shitballs. Yelling I could take. Yelling I could understand and process. Quiet was bad, really bad.

"No, I ..."

"It seems to me that you do," he said, and tiredly ran his hands through his hair. "You broke procedure and could have been killed."

"But I wasn't and I ..."

"This time," Steve interrupted me in a hard voice that shut me up quick. "This time you weren't killed, by sheer luck ... not skill. You blew your cover with a cartel that wants your ass and will stop at nothing to get it."

"I stopped a thirty-million-dollar transaction and I won't apologize," I told him, adjusting my wig, which had slipped forward due to the fact I'd forgotten to pin the stupid ugly thing on.

"Show me your stomach."

Goddammit, I didn't have time for this. "My stomach is fine," I replied, straightening the neat piles on his desk.

"Show me your stomach."

I heaved a put-upon sigh and reluctantly lifted my shirt to reveal an angry jagged red scar. I'd taken a knife to the gut in my latest assignment gone awry. Of course the other guy had fared much worse ... like six feet under worse. Luckily, his knife had missed all my major organs and arteries.

"Jesus Christ, Candace," he muttered. "That's it. I won't go to your funeral, young lady."

"You're not my dad," I shot back, worried about where the conversation was headed. He never called me Candace ... always Candy or kid or idiot. Not Candace.

"Nope, I'm much worse. I'm your boss."

"So what are you saying? I'm fired? I'm reassigned? I'm what?" I asked in a voice I didn't recognize.

"You need a break. You're too involved — lost your objectivity," Steve said, watching me closely. "The drug dealers and the kids are hitting too close to home."

He was right and he was wrong — not that I'd admit the right part. I was an undercover DEA agent because my sister had died from a drug overdose when we were little more than kids. My brother Mitch had become an agent first. Needless to say, no one was overjoyed when I chose the same profession. My mother's fear of losing another child had almost debilitated her, but doing nothing had almost destroyed me. It was my way of paying tribute and it fit me. I was good at it. I needed it. I'd had to fight my parents and my brother on my decision. To this day, I felt their disapproval and doubt. It mattered to none of them that I'd been at the top of my recruit class, spoke three languages fluently, and had more weapons expertise than even my hotshot big brother.

My boss Steve had been the only one who had believed in me after I'd come out of training. He'd taught me the finer arts of jimmying car doors and disguise. He'd taught me the difference between revenge and justice. He'd been harder than hell on me and I loved and appreciated every moment of it. He'd believed in me and now he didn't ...

"I know I screwed up and I promise you that I ..."

"Save it," he said, slapping a folder down on his desk in front of me. "This is your medical report. To say that you're lucky is an understatement. This ..." He pushed the folder toward me angrily. "This is proof of what being emotionally involved can do. It makes you sloppy and useless to me."

I said nothing. He was right. I was a constant blur of motion. Trying to fill up holes I couldn't define.

"There is strength in stillness and order. Protocol exists for a reason. Staying centered and uninvolved means you live to see another day," Steve said, pulling out another file.

"I know all that," I insisted. God, if I lost this job I had nothing. Less than nothing.

"Intellectually, maybe," he conceded. "But you're a liability to me at the moment and you're in no shape physically to go undercover."

"So you're firing me?"

"Hell no," Steve chuckled. "You're one of the best agents I have. Once you've healed and gotten your head back on straight, I'll kick your ass and send you back out."

I breathed a sigh of relief and my tense body went slack. Fuck, I'd thought my life was ending. In that moment I understood how much my work defined who I was. Whether that was good or bad, I had no clue ... it simply was. Certain that sharing my revelation with Steve would be a bad thing, I kept my mouth shut. Difficult, as there was a silence I was tempted to fill.

"So what am I supposed to do?" I asked myself as well as my boss.

"Do you want to go to your parents?"

"God no," I shouted, and then slapped a hand over my mouth.

Steve's eyes narrowed and he waited. He knew my parents. He knew my brother. Hell, my brother Mitch had been one of his best agents until he fell in luuurrve and got out to become a plain old boring cop.

"If my mom knew about my stomach, she'd lock me in the house and go into a deep depression. I'm twenty-six and I will not go back," I snapped.

"A family that loves you is not the worst thing in the world," Steve said in his fatherly tone. I hated the fatherly tone.

"Yeah, well, a family that disapproves of what I do isn't going to be too excited about a knife wound in my belly. Just sayin'." I grabbed the silly romance novel and changed the subject. "You read this crap?"

"No, Kevin does," he said with a laugh.

Kevin, Steve's partner, was every bit as good looking as Steve. Many straight women had shed real tears upon learning the two men were gay and happily committed. Where Steve was intense and brooding, Kevin was light and joyful. They were wonderful parents to Steve's kids — far better than his religious zealot ex-wife, Helen.

"Well, these books are ridiculous. Happily-ever-afters don't exist," I snorted.

Steve shook his head sadly. "Ah, you have much to learn, Candy."

"Give me a break," I snorted.

"Exactly my plan. You're going on light duty until the doctors and I deem you ready for the field again." He opened the folder in his hand and skimmed the contents.

"Light duty? You're kidding me. Do you want me to file and answer phones?" I asked sarcastically.

"Nope," he said with a grin. "I'd like to keep my business. Your social skills leave much to be desired."

"Social skills are for civilians and fucktards," I snapped, unfortunately proving his point.

Steve cocked his head to the side and waited for me to bury myself deeper. I was a loose cannon, but I wasn't stupid. I stayed quiet. Difficult, but possible.

"God help the man who tries to tame you." He laughed and removed several sheets from the folder.

"No man will ever tame me," I told him confidently. "Romance is for sissies."

"How exactly should I take that? As a slur on my manhood or on my sexual preference?" he asked, eyebrows raised.

"No, I ... shit. Um, I meant that it's, you know ..." I mumbled and felt the heat crawl up my neck.

"Candy, you're missing out on a few things in life. Like a life mainly. I want you to take this light duty time to ease up and live a little. Have some fun, for God's sake."

I had no freakin' clue what he was talking about. A life? I had a life. I saved lives. And I had fun. I, um enjoyed tons of things, like ... Whatever. This was ridiculous.

"Just give me my pansy-ass light duty assignment and let me get back to work."

Steve observed me critically for a moment, then went from father mode back to boss mode. "Fine. A dear friend of mine has received some threats on her life. I'm fairly sure they're innocuous, but Kevin is freaked out and wants protection for her."

"You want me find and eliminate the threats?" I asked, my expression hopeful. Maybe light duty wouldn't suck as much as I thought.

"Not exactly," he said, folding the papers in his hands and placing them inside the romance novel I'd just made fun of. "I want you on her and watching for trouble."

"You want me to be a bodyguard?" I gasped, unable to hide my shock and dismay. I was an undercover agent, for shit's sake. Not a rent-a-cop babysitter.

"Yep," Steve said, ignoring my stinky attitude. "Sue is a professor and an author. She's scheduled to headline an author's convention in a week and I want you on her. Innocuous or not, a threat is a threat." He handed me the book with a smile.

"Wait, I have to guard a woman named Sue who writes trashy romance novels, because someone may or may not want a piece of her?"

"That sounds about right," he said. "Oh, and she goes by Shoshanna. Shoshanna LeHump."

I waited for the punch line, but it didn't come. Who in the hell would go by the name Shoshanna LeHump? She sounded like a stripper.

"You're serious," I said, pinching my thighs to keep from laughing just in case he was.

"As a heart attack. Shoshanna married Kevin after her husband died so he could get his green card. They divorced when we met. Shoshanna actually officiated at our wedding ceremony. You remember, the one you were invited to but couldn't come because you were recovering from being shot in the ass."

That was a low blow. I hadn't been shot in the ass by anyone. It was actually quite big of Steve to state it that way. I had shot myself in the ass. I'd been testing a new firearm. The gun had been faulty. Hence, when I put it in my back pocket, it went off and I shot myself in the ass.

"I'm a little confused," I said, ignoring his comment about my ass debacle.

"In a round-about way, Kevin and I met because of Shoshanna. We owe her."

"She introduced you guys while she was married to Kevin?"

"No, no." Steve laughed. "But that does sound like something she would do. She's our angel because if she hadn't married Kevin, he would have been deported and we never would have met. She's the reason my life is full."

I was so tempted to roll my eyes, but I adored Kevin. And I loved Steve. And they loved each other. Hell, Steve sounded just like my pussy-whipped brother Mitch. He'd fallen in love with his fiancée Kristy when we were all on a bizarro drug bust that involved Bigfoot. Kristy had nothing to do with the crimes. She was with a crew of loonies searching for Bigfoot, a project that was unknowingly the cover for a nasty drug cartel. At first I didn't like her, but she proved herself in the end. Of course, it also helped that she didn't really believe in Bigfoot.

"So what's with the trashy novel?" I asked as he handed it over.

"Shoshanna wrote it. I would suggest you read it so you get a feel for her. Inside, I've put a list of potential suspects. You can question them this week before you leave for Wisconsin."

I looked the list over. Several professors at the U where this Shoshanna gal worked seemed to have rather large issues with either her success as an author or her subject matter. And there was some old woman named Evangeline O'Hara, who had been blackmailing Shoshanna for stories for what looked like twenty years.

"Holy shit," I muttered. "Here's your threat. This O'Hara woman has a motive like I've never seen."

"I'd tend to agree if she wasn't still in jail," Steve said. "Her calls and mail are monitored."

"I'll interview her."

"Absolutely and the professors at the U. Sue's one of the foremost profs of Women's Studies and these jack-offs are trying to get her tenure removed."


"Possibly. More likely closed-minded bigotry toward her subject matter."

"Women's Studies?" I asked, surprised. "What are they? Dinosaurs?"

"Not what she teaches, what she writes," he corrected my mis-assumption.

"What in the hell does she write? Porno?" I laughed.

"Some might refer to it as porno, but it's technically classified as erotic romance," Steve said logically.

Again I waited for the punch line. Again it didn't come.

"So, um ... is there anything in the university's by-laws that make her, um ... sex books negate her tenure?" I asked. I'd almost said fuck books. Thank you, God, that that one hadn't slipped out.

"It's somewhat vague, but Shoshanna's lawyers are convinced she'd win and most of the board is backing her," he said. "But the controversy is unpleasant and drawing unwanted attention to the university. The longer it goes on, the more precarious her position is."


Excerpted from Cop a Feel by Robyn Peterman. Copyright © 2014 Robyn Peterman. Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Cop a Feel 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
WOW, just WOW! This book was so funny that I started laughing while reading the acknowledgements. That's never happened before. While reading this book, I frequently laughed til I cried. This is a totally engaging romantic suspense/mystery but with lots of sexy romance and plenty of snark. The characters we love from the first two books in the series are in this book in all of their warped glory. Robyn Peterman has a unique way of making the profane seem normal and appropriate. This book is full of snark, colorful expletives, and sexual creativity. As Robyn herself puts it, "using f8?$ as a noun, verb, and adjective in a single sentence." If you are easily offended, then pass this one by, but if you like to laugh and want to read a book unlike any other, than buy this one immediately. This is one of the funniest books I've ever read. Thank you to Netgalley for providing an ARC
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved them all. Can't wait for more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I laughed out loud through most of this book. I had people at the beach ask me what I was reading because I could not stop laughing. A funny mystery, terrific!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is my favorite of the series but I love them all and have read them several times over.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the series. It made me laugh out loud with all of the antics with all of the quirky characters. I'm just sorry that this is the last book in the series. =)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gotta love Robyn Peterman! This book was a little different in the sense that it didn't have all the funky nicknames Ms. Peterman usually adds in her books but it was no less funny. It still had an amazing array of characters, an interesting and mysterious storyline and great sex! You really can never go wrong with an RP book! Always the thing to put a smile on your face or a laugh in your belly! I look forward to reading more! SR
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have really enjoyed this series!
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
This one wasn't quite as good as the first two in the series. Now, since the first two were huge 5 star books for me, that means this one was still pretty darn good. We met Candy in book two as an undercover DEA agent and sister to the main man. In Cop a Feel, it's her turn to find love. She's a hard ass undercover agent that doesn't believe in love (even though she's seen it with her brother's life). She live for her work and that's about all she has. When she realizes she's attached to not David she runs for the hills and promises to never call him again. It doesn't help that she found out he never told her his real name. Not David, aka Luke, has quite a few surprises up his sleeve that I don't want to give away. He and Candy are assigned to protect Shoshanna LeHump (a return character from book one) from death threats. Their assignment takes them on quite a wild and hilarious ride to a special convention with an amazing name. Their romance really blooms and past wounds are healed here in some very unexpected ways. There are a lot of touching moments that really surprised me. There was also a lot of the humor I've grown to love from Robyn Peterman and who seems to come up with new words and phrases for sex and body parts with every book she writes. The downside to this one was that I had a hard time really connecting. A lot of the scenes weren't as natural and flowing as they were in the first two books and I just didn't relate to the characters as easily. Don't get me wrong, they were still great characters and scenes. Robyn just set the bar very very high and this one just didn't quite reach my expectations. The ending was beautiful. I loved Aunt Moon Unit's appearance and the final scene was so full of Happily Ever After-ness it was sickening in an amazingly romantic way. I don't know if this is the end of the series. There was an opening for a possible new romance and I really hope Robyn takes it and runs with it. I love these characters and the fact that we get to see them over and over again even after their story is told.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
NUMBER OF HEARTS: 4 1/2 REVIEW:  Cop a Feel brings us back into the fun world of Handcuffs & Happily Ever Afters. We get a closer look at Mitch’s sister and what makes her tick. Candy is a hard nose DEA agent with a weee-bit of bad luck when it comes to her job. Oh she gets the job done, but at great peril to herself. When her final mission almost kills her, her boss takes action and puts her on body guard duty. Only problem this is not your normal body guard duty. And to make matters worse Candy’s ummmm, new partner will be tagging along. Luke has been a out of touch for a very long time. The only thing that makes him feel grounded are his night with a certain pretty girl. But when that certain pretty girl tells him to go fly a kite and that they are done something in Luke snaps. A plan snaps into place to make a certain pretty girl his forever. I truly loved Luke & Candy’s story. I just loved everything about these two and their adventure. And once again Ms. Peterman had me laughing, crying and begging for more. Robyn’s mind is a scary place to live with the crazy cast of characters that rule her brain. But I don’t think that I would have it any other way. I am truly amazed at the level that some of her characters go to. They are so very OUT there. :) But they are so much fun and that you will need some tissues for the tears and possible a set of depends to save you from laughing so hard.  I did hear a disturbing rumor that this may be the last Handcuffs & Happily Ever Afters book. I am hoping that this not true and Kensington will force, I mean ask Ms. Peterman to continue this series :-)  Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of the book from NetGalley & Kensington in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
I love the opportunity to discover new authors(at least new to me) and this is another one to add to my list of authors to watch.  This is a wacky, sexy, fun-loving story of two people, Luke and Candy, who have, let's say, "known" each other for a year without asking what each other's names are.  This book reminds me of the Stephanie Plum character of old, with hilarious side characters and hot sex added into it. Bravo!
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
This is one over the top totally hilarious fun time read.  I hadn’t read anything by Robyn Peterman prior to this but will be rectifying that ASAP.  This book had me rolling.  Quirky characters, incredible pacing, and a rollicking good time made this a keeper for me.  This is the third in the series but can be read stand alone. Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley for an honest review.   
Vicki101370 More than 1 year ago
Once again, Robyn Peterman has delivered with an outrageously funny story. My favorite characters from the previous books in the series returned, and had be laughing out loud from the very beginning of the book. But what I loved the most about the book was that mixed in with the humor was the amazing story of Candy and Luke. The setting of the story led to so many hysterical scenes, and the attraction between the two of them almost lit the pages of the book on fire. The commonality that runs through Robyn's books is the loyalty of the characters to the people that they care about. These crazy, over the top people that are so bizarre and funny, and they are so fiercely loyal, which is something that I find incredibly relatable. These are real people. They have real issues, real insecurities and emotions that make me want to jump in the pages of these books. The mystery in the story was fast paced and brought in more brought everyone together in a wonderful way. In the end, I laughed so much that my stomach hurts, I cried, and I genuflect at the authors feet.